Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anonymous Operation Fossifool

Hello peoples of earth

The first operation under project reality hacking begins with a disruption in corruption. We do this by flooding the physical site of the sullied with the conscious bodies of a collective. A hive mind. This is a call to arms of the cognitively real. This is a call to the renegades, the revolutionaries, the radicals, the rats, the reackers, the ones who aim to awaken. This is an operation to cripple the beast. April 1st ends the operation of black March where we aimed to restrict the flow of fuel in the form of money to the machines of oppression. Now we must restrict the flow of fuel again. How better to spend April fools day than reacking BIG oil, than fooling the fuel. Do whatever you can manifest to choke the business of oil for the day, Deny fuel service providers the luxury of uninhibited control for a day. Make signs, voice your thoughts, sit-in, occupy the pumps, freespeak your message in any way possible. they chain our daily functions to the oil, we can reverse this process. Big oilster machinations take our body fuel of clean air, and fill it with the waste fumes of corruption. We retaliate to resuscitate the respiration of earth. Collectively we can immobilize the corrupt shadow puppeteer that disallows the alternative energies. The technology to have efficient non fossil vehicles has been around for decades, but the bigoilsters and car manufacturers will not allow this technology to hit the public sector, because it is not as profitable, for the powerdollars. They lobby for laws that stop the green growth, and purchase the patents, inventions, technologies, the information that would initiate an oil free system, only to destroy the hope of that system. The greedsters use the oil profit to perpetuate the wars that kill the familial members of our humanity and harvest more oil from the earth in foreign lands.

Imagine a consciousness’ that is hived and collected as a humanity, and not conglomerate of self interest cells. When we are decoded and recoded into a controllable format, we are removed from the artist within in order to profit a form of other.

To remove the them and us binary that separates, whilst blocks our senses so we are optionlessly forced to interpret the real through the translations of the other. Just as we are forced to travel distances in machines that consume the poison they cherish.

We are all reackers. Bee free and bee the artist so that you can interact with the real without the clouded vision forced upon us. On April first band together to disrupt this other that separates and oppresses.

We do not forgive

We do not forget

We are legion

We are anonymous

Expect us

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