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War Zone – Soldiers With No Name [Commander X interview

War Zone – Soldiers With No Name [Commander X interview]
Language: Greek | Interviews: English

On March 2012 War Zone covered the Anonymous story interviewing Commander X via Skype.

SOLDIERS WITH NO NAME: Activists or internet rebels? Pranksters, common hackers or contemporary revolutionaries with keyboards and flat-screens? For the first time on Greek television, the people behind the masks that spread panic with their attacks and have set off the alarm at governments and corporations around the world, reveal their goals and targets. The notorious “Anonymous” came on TV screens last night, in War Zone’s new two-part documentary “Soldiers With No Name”. via War Zone

The documentary also feature interviews with Wired journalist Quinn Norton and Chief Technology Officer of Application Security, INC, Josh Shaul.

A war correspondent and photographer, Sotiris has been filming news & current affairs documentaries since 2003, highlighting the stories of people in crisis and the contemporary issues of the world we live in. The awarded War Zone documentary series takes the viewer to the world’s hot spots and the centre of international news developments. Each feature of 60 minutes, is the result of long-term journalist research characterized by cinematic narrative, quality image & detailed editing. War Zone airs on Mega TV Greece.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anonymous - #OpDemocracyDE
With a love of democracy - Anonymous #OpDemocracy to the parties of the Federal Republic of Germany

We are not a spectator or a receiver or end user or consumer choice, or livestock.
We are human beings - and our influence is beyond your access.
Can handle it.

Online company ... The networked society is beginning to organize themselves more quickly than the parties, which they have traditionally ruled. With the help of the Web, the company is better informed, smarter and more demanding in terms of the characteristics that most parties are missing ....

First The society calls.

Second The society consists of human beings, not demographic sectors.

Third Conversations among human beings sound human. You will be guided in a human voice.

4th Whether the goal is to share information or opinions, points of view represented, to argue or to spread stories - the human voice is typically open, natural and unpretentious.

5th People recognize the sound of that voice.

6th The Internet is enabling conversations among people who were in the age of mass media is impossible.

7th Hyperlinks subvert hierarchies.

8th Both the inter-connected society and in intra-networked parties (pirate) People talk to each other in a powerful new way

9th These networked conversations are enabling that develop powerful new forms of social organization and exchange of knowledge. Anonymous is one of the examples.

10th As a result of this development, the company is more intelligent, better informed and better organized. Participation in the networked society changes people fundamentally.

11th The people in the network society have found each other that they get far better information and more support than by Members and traditional media (no shit Sherlock) So much for the political rhetoric about adding value to their work.

12th There are no secrets anymore. The networked society knows about the work of more parties than the parties themselves whether the news is good or bad, it is passed (or we leak teh shit out of ya)

13th What happens to the company, happens between the participants of the parties. A metaphysical construct is solely between the Company and the participants of the parties.

14th Parties do not speak the same voice as these new networked conversations. In the ears of the sound of them addressed the parties hollow, flat, literally inhuman.

15th Already, the homogenized sound "voices" of the policy - the sound of mission statements and election manifestos - and thus artificially placed, as the language of the French court in the 18th century.

16th Even now reach parties who speak with the voice of Barker, anyone.

17th Whoever thinks the online society is the same company that had once endured the TV commercials on television, makes forward slightly.

18th Parties do not realize that the company is now networked person-to person, so is getting smarter and are in a constant conversation, miss their main chance.

19th Parties may communicate directly for the first time with the company. If they fail in these talks, it could be their last chance.

20th The parties should realize that society is filled with laughter - the parties themselves

21st The parties need to loosen up and take themselves less seriously. What they need is a sense of humor.

22nd Develop a sense of humor does not mean some jokes as Wulff, Eisel Heveling or even run to send. Rather it is about real values, more humility, a clear voice and a really unique position.

23rd Parties who want to "position" should, to take a position. Ideally this position should then have something to do with what the company is interested, such as direct participation in order to prepare an end to the lobby.

24th Bombastic announcements, for example, "We want to be the best for society at XYZ," are far from being a point of view, let alone a position.

25th The parties must step down from their ivory towers and talk to the people with whom they want to build relationships.

26th Public relations is not related to the public. The parties are deeply anxious before the societies.

26th With its distant and arrogant language they build walls to keep the company at a distance.

27th Most of the party programs are based on a fear that society could recognize what is really happening in politics.

28th On suspicion but can not build relationships.

29th Party loyalty is the political version of a relationship. But the separation is coming - and soon. In the networked society relations are finished with amazing speed and renegotiated.

30th The networked society may change its representatives in no time. We will enziehen legitimacy over lunch with one click. That you are not your Legitmation vertretet teaches us to think critically. "A People's Representatives of the people does not represent, what's the point?"

31st The smart company will find ways to defend their interests themselves.

32nd To speak with a human voice is not a fair trick. They can not just pick up on a posh conference.

33rd To speak with a human voice, the parties must address the concerns and anxieties of society - the community of citizens - share.

34th For this they must first of all belong to a society and not to an elite class that does not share the same problems.

