Sunday, February 5, 2012

Anonymous SubpoenaThis #OpSubpoenaThis via @CabinCr3w & @doxcak3 & @ItsKahuna

via @CabinCr3w & @doxcak3 & @ItsKahuna

Vale Krenik


Greetings from the @CabinCr3w, @Doxcak3 and @itsKahuna

We have taken notice to your blatant disrespect for your title as a lawyer, you have abused your power as a lawyer and used it for anything but good. You have raped, used your profession to silence the victims you had committed these atrocities against, you have subpoenaed people for obtaining the info that can very well prove the victims case. This disgusting person who is supposed to be protecting and fighting for law and justice is the very same person that law should destroy, again when cries arent heard Anonymous steps in.

In this release you will find damning evidence that can destroy Vale Kreniks career and very well should imprison him. This is why he seeks to subpoena anyone who obtains this info. So we made TONS of mirrors and we welcome this bastard to try and Subpoena THIS!!!
We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not Forgive
We do not Foget
Expect Us

——————–Booty Download Mirrors
[Mirror these as much as possible, information cannot be silenced]


====================================”We are the new digital race” –@CabinCr3w @Doxcak3

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