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FBI Backdoor: Templar NVIDIA GPU Factoring Suite

Have Fun with the FBI Backdoor: NVIDIA GPU Factoring Suite FBI Backdoor: Templar NVIDIA GPU Factoring Suite March 29, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012 hacked >/ActivismSec<>

Hello its Activism Security here to bring you #Lulz! Today's is on I hope you enjoy ;)
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Our website: &
[@Thanaos007] hacked y0 ass, you fixed a few patches but there was 1 link where you were Vulnerable and that link would be:

Greetz: #LegionCr3w

Web Server: Apache/2.0.54
SQL Version: 5.1.55-rel12.6
PHP Version: PHP/5.2.17
DataBase User: 'db70882_wfsj'@'%'
DataBases: information_schema,db70882_wcsj2009,db70882_wcsj2011,db70882_wcsj2013,db70882_wfsj_org,db70882_wfsj_wp_blog

Current DataBase: db70882_wfsj_org
Now what is weird, is that the current database has no interesting info in it. So I went for the other ones.

Well onto the first database I got to,(db70882_wcsj2011) Some of the passwords, work with the emails when decrypted. [OTHER DATABASES AT THE BOTTOM]
Name Pass (Should be Md5) Email Login #

root 68e5e3611a685013c969841ed8c13c5f 1309156400
selmi raoudha e8f9b77830c3b2cad7f279c963e31d76 1285329425
raoudha_selmi 2b1efa9cd1d74d5e2c961af5ef92a896 1303550274
hamidoo d3dbda40cec5cba536efd5157b071bd8 1303418909
Breathe 5a4a75eda68102512b4507600bb4791e 1309075070
lulucrumble c15086ecb5a8e3794d020d242435a3f2 1277891728
aalrefai 504915955e620d3b7d2b907802013b85 0
Augustin.Denis c8c43c127d677f9a2b9aff222a3d9534 1310406661
tundra 2fb27d341edfeecb7c339f825689d86d 1278176085
jiahepeng 184cf0a8e0aa7f8e4b1108645fd2f381 1305688768
kawsaru 05902fdcefc5fa1a79fd46afce99ec19 1305104088
AntonietaGarcia 53d5a105136b745919ce8809f2dd47c2 1278431476
Glulousassaph b44450cdc6ab5228aaef670b0cb28004 0
Wesam Ahmed Tawfik dfbc841fbd07645b2df90f644f7b8bdc 1278685447
Rara shrestha c0c757f39c8cfbca18cae843c8301fcd 0
meldawy 8c3a596b9bbb1e7fee2a60be731652d4 1278885721

rest see pastebin hacked via ActivismSecurity

Hllo this is ActivismSecurity here to bring you a awesome release :p Enjoy! todays target
Follow us on twitter: @Activismsec @Priatecr3w @PrOtOn_An0n @Tr3axon @Yourhacknet @Thanaos007 @Muldaria48
I hacked this site in February, of course not gonna tell what day it was, but you know. I only copied usernames and passwords from the library area of the school. Therefore some passwords maybe dead but I'm sure some still work.
KEY = Left is Password , Right = Username