35th The parties should ask themselves how far their culture. Acknowledge in particular the culture of their own mistakes and correct. Guttenberg and Wulff is the way, but this is no fault culture.

36th If their cultures end where the community begins, they will have no more voters.

37th Human communities emerge from discourses - from human conversations about human concerns.

38th The community of discourse is the society.

39th Parties that do not belong to a discursive community die, be.

40th The parties have made a religion of their safety. But this is just a red herring. Most parties to protect us from terrorism less than himself before the people who represent them should.

41st Just as in the networked society, the participants also speak directly with one another within the parties - and not just about rules, laws, and election results.

42nd Such conversations are taking place today in the internal circuits of the parties. But only if the conditions are right.

43rd Sites are typically installed top-down, to enforce the party philosophy and other party information. The participants usually give their best to ignore this information.

44th The Internet has to circumvent a rule tend to get bored. The blogs are called into existence v0on citizens who wanted to work together to create something of value - the networked exchange of information and opinion.

45th A healthy Internet contributors organized in many ways. Its effects are more radical than any manifesto.

46th Even though it scares the parties almost to death, they are directly dependent on an open Internet, where vital knowledge is created and distributed. The parties must resist the impulse to "improve" these networked conversations or control.

47th If the Internet is not forced into a cage of fear and rules, it unfolds in a conversation of the networked society.

48th Rigid hierarchies have worked in earlier times, in which strategies and plans more fully understood from the party line and were therefore able to be handed down from the top.

49th Today the Orgchat of hyperlinks, not hierarchies. The value of practical knowledge supersedes the importance of abstract authority.

50th Command structures emerge from and reinforce bureaucracy that still. The result is a paranoid political culture.

51st Paranoia kills any conversation. That is their purpose. But the lack of open conversation kills parties.

52nd Two meetings will take place simultaneously. One in parties. The other with the company.

53rd In most cases, neither of the two conversations runs optimally. Almost always the cause can be found in outdated command structures.

54th When party politics affect these structures, such as poison. As instruments, they are ineffective. The command structures of the society met with hostility and suspicion.

55th Both the discourse and mingle with each other. They speak the same language. They recognize each other by their voices.

56th Kluge parties will not stand in the way and thereby contribute to the inevitable to happen sooner.

57th If the willingness to go out of the way an indicator of IQ, then, few parties have gained in wisdom.

58th Millions of people are now surfing the internet, take the true parties only as flimsy constructs that provide the networking of these two discourses active in their way.

59th That is suicidal. The company would like to speak with the parties.

60th Unfortunately, just like always part of a party, talk to the society, hidden behind a veil of verbiage, their language sounds wrong - and often is.

61st The company does not want to talk to phrasemongers. To participate in discussions that take place behind the firewalls of the parties.

62nd We uncover the veil and talk about ourselves: We are that company. We want to speak with you.

63rd We want your party to access information about your plans and strategies, your best ideas and your genuine knowledge. We will not settle for the four-color brochure, web sites, FB profiles and all that shit from a Zuckergußfassade, but without content.

64th We are also contributors to get to run this country. We want to speak directly about problems and possible solutions, in our language and not in the platitudes of a call statement.

65th As a society and as contributors to death, we feel bored with the information we receive from you only by remote control. Why do we need faceless statistics and market research studies from third-hand in order to meet us in person?

66th As a society, and contributors, we wonder why you're not listening. You seem to speak another language.

67th The inflated, high-handed jargon with which you throw at you - in the press and on your party day - what does this have to do with us?

68th Maybe you're impressing your lobbying by friends. Maybe you're impressing your article the other impressed us not her.

69th If you do not impress us, and your votes will go swimming. Understand her not? If you would understand it, then you would not let you talk that way.

70th Your outdated ideas of "society" have clouded your vision. We recognize ourselves in your designs to reality not again - perhaps because we know that we are already somewhere else.

71st The new world we like much better. In fact, we create it ourselves namely himself.

72nd You're invited, but it's our world. Take off your shoes at the door. If you want to trade with us, then climbs down from your high horse.

73rd Against your advertising, we are immune. So forget it.

74th If you want that we talk with you, then tell us something. For a change, something interesting.

75th We have some ideas that should interest you: new tools, we need better ways. Property for which we would like to use to return to the ideals of democracy back. Have you ever a minute?

76th hr are too busy with the "Politkmachen" to answer our email? Oh my goodness, sorry, honestly, we'll be back later. Maybe.

77th You want that we choose you? Then you should give us better your attention.

78th Come down from your trip. Stop with your neurotic Selbstumkreisung. Take part in the party.

79th Do not worry, you can still make money. That is, as long as this is not the only thing you busy and you should represent.

80th Have you ever noticed that money in itself is somewhat one-dimensional and boring? What could we talk yet?

81st Your Politk did not work. Why? We would like to ask the people who made it. Your government strategy makes no sense for us. We would like to chat with our so called elected representatives. What do you want to say that just are not there?

82nd We want you to 80 million us as seriously as you take one reporter or a camera facing her you really like is a pose.

