Saturday, March 17, 2012

Anonymous-OS - rkhunter.log [REPOST] @LegionNET

Anonymous-OS - rkhunter.log
[17:53:30] Running Rootkit Hunter version 1.3.8 on anonymous
[17:53:30] Info: Start date is Thu Mar 15 17:53:30 EET 2012
[17:53:30] Checking configuration file and command-line options...
[17:53:30] Info: Detected operating system is 'Linux'
[17:53:30] Info: Found O/S name: Anonymous-OS 0.1
[17:53:30] Info: Command line is /usr/bin/rkhunter -c
rest see pastebin
for complete log *****
[17:55:17] System checks summary
[17:55:17] =====================
[17:55:17] File properties checks...
[17:55:17] Required commands check failed
[17:55:17] Files checked: 138
[17:55:17] Suspect files: 1
[17:55:17] Rootkit checks...
[17:55:17] Rootkits checked : 242
[17:55:17] Possible rootkits: 0
[17:55:17] Applications checks...
[17:55:17] All checks skipped
[17:55:17] The system checks took: 1 minute and 46 seconds
[17:55:17] Info: End date is Thu Mar 15 17:55:17 EET 2012
with all the bs speculation crap/virus talk out there,in general without and input/data...   and all speculations are in the extremes(polarity also) lol either a thousand worms/trojans/viruses or the cia/fbi made it hahah. no inbetweens.
and 2nd tweet, indeed not preconfigured for such nor did i in past read claims it would....  more about staying secure while online/browsing
it all seems more to be a GENERATED drama to harm the name anonymous and get draw folks out...  DISTRACTION!!!! because this is not a NEW!!! OS as in fresh of the presses from main known anon sites but was known in past to pc users as one of many distro;s simple as that.
so enough distraction and more on...
and distance oneself from it and LET GO.
dont be played...
just like opV is fake and opkony and many more
co-opted BS....
this guide says it well for decent made distro's

'Anonymous OS' turns out to be intelligence test, not preconfigured hacker tool - By Kevin Fogarty, via...
signed LgnSec®