pass_crypt user_name
wHZapEEwf/ldQ billg
axJTe0bDV1zHU vincenta
hjfxKJ9havPik coline
ntXOiNBRd9IUM cim
ZxqKQtpTrxk.2 mais
5ScWJEOuqMwkw jant
ImUitqMreTy5. kathyp
xR4cFV9FvaOy2 sstashko
4Us83fFgpOz5c johno
DKHnlPLI9r6kY regs
ZVu8ZFH1MAjI6 floreney
N4jRhhngN6DhQ karysv
bBZZIZ0JekNFY edominey
xfHmIm6.tNIGM yasaminec
xfRQcjdRmeL8c carol
xfktsHHwPHt3Y brendab
xfrCaemGBTFkM jleggo
xfNfXeQlSmJyo evec
xfqeKKprDGwKs loriannc
xfPXNs9TtHhDo gilda
xfYrCxUyn7LnI cathyco
xfsf0PItKExrA deb
xfZRGgKzu72vs gloriaz
xfDiJaVXDBhHs lee-anng
xftknrsRMTcig elenar
xf8Z/k4vNheYE heatherb
ejTLxwxKayADc janett
fJ.PyTxy6x/Nc tonyt
fn5HH8xCCrGtw rscm
Gk5d9gy4Obh.6 ints
GYzfPYaQL47es aprj
H076lsD2yzj3s envd
hjfxKJ9havPik coline
ilL0p.e5HQKIk egmk
ilL0p.e5HQKIk etim
ilL0p.e5HQKIk eoch
ilL0p.e5HQKIk eemt
ilL0p.e5HQKIk lmoc
ilL0p.e5HQKIk epmg
ilL0p.e5HQKIk rrms
ilL0p.e5HQKIk rdld
ilL0p.e5HQKIk ddba-805
ilL0p.e5HQKIk ddba-800
ilL0p.e5HQKIk ddba-000
ilL0p.e5HQKIk lgsc
ilL0p.e5HQKIk leel
ilL0p.e5HQKIk lmis
ilL0p.e5HQKIk lhrm
ilL0p.e5HQKIk lchp
ilL0p.e5HQKIk ddba-806
ilL0p.e5HQKIk lscm
ilL0p.e5HQKIk ribl
ilL0p.e5HQKIk rasm
ilL0p.e5HQKIk rcga
ilL0p.e5HQKIk ddba-803
ilL0p.e5HQKIk ehps
ilL0p.e5HQKIk egsm
ilL0p.e5HQKIk eism
ilL0p.e5HQKIk etec
ilL0p.e5HQKIk eepm
ImUitqMreTy5. kathyp
jJt1/2TMbmYqI ekli
jZMyQ5ascNowQ staceyb
lFRe.5zHxFdvU test123
mXkDChc2uGdLQ eeim
N4jRhhngN6DhQ karysv
ndnujRmq9UNoY scis
ntXOiNBRd9IUM cim
Nu30UJkF.WZT. ddba-804
Ou9OJWUu2/X26 judyb
Psn0A40ubbyYg teresa.rose
Q86TJqivMT7rU simonn
tzj/l746y1MFU maureenh
v5E14ZRV99TUc mkmt
w9irYJbccNwC2 medm
wHZapEEwf/ldQ billg
xf8Z/k4vNheYE heatherb
xfDiJaVXDBhHs lee-anng
xfHmIm6.tNIGM yasaminec
xfktsHHwPHt3Y brendab
xflIzpuolNpBU avandyke
xfNfXeQlSmJyo evec
xfNqIrPi4ysOs bmacneil
xfPXNs9TtHhDo gilda
xfqeKKprDGwKs loriannc
xfrCaemGBTFkM jleggo
xfRQcjdRmeL8c carol
xfsf0PItKExrA deb
xftknrsRMTcig elenar
xfYrCxUyn7LnI cathyco
xfZRGgKzu72vs gloriaz
xJ3CF4UGARzcA stoa
xR4cFV9FvaOy2 sstashko
Y75QZJgXV0ufk aaaa
YnCerIxiRJ2/s larbie
YnFNnLb3wGyOI corinnal
ZTj3bCm4cRvXw rapm
ZVu8ZFH1MAjI6 floreney
zx6JbEgHnk0XY gcap

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Adiga Hackers Хакеры Adiga Adiga Hackerlar اديغا هكرز

Adiga Hackers Хакеры Adiga Adiga Hackerlar اديغا هكرز

Adiga Hackers Attacks russain Tv Website

Adiga Hackers Attacks russain Tv Website and closed the website 24 Hours
Adiga хакерских атак Russain телевидение Сайт по и закрылся на сайте 24 часов Adiga üzerine Russain Tv Web Saldırıları ve web sitesini 24 saat kapalı
منظمة اديغا هكرز الجناح الاسيسر لانونيموس قفقاسيا قامت بهالهجوم على موقع لقناة روسية وقامت باغلاقها 24 ساعة
Интернет ТВ, смотреть телевидение через интернет, онлайн тв ...Прямые трансляции телеканалов через интернет. Зрительский рейтинг и обсуждение телеканалов. ОРТ Первый канал РБК ТВ Кино

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anonymous Operation Fossifool

Hello peoples of earth

The first operation under project reality hacking begins with a disruption in corruption. We do this by flooding the physical site of the sullied with the conscious bodies of a collective. A hive mind. This is a call to arms of the cognitively real. This is a call to the renegades, the revolutionaries, the radicals, the rats, the reackers, the ones who aim to awaken. This is an operation to cripple the beast. April 1st ends the operation of black March where we aimed to restrict the flow of fuel in the form of money to the machines of oppression. Now we must restrict the flow of fuel again. How better to spend April fools day than reacking BIG oil, than fooling the fuel. Do whatever you can manifest to choke the business of oil for the day, Deny fuel service providers the luxury of uninhibited control for a day. Make signs, voice your thoughts, sit-in, occupy the pumps, freespeak your message in any way possible. they chain our daily functions to the oil, we can reverse this process. Big oilster machinations take our body fuel of clean air, and fill it with the waste fumes of corruption. We retaliate to resuscitate the respiration of earth. Collectively we can immobilize the corrupt shadow puppeteer that disallows the alternative energies. The technology to have efficient non fossil vehicles has been around for decades, but the bigoilsters and car manufacturers will not allow this technology to hit the public sector, because it is not as profitable, for the powerdollars. They lobby for laws that stop the green growth, and purchase the patents, inventions, technologies, the information that would initiate an oil free system, only to destroy the hope of that system. The greedsters use the oil profit to perpetuate the wars that kill the familial members of our humanity and harvest more oil from the earth in foreign lands.