83rd We know a few people from your store. They're quite all right when we meet on the Internet. Hiding her about it even more? Could not they come out and play with us?

84th If we have questions we turn to other people on the Internet. If you had "your people" not so well under control, then they might have among the people to whom we would contact us.

85th If we are not just your "target audience" are many of us are still people in a more democratic world. We would prefer to talk with friends in the network, rather than to stand up for the future of the country need. Work together for a democracy would quickly take you 2.0 known than even the most chic image site. But it tells us that the conversation is not your thing with the company.

86th We would hope that she realizes what is happening here. That would be really nice to see you what you screwed up. But it would be a mistake to assume that if we sat here and waited.

87th We have better things to do than to make us worry about it if you change your time yet come to grips with in order to come with us this week. You have influenced some of our current life negatively and we will not tolerate this any longer. Think about it: who needs whom? Your only job is to represent us. Does it not, then we ourselves must be represented on the Internet and you may be a manager or even unnecessary.

88th We have real power - and we know it. If you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel can, then we will go another way. Ways in which the interest of the people is represented. Democracy, you know ...

89th Even in the worst case, our newfound conversation is more interesting than any of your shows, real life is much more entertaining as a comedy on television and by far than any of your party websites to which we are so far gone on the road.

90th Our oath is to ourselves, the people - our families, our friends, our new allies, even our sparring partners. Parties who do not participate in this world will have no future.

91st You give out a lot of money for surveys. Why do you könn't then this time bomb ticking not hear? This is even more.

92nd We exist both within the parties, as well as outside of them. The boundaries that separate our conversations seem to us like the Berlin Wall. In reality they are mere annoyances. We know that they fallen.Tatsächlich we work from both sides of the walls of the fact that they fall.

93rd The traditional parties may appear confused and confusing networked conversations. But we are organizing faster than they do. We have better tools, more new ideas, no rules that stop us.

94th We are waking up and linking to each other. We are watching. But we will not wait.

We do not forget!
We do not forgive!
Expect us!


original in German:

Anonymous: MONSATO - KO in 5 days! #opMonsanto
Anonymous: MONSATAN - KO in 5 days!
  • Monsanto Hungary - total war against (opMonsanto) won the first stage!
  • 2012th 03. 21st 8:30 - For immediate release!
  • "Who controls the food supply controls the people, who controls the energy can control Whole Continents, who controls money can control the world."
  • (Henry Kissinger)
  • Welcome, Anonymous, we are the people's voice has been hidden and cowed. What we wake up and revolt in all we call our people! Many of us, our name: Legion! The corrupt, mankind's enemies fear us, support us to be honest, the heroic and join us. We want to change, and we provide truth!
  • The Hungarian legion Anonymous 2012th 16 March - join the global call for - and successfully attacked on the floor sent to Hungary, a giant Monsanto company contact information for domestic Internet site. Since then, now the fifth day of webszájt unavailable. I hereby announce that the total war against MonSatan first battle won! We reap important victory, but this fight is not over!
  • Why paralyzes why we want to discredit them? This provided the company in 1901, the foundation continued world domination and unprecedented monopoly assailed by the world food market, ranging from the natural course of evolution evolved genetic biotechnology from this change, the world's food to ensure crops seeds of expropriation and, in particular murder poisons, toxic pesticides ráerőltetésén to the producers until the small productive farmers to eliminating the world. This company CRIMINAL activity, associated with his name so many especially harmful chemicals such as DDT, "Agent Orange", aspartame and other evidence of cancer, immediate illness, permanent damage or even death-causing chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, food additives, preservatives, etc.. development, distribution and systematic implementation of a gigantic amount of pollution. This company is the genetic modification "vanguard", the génpiszkált food crops and the number one producer, distributor. This company withholds the results of research on GM crops, manipulative propaganda continue to pay the higher profits in your pocket, buying politicians, to establish a cartel, it works like a global mafia. This company is the planet, nature, humanity, bringing to life a healthy unrepentant enemy of human rights!
  • You are what you eat. If you eat poison, you yourself can become toxic! If domination of the food chain, dominates the world's population - said Kissinger. This is exactly what we see: the food moguls dominated us, poisoned us and famine are held close to a billion people on earth! MonSatan people's basic health is at risk and the nature order of thousands of years to break mérgeivel more than 100 years ago. We can not passively go on to a company breaks the elpusztításunkra, sacrifice their own children's future up in the endless greed, domination and profit-hungry desires on the altar. We, therefore, Anonymous will fight against them by all means! We also advertise total war "Monanto Operation" (Operation Monsanto) address. Our goal is that this company either in Hungary or any one point in the world can not continue to operate! On March 16 invasion of DDoS we advertise them, and we won the first clash, we can reap victory. But the struggle will continue, and we are ready to fight. We adhere to the utmost! As the company's website will be available again, and again we'll slam them down! We will not tolerate further crimes against humanity carried out with particular cruelty crimes. So far, they poisoned us, now we destroy that which comes elpusztításunkra!
  • Anonymous We are legion we create. We will not forget the crimes, the criminals do not bellow!
  • Expect MONSATAN RANK: the end of time!
  • _____
  • Note the Hungarian press, the mádiamunkásoknak, editors and journalists: amazement found that five days is totally silent about this topic. Only the extreme called portal reported on the successes accomplished during opMonsanto, which raises questions. What made this silence? Would not you want the real news, people and information relevant to the facts brought to light? Therefore, we ask you to prove that there exists an independent media in Hungary, which concentrates on the key issues affecting the people! Thank you for cooperation by!

