Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Anonymous: Operation Street Peace 2012 "Engaged"

Greetings citizens of the world. We are Anonymous.
In this message we shall explain what is Operation Street Peace 2012.
It is an Anonymous effort to awaken the street gangs into a coalition of peace.

The Anonymous Legion has contacted many influential gang leaders whom are locked away in ADMAX Federal Penitentary. These members include Black P Stone JEFF FORT, Gangster Disciple LARRY HOOVER, Latin King GUSTAVO COLON, Mexican Mafia RAUL LEON, and Northern Structure JOSEPH HERNANDEZ.

Contact information is provided in the transcript of this Anonymous message.
Please we encourage your effort in helping.

These men carry great influence in the streets but this influence is no longer needed for violence, It is needed for PEACE. Write to them and encourage them into seeking peace in the streets they will never see again. They are not monsters as portrayed.

They are Human Beings who simply had the charisma to lead and now the gangs that they led need their guidence again. Their guidence comes in the form of them seeking their own redemption. Give these men the chance to redeem themselves.

Write to them and ask for their thoughts on PEACE and then as an Anonymous Legion put these messages from them on the net.
With the letters of PEACE we all recieve from them we will then touch the minds and hearts of their comrades.

Get to work my Anonymous brothers and sisters,
Write to these men and get the message out there that the founders and leaders of the most notorious street gangs are calling for PEACE in the STREETS 2012.

We are Anonymous:
Operation Street Peace 2012 ENGAGED.


PO BOX 8500

(Black P Stone) JEFF FORT #92298-024
(Gangster Disciple) LARRY HOOVER #86063-024
(Latin King) GUSTAVO COLON #07984-424
(Mexican Mafia) RAUL LEON #95335-198
(Northern Structure) JOSEPH HERNANDEZ #02837-748

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