Imagine a consciousness’ that is hived and collected as a humanity, and not conglomerate of self interest cells. When we are decoded and recoded into a controllable format, we are removed from the artist within in order to profit a form of other.

To remove the them and us binary that separates, whilst blocks our senses so we are optionlessly forced to interpret the real through the translations of the other. Just as we are forced to travel distances in machines that consume the poison they cherish.

We are all reackers. Bee free and bee the artist so that you can interact with the real without the clouded vision forced upon us. On April first band together to disrupt this other that separates and oppresses.

We do not forgive

We do not forget

We are legion

We are anonymous

Expect us

Anonymous Operations Guide


This guide will help you to determine whether a certain course of action is the best option for the operation you are working on, or whether it may not be as effective as you thought it would be. It is important that you take the time to read this guide prior to deciding whether to pursue an operation - don’t rush it - in many situations, there’s no hurry at all in organising an operation. It is better to be thoroughly prepared than to jump into a mess headfirst and regret it later.

1. Tips for setting up an operation

You will likely have started an operation because you disagree with something. Rather than trying to fight the people that caused this, try to focus on what the thing is that you disagree with, and preventing that from happening (or, if that is your goal, spreading awareness). Revenge seldom has the intended result. Clearly think of what the issue is, and how it can be resolved.

Even if you think you’ve read carefully, read everything on this form twice, and think about it a second time. The human brain has a habit of ‘caching’ answers to questions, and that may not always give you the best answer to a question. By thinking about it again, you force your brain to give a ‘real’ answer.

Have clear communication channels. Even though Anonymous as a whole is a decentralised entity, it’s typically a good idea to centralise the main organisational aspects of an operation, even if there is no set hierarchy. This makes it easier for people that are unfamiliar with how Anonymous works, to participate and learn more about both your operation, and Anonymous as a whole. An IRC channel is usually a good start, as is a Twitter feed. Try to stay away from websites that offer you free blogs, web hosting, or forums, unless you really know what you’re doing - these websites tend to freeze your account at the first hint of controversy.

Take the time to set up an operation. Most causes do not require you to respond in one or two days, so it’s perfectly fine to spend a few days on organisation and planning, before you actually do anything.

Don’t just mentally answer these questions! You should actually write down or type out the answers, to make sure you’re not overlooking something.

2. Defining the main goals of your operation

Important: When defining the goal or goals of your operation, you should not take into account the ideas you have to carry out the operation! Doing so anyway will result in the common human habit of putting the cart before the horse (also known as ‘reversed reasoning’), which will cause your operation to be less efficient than it could have been. In short: start from a blank canvas.

2.1 The cause of your operation

What ‘undesired circumstance’ caused you to set up this operation? Examples: the extradition of someone, the closing down of a website, arrests of activists, etc.

Who is responsible for this undesired circumstance? This can be a person or an organisation.
If an organisation was responsible, were there any specific employees or members of that organisation that coordinated the decision? If yes, are they responsible for it or were they in a situation where they had no real choice?

Are there any further consequences of this undesired circumstance that will not go away, even if the undesired circumstance itself is gone?

2.2 The solution for your cause

What has to happen for the undesired circumstance to go away? Examples: the dismissal of a court case, the denying of an extradition request, etc.
If there were any further consequences that would not go away, even if the undesired circumstance itself would be gone, what would have to happen for these consequences to go away?

3. Defining possible solutions and courses of action

Take some time to think of ways to achieve what you mentioned in question 2.2.1. You should answer the following questions for each of the possible solutions you came up with. Try to avoid all solutions that have been attempted before by other operations, and only use those solutions as a last resort. Ideally, your solution should be original and tailor-made for this operation.

3.1 Basic details for the solution

What does the solution consist of?
Who can take part in the activities for this solution?
How long does it take to carry out this solution? A rough estimate is good enough.
What organisational structure is needed to carry out this solution? Examples: no hierarchy, a central leader, democratic voting, etc.
What communication channels do you need for this solution? Examples: a forum, a Twitter feed, an IRC channel, etc.

3.2 Consequences of the solution

What will happen if you carry out this solution successfully?
What will happen if the solution is attempted, but fails in some way?
What are the risks for participants? Be honest here, don’t try to romanticise your solution.
Compare the answer to 3.2.1 with the answer you gave to 2.2.1. Do the answers match?
If the answers do not match, this solution will not be optimal and it is likely you’ve put the cart before the horse, which is likely to make your operation fail. Try again with a different solution.

4. Summary of your operation

You can fill in this part to make it clear to participants what they are getting involved in, what the goals are, how they can help, and what they should watch out for.

What will participants be doing?
What are the risks of participating?
What is the intended goal?
How does your solution reach the goal?
Is there a backup plan?
Where can participants go to communicate? Examples: the IRC channel, Twitter feed, forum, etc.
How will you spread the word about your operation? What resources do you have at your disposal?

Good luck with your operation!

Guide courtesy of our friends at the Cryto Coding Collective