  • original in Hungarian :
  • AnonAustria Press Release - FarewellPrivacy, OpPitdog, OpFAP

    2. Dear citizens,

    3. For months we have, countless activists and privacy advocates, as well as the AK stocks with a citizens' initiative, but struggled to save you the retention and the resulting interference with our privacy. In Austria, the government does, however, as increasingly in recent shows, not to the voice of the people, but chooses randomly and over the heads of all other, what happens in this state. We have contributed a huge part in ensuring that the subject is fed to "retention" of a broad, public debate and we have also done everything in our power to combat the VDS.Nevertheless, with this first April introduced. In other words, from this day you will, we and all other monitors without any occasion around the clock. It will be stored for six months, who, when, where calls from who, texting or e-mails and when you look from where the Internet goes. This data is already on pure suspicions - and without anyone of them would realize something - to be called at any time by the authorities. The Home Office and in particular the Federal Agency for State Protection and Terrorismusbekämfpung (BAT), sees the retention of a fundamental basis in terms of security in Austria. That neither the VDS for targeted prevention of terrorism or contributing to crime, has been shown in the majority of the states in which the retention and implemented because of inadequate results now abolished or suspended because of unconstitutionality was. The massive intervention, the data retention in the privacy of all citizens is, we can not accept. For this reason, it will give us three more major actions against data retention:

    1. First On 3/31/2012 will be held in Vienna, Linz and Salzburg, funeral marches, in which our privacy is taken symbolically buried. Particular highlights include our "Femanons" who give up their privacy completely and accompany the march naked in Vienna are. All this runs under the motto "Farewell Privacy". More information can be found at or on the Facebook event.

    1. Second To show you what we think of methods such as the VDS, we are guilty of "Operation Pitdog" our own data retention carried out over months and monitored during this time dozens of e-mail accounts of politicians. This action has shown to be currently in the corruption investigation committee treated cases just the tip of the iceberg and most of the illegal activity is still not revealed. Coinciding with the start of the retention on 04.01.2012 in this regard will result in a number of publications that will shake the Austria! We also have original documents of evidence to the surveillance operations of the BAT-government journalists, we will also publish-mentioned date. In this context, we encourage all concerned citizens to exercise their rights and obtain a copy of any BMI held on them just there to ask for free (sample letter of Consortium data:

    1. Third As part of "Operation Free All Pwnies" We have the IT systems of the Austrian Internet Service Providers, especially those of Telekom, a closer look. After all, they are responsible for ensuring that our store data - as is always claimed - to be kept safe. Even on these results it will be interesting, but again we do not want to reveal at this point.

    1. Finally, we want to call to set a sign against the retention and - as it did already have 74 000 Austrians - the citizens' initiative of the AK stock at www. to sign

    1. We are Anonymous.
    2. We are legion.
    3. We do not forgive.
    4. We do not go there.
    5. Expect us!

    1. Links to the main event on 31.3.

    2. Vienna:
    3. Linz:
    4. Salzburg:

    original in german:

    Tuesday, March 20, 2012

    Rockefeller-funded CIA Threatens Australian Coal Industry


    “Rockefeller-funded CIA Threatens Australian Coal Industry”, Claims Mining Magnate

    “Rockefeller-funded CIA Threatens Australian Coal Industry”, Claims Mining Magnate

    Stephen: This story has just broken here in Australia and involves some sweeping claims by ultra-rich Australian mining magnate Clive Palmer. Multi-billionaire Mr Palmer is one of Australia’s three richest people, all of whom were singled out by our Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister, Wayne Swan recently when he said: “Australia’s economic success is at risk from a tiny minority of wealthy business people”.
    But according to
    Mr Palmer today, Australia’s economic success is at risk from the CIA (yes the CIA) and The Rockefeller Foundation.
    On the day after the Australian parliament passed a new mining tax, which taxes our mining companies in a way they’ve never been taxed before, Mr Palmer suddenly lashed out at a surprise “enemy”. He claimed that the CIA
    and The Rockefeller Foundation were behind moves to destroy the Australian coal mining industry and that they were funding our Greens party and the environmental movement.
    The dust has not settled. But what if he is correct and this is the beginning of an new unveiling of overseas’ industry interference by the incredibly influential and powerfully wealthy in another country? Are the very rich now standing up to the very rich? It could set the agenda for other dramatic revelations from around the world.

    CIA threatens Australian Coal Industry: Palmer

    By Marissa Calligeros and Judith Ireland

    March 20, 2012

    Mining magnate Clive Palmer has accused the Australian Greens and Queensland environmental campaigners of “treason” in conspiring with US powers to destroy the nation’s coal industry.

