Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Statement for 4Chan.org - #UGNazi

__ __ _______ ____ __ __ | | | |/ _____| \ | | ______ _______(__) | | | | / __| \| |/ __ |___ __| | | |__| | |___\ \ |\ | (__| |___/ /_| | \________/\_______/__| \___|\____/_|_______|__| ============================|Twitter.com/UG|======================= ---> Joshthegod > MrOsama > Cosmo > CyberZeist <--- "Fuck With The Best , Die Like The Rest" Twitter.com/Ug Twitter.com/Joshthegod Twitter.com/Cosmothegod Twitter.com/le4ky ============================================================================== #UGNazi #hack #whmcs #hacker #4chan #sabu #fuck4chan ============================================================================== We are not sorry to all those who have been offened by this latest attack on 4chan. To those that are: have you lost your fucking mind? Lulzsec targeted 4chan about a year ago and no one voiced their opposition. In fact, they stood with them. We have done it and there is massive butthurt. How deep does the butthurt run? Do you want to cry? Did we rustle your jimmies? 4chan.org is the playground that allows pedophiles to share their "collections" and the disgusting bronies to hang out. The site is loosely monitored and child porn threads are allowed to "stay alive" for an exceedingly long amount of time. Shocking seeing as there is a stick policy against posting it. As for the bronies, these rainbow, unicorn, free to be you and me tards are despicable. The more there is opposition against them, the more they tried to ram the rainbow down people's throats. We simply decided to fight back, which is a natural tendency for any person. For the people that just still can't seem to understand and are wiping away their tears as they read this: prove your age and maybe you will have a leg to stand on. Minors are allowed to access the site without their age actually being confirmed. You don't play by the rules, neither will we. To those who have requested this attack and even tried and failed themselves: you are welcome. We were the chemo that so many have requested to purge that cancerous site. Lastly, there was no political motive here, we will not tell lies and pretend that it was all to fight an injustice. This was for the lulz. This was for the fame. This was done because only we have the skill to do it. This was done, so that we can laugh at your butthurt. We did it because we can. "If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves." ~Thomas A Edison http://pastebin.com/xyeGH1xq

LulzSec Sneak Preview of Files to be Released #Anonymous

3 June 2012 http://cryptome.org/2012/06/lulzsec-sneak-preview.htm
LulzSec Sneak Preview of Files to be Released