    Mr Palmer was expected to give his response to the passing of the Gillard government’s mining tax at a media conference called this afternoon, but the multi-billionaire was concerned only with perceived collusion between the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency and the environmental lobby.

    Mr Palmer turned his attention to a report by Greenpeace and other anti-coal groups, titled Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom, which outlined an environmental campaign designed to disrupt and delay the expansion of the industry.

    While brandishing a copy of the report this afternoon, Mr Palmer said it was the result of a CIA conspiracy involving the US-based Rockefeller Foundation.

    “This is funded by the CIA,” he said.

    “You only have to go back and read … the report to the US Congress that sets up the Rockefeller Foundation as a conduit of CIA funding.

    “You only have to look at the secret budget which was passed by Congress last year – bigger than our whole national economy – with the CIA to ensure that.

    “You only have to read the reports to US Congress where the CIA reported to the president that their role was to ensure the US competitive advantage – that’s how you know it’s funded by the CIA.”

    Mr Palmer argued descendants of US oil magnate John Rockefeller had bankrolled the Greenpeace report, in a bid to disrupt and damage the Australian coal industry.

    The author of the report, Greenpeace senior campaigner John Hepburn, strongly refuted the accusations, saying Greenpeace’s cause was funded by tens of thousands of individuals across Australia.

    ‘‘First up, Greenpeace does not accept funding from the CIA, nor from any other secret service for that matter,’’ he said.

    ‘‘Neither do we accept money from any government or corporation.

    ‘‘Right now, the scale and speed of the coal export boom are out of control. Clive Palmer’s vast proposed ‘China First’ mine would destroy Bimblebox nature refuge and he is part of a plan to build the world’s biggest coal port at Abbot Point, in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.’’

    Mr Palmer went on to say that the document confirmed local environmental campaigners, including Lock the Gate Alliance president Drew Hutton and Greens leader Bob Brown, were improperly collaborating with foreign multinationals.

    “The Greens have not been providing you with the full information about where their money comes from or what it’s about,” he said.

    “I think the Greens [candidates] in this upcoming state election … should resign if they’re being funded by an offshore political power.

    “It’s tantamount to treason and something needs to be done about it.”

    Greens Leader Bob Brown held a press conference in Canberra this evening to refute the allegations.

    Senator Brown said that even though Mr Palmer’s claim about the Greens CIA links were “extraordinary” and “manifestly untrue”, they had to be taken seriously because Mr Palmer was a key financial backer to the Queensland Liberal National Party.

    “They’re very serious accusations made by a person who is going to be a chief confidant and advisor to Campbell Newman, were he to become premier on Saturday,” Senator Brown said.

    Senator Brown said that Greens candidates would still be contesting the state election and called on Queensland Liberal National Leader Campbell Newman to repudiate Mr Palmer’s attack on his party.

    “[The Greens] are proudly part of the Queensland election campaign,” he said.

    The Greens Leader said he believed that Mr Palmer genuinely believed the CIA or the Rockefeller Foundation has links with the Greens because it is Mr Palmer’s practice to bankroll political campaigns.

    “He therefore assumes that other people are into it like he is,” Senator Brown said.

    Mr Hutton said Mr Palmer had shown through his comments that he was “massively confused”.

    “In the US, various philanthropic organisations have funded environmental groups and community groups to legally challenge big mining companies who are conducting inappropriate development. And they are beating them in court,” he said.

    “It should come as no surprise to anybody that environmental non-government organisations would try to access the same sorts of philanthropic organisations to be able to get funding to groups who are doing the same thing here in Australia.”

    Mr Hutton said he knew of no organisations in Australia which had received such funding.

    “Neither the Lock the Gate Alliance, nor any other environment group that I’m aware of, is receiving any donations from the Rockefeller Foundation or any other overseas group,” he said.

    Mr Hutton, who described Mr Palmer’s comments as “bizarre”, said the Rockefeller Foundation had no involvement in the report, monetary or otherwise.

    “That report that he’s referring to is an attempt by environmental NGOs to try to get funding for activities opposing the massive expansion of coal mining that’s going on in Australia,” he said.

    “It should come as a surprise to nobody that environmental organisations are wanting to limit the expansion of coal mining.”

    Mr Palmer made little mention of mining tax legislation, passed last night in the Senate, saying he had no concern with it.

    “I don’t care about any tax. It won’t affect my life one way or the other,” he said.

    Mr Palmer said the controversial tax, which aims to distribute the spoils of Australia’s mining boom, would have no affect on his businesses.

    “It probably won’t cost me anything, because I’m not mining anything that comes under the classification of it. So, you know, it’s not something that’s worried me,” he said.

    Mr Palmer said he would not join Australia’s third largest iron ore miner, Fortescue Metals, owned by Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest, in mounting a legal challenge.

    “Certainly Andrew Forrest has indicated he’ll do that – he has major concerns with it, because it affects him, affects his business and affects the ability of his workers,” Mr Palmer said.

    See footage of Mr Palmer making the claims on this page here:

    Anonymous: Operation Street Peace 2012 "Engaged"

    Greetings citizens of the world. We are Anonymous.
    In this message we shall explain what is Operation Street Peace 2012.
    It is an Anonymous effort to awaken the street gangs into a coalition of peace.

    The Anonymous Legion has contacted many influential gang leaders whom are locked away in ADMAX Federal Penitentary. These members include Black P Stone JEFF FORT, Gangster Disciple LARRY HOOVER, Latin King GUSTAVO COLON, Mexican Mafia RAUL LEON, and Northern Structure JOSEPH HERNANDEZ.

    Contact information is provided in the transcript of this Anonymous message.
    Please we encourage your effort in helping.

    These men carry great influence in the streets but this influence is no longer needed for violence, It is needed for PEACE. Write to them and encourage them into seeking peace in the streets they will never see again. They are not monsters as portrayed.

    They are Human Beings who simply had the charisma to lead and now the gangs that they led need their guidence again. Their guidence comes in the form of them seeking their own redemption. Give these men the chance to redeem themselves.

    Write to them and ask for their thoughts on PEACE and then as an Anonymous Legion put these messages from them on the net.
    With the letters of PEACE we all recieve from them we will then touch the minds and hearts of their comrades.

    Get to work my Anonymous brothers and sisters,
    Write to these men and get the message out there that the founders and leaders of the most notorious street gangs are calling for PEACE in the STREETS 2012.

    We are Anonymous:
    Operation Street Peace 2012 ENGAGED.


    PO BOX 8500
    FLORENCE, CO 81226

    (Black P Stone) JEFF FORT #92298-024
    (Gangster Disciple) LARRY HOOVER #86063-024
    (Latin King) GUSTAVO COLON #07984-424
    (Mexican Mafia) RAUL LEON #95335-198
    (Northern Structure) JOSEPH HERNANDEZ #02837-748

    Anonymous against the Catholic pedophilia! #Phreedomcrew!


    Forgive us if now we are not too warm or jovial with you, but we literally disgusted dall'omertà of the Catholic Church in not reporting cases of child abuse, sometimes really reprehensible ...

    Quoted from memory your commandments, your catechisms, your gospels, but perhaps you have forgotten some, I will want to remember!

    Matthew 18: 4-6: "Who will like this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receives me. But whoso shall offend one of these little ones who believe in I would be better for him if a millstone tied around his neck and he were drowned in the sea. "

    For years you have "washed" the dirty clothes to church, failing to take into account that the soil in which svolgevate your function does not belong to you. The areas in which your priests have been practicing pastoral action have precise laws, and if there had heard of crimes by those priests was your obligation to report them to the competent authorities of the state in question, rather than adopt behaviors omertosi . For this reason, the silence that the hierarchies of the church have maintained for decades about horrible events consumed within religious institutions around the world, as the abuse of deaf children are unable to riferie violence, is equivalent an assumption of complicity.

    But this press EVEN want to report a case of abuse happened in 1996, a dear friend of a member of the collective. She was raped, just 13 years old, a priest who had baptized the same, they threatened, but brave went to his mother (his only parent) to talk about it ... The mother rushed to the curia, who threatened to take away the only livelihood they had, given precisely by Caritas (NGO A), so swapping the silence in exchange for survival. We know that this is not the work of an individual but that the Vatican tends to mask the more reprehensible abuses without denouncing the police, because its members have very expensive, but a bit cheaper than its followers.


    We do what we must, Because We Can.

    We are Anonymous

    We are Legion

    We do not forgive

    We do not forget

    Expect Us!

    Monday, March 19, 2012

    Western Media Censorship : What They Don't Show You!

    This is what they don't show you the Western Media. What's really happening. Those civilians are unarmed. There's an ambulance...and those are schools, residential buildings and hospitals in GAZA!

    When the US invaded Iraq they said it was because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.
    After the invasion they said that they knew all along that Iraq didn't have any weapons of mass destruction. was a lie...

    They lied to us again about Libya...
    The excuse that they used in order NATO to bomb Libya was that its leader was bad to the people...yet he was nominated for a United Nations humanitarian award...They lied to us about Libya and they're doing it again... The US and Israel are looking for excuses to attack Iran. To the point that they are telling lies. China & Russia have both said they will defend Iran if it's attacked...leading to what many are calling World War 3. If/when that starts how much help is "Kony 2012" going to have been? What good are all the donations and posters going to have been then? Help this video go viral. An attack is estimated at being months away if not sooner....

    Northern Uganda is Peaceful - Ugandans Respond to Kony 2012

    Kate McKenzie from Worldviews Project interviews Ugandans on the ground to ask about their feelings on Kony2012. She also asks what they would want others to know about their country and discovers what Ugandans are doing to rebuild. Follow Kate's journey at as she travels around the world to 8 countries in 8 months.

    All content was created and produced by Kate McKenzie & Worldviews Project.

    Youth Movement Promotes US Military Presence in Central Africa

    Kony2012 Just a thought and the truth about KonyEdward Bernays believed that society could not be trusted to make rational and informed decisions on their own, and that guiding public opinion was essential within a democratic society. Bernays founded the Council on Public Relations and his 1928 book, Propaganda cites the methodology used in the application of effective emotional communication. He discovered that such communication is capable of manipulating the unconscious in an effort to produce a desired effect – namely, a capacity to manufacture mass social adherence in support of products, political candidates and social movements.
    Nearly a century after his heyday, Bernays’ methodology is apparent in almost every form of civic and consumer persuasion. The platform of social media is being used in unprecedented new ways; one such example is a new online documentary about the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), an extremist rebel group operating in Central Africa.

    The documentary is unprecedented, not for its educational attributes but for its capacity to use visual branding, merchandising and highly potent emotional communication to influence the viewer to support US military operations in resource rich Central Africa under the pretext of capturing the LRA’s commander, Joseph Kony. The Lord’s Resistance Army was originally formed in 1987 in northwestern Uganda by members of the Acholi ethnic group, who were historically exploited as forced laborers by the British colonialists and later relegated by the nation’s dominant ethic groups following independence. Together with the Holy Spirit Movement, the LRA represented the armed wing of a resistance faction aiming to overthrow the government of current Ugandan President and staunch US military ally, Yoweri Museveni.

    The LRA was originally formed to combat ethic marginalization, but soon became dominated by Joseph Kony, a self-proclaimed spiritual messenger of the (Christian) Holy Spirit. Kony utilized his messianic persona to lead a syncretic spiritual movement based on Acholi tribal beliefs’ and extremist Christian dogma. It is claimed that LRA seeks to establish a theocratic state based on the Ten Commandments, however, its inner ideological mythology is largely unknown. In an effort to mobilize a large scale armed resistance, the LRA routinely recruited child soldiers and forced them to commit heinous acts such as cannibalism and mutilation on others who resisted to join the rebel group during their extensive twenty-five year campaign.
    KONY 2012 is directed by Jason Russell and runs just thirty minutes; the video has received over twenty million views on YouTube and Vimeo and it’s national support group on Facebook is said to gain 4,000 members each hour. The highly produced feature is narrated from the perspective of Russell and his attempt to explain the Lord’s Resistance Army to his infant son, Gavin. The video features footage from Russell’s trip to Uganda (prior to 2006, when the LRA was still operating in the region) and introduces the viewer to Jacob, a Ugandan boy who was formally recruited by the LRA as a child soldier. Russell presents various montages of ethically diverse groups of students raising their fists in the air, sporting KONY t-shirts, and scenes of mass celebration in response to President Obama signing the S. 1067: Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act of 2009.

    The bill was passed without congressional approval, and allows the US to deploy military forces in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic and South Sudan (at the consent of those nations) in pursuit of LRA rebels. The film further advocates the requirement of public support for US military operations in the region through forms of street activism, encouraging viewers to purchase Action Kits ($30.00) and posters ($10.00) featuring images of Joseph Kony. Russell then targets specific celebrities and US policy makers and pressures them to endorse the campaign against Kony. Perhaps most absurdly, Russell suggests that without mass public support from the American public, the US would withdraw its military presence from the region.

    This is the first large-scale campaign to mobilize social medialites to aggregate public support for what would otherwise be, controversial pro-intervention US foreign policy. The production relies on highly charged and often unrelated emotional triggers, which ultimately rely on the viewers sense of compassion in tandem with a lack of prior information on the subject to produce a desired result – explicitly, the villainous mythification of Kony and the mainstream acceptance of US presence in Africa through a proposed archipelago of AFRICOM military bases in the region.

    The production targets an age group between thirteen and twenty-one, and uses a level of academic vocabulary appropriate for a young adult audience with a limited attention span; the narrator at one point even insists the viewer pay attention. The viewer is encouraged to form an emotional connection to Russell, as we witness unrelated footage of his child’s birth. The viewer is then subsequently associated with Russell’s role as a nurturer to his young son, before shifting to scenes of Russell nurturing the Ugandan child soldier, Jacob. Russell is shown prophetically pledging to stop the LRA to the traumatized and crying young boy. The intimate portrayal of emotion in these scenes work to further incite a reactionary response from the viewer, towards the preordained conclusion suggested in the narrative – a mass mobilization of support for the US military in their efforts to stop Jacob’s source of trauma. Bernays would be beside himself.
    KONY 2012 is produced like any other sleek marketing campaign – instead of stimulating elements of self-satisfaction like advertisers would do to promote a product, US military intervention is justified to end an atrocious humanitarian catastrophe. The film also plays on an underlying theme of the White Man’s Burden, a notion that persons of European descent inherit a quality of guilt for their ancestors’ inclination for slavery and colonialism, requiring an activist response to finally correct the situation by “saving Africa.” During the Nigerian civil war in 1967, western media successfully used images of starving children for the first time to strengthen public support for military aid to the secessionist Republic of Biafra before rebel forces were defeated. This film attempts to purportedly “change the conversation of our culture,” however it remains a highly sophisticated refurbishment of pro-military interventionist foreign policy propaganda, dependent on dangerous subliminal messaging.

    Furthermore, the film was produced by an organization called Invisible Children, Inc., who have been criticized by the Better Business Bureau for refusing to provide necessary information in the Bureau’s standards assessment. Invisible Children, Inc. has failed to disclose a list of sponsors (beyond the donations of American high school students), and has also earned a low rating in accountability from Charity Navigator because they won’t let their financials be independently audited. In a 2011 financial statement, the organization disclosed that only 31% of all the funds they receive are used for charitable purposes, with the majority allocated toward travel expenses and employee salaries. Invisible Children has also been accused of fraud and voter manipulation in a recent charity contest sponsored by Chase Bank and Facebook. The group’s Co-Founder and President, Laren Poole addressed the International Criminal Court in 2009 alongside Aryeh Neier,President of George Soros’ pro-war Open Society Institute.

    Invisible Children has partnered with two other organizations, Resolve and Digitaria, to create the LRA Crisis Tracker, a digital crisis-mapping platform that broadcasts attacks allegedly committed by the LRA. On its list of corporate sponsors, Resolve lists Human Rights Watch and the International Rescue Committee. Digitaria’s website boasts commercial clients such as CBS, FOX, MTV, ESPN, Adidas, NFL, Qualcomm, NBC, National Geographic, Hasbro and Warner Brothers. While KONY 2012 attempts to portray itself as an indigenous activist movement bent on bringing justice to African children, its parent organization is affiliated with the upper echelon of the US corporate media and a network of foundation-funded pro-war civil society groups with a long history of fomenting pro-US regime change under the banner of democratic institution building.

    According to Invisible Children’s own LRA Crisis Tracker, not a single case of LRA activity has been reported in Uganda since 2006. The website records ninety eight deaths in the past year, with the vast majority taking place in the northeastern Bangadi region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a tri-border expanse sharing territory with the Central African republic and South Sudan. Since December 2009, the eastern Djemah region of CAR has seen occasional LRA activity; the western Tambura region of South Sudan has experienced even less. The LRA has been in operation for over two decades, and presently remains at an extremely weakened state, with approximately 400 soldiers. Due to the extreme instability in northern DRC after decades of rebel insurgencies and Rwandan/Ugandan military incursions into the nation, it remains highly unlikely that cases of violence in the region can be sufficiently investigated before concluding LRA involvement.

    The whereabouts of Joseph Kony are completely unknown; he was last seen in crossing between Sudan and CAR in 2010, according to unverified reports. The US military currently has one hundred military officers training and overseeing the Ugandan military in anti-LRA operations. Due to the complete absence of LRA activity in Uganda, it becomes feasible that the US may be planning further operations in the resource rich DRC. Over six million Congolese nationals have been killed in war since 1996, largely with US complicity. The regimes of Paul Kagame in Rwanda and Yoweri Museveni in Uganda have both received millions in military aid from the United States. Since the abhorrent failure of the 1993 US intervention in Somalia, the US has relied on the militaries of Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia to carry out US interests in proxy.

    Paul Kagame of Rwanda has been given free reign by the US to conduct military operations inside DRC in the on-going ethnic conflict in that region following the 1994 Rwandan genocide. For Ugandan participation in the fight against Somalia’s al Shabaab,Museveni receives $45 million dollars in military aid. The US has contributed enormous sums to these nations and now is beginning to consolidate its presence in the region under Barack Obama and AFRICOM, the United States African Command. The LRA has contributed to less than one hundred unverified deaths in the past twelve months. Considering that the United States completely ignored events in DRC and Rwanda that collectively resulted in nearly seven million deaths, their participation against the ailing Lord’s Resistance Army is completely absurd by comparison.

    Through AFRICOM, the United States is seeking a foothold in the incredibly resource rich central African block in a further maneuver to aggregate regional hegemony over China. DRC is one of the world’s largest regions without an effectively functioning government. It contains vast deposits of diamonds, cobalt, copper, uranium, magnesium, and tin while producing over $1 billion in gold each year. It is entirely feasible that the US can considerably increase its presence in DRC under the pretext of capturing Joseph Kony. The US may further mobilize ground forces, in addition to the use of predator drones and targeted missile strikes, inevitably killing civilians. In a press conference at the House Armed Services Committee on March 13, 2008, AFRICOM Commander, General William Ward stated that AFRICOM will further its regional presence by “operating under the principle theatre-goal of combating terrorism”.

    During an AFRICOM Conference held at Fort McNair on February 18, 2008, Vice Admiral Robert T. Moeller openly declared AFRICOM’s guiding principle as protecting “the free flow of natural resources from Africa to the global market”, before citing China’s increasing presence in the region as challenging to American interests.The crimes of the Lord’s Resistance Army have been documented in the past and they are truly despicable actions. Presently, the operations of the LRA have nearly dissolved and their presence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is difficult to verify. While the pro-war filmmakers behind KONY 2012 naively call for the US military to assert its place in the conflict, an independent fact finding mission would be far more effective in assessing the seriousness of the LRA threat in the present day.

    Article originally posted Nile Bowie’s blog here. Nile Bowie is a syndicated freelance writer and photojournalist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Anonymous 22.4.2012.

    TV-nits #d0x #russia

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