Friday, March 16, 2012

My S70ry via @s3rver.exe

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This is s3rver.exe and i will be talking about how i got into hacking and a lot of intersting stuff i have done in the past 3 years .

I first started hacking when i was 11 years old . I heard a lot of news about Cyber Crime and Identity Theft and i read Articles on the Internet about Black Hat Hackers getting caught for Hacking and were charged a lot of money depending on the crime they had commited but that did not stop me from getting into Hacking .

One day i had to decide that what kind of hacker i want to be a Black Hat Hacker , Grey Hat Hacker or White Hat Hacker so i decided to be a Grey Hat Hacker because i help people a lot and i like to hack for the lulz . The next thing i had to do is to make a handle for me so i had to skip that part because i really did not had a lot of hacking skills at that time so i decided to learn first and then make a handle .

One day i was browsing YouTube and in the Featured Video there was a Guy Fawk Mask and black background and that video was about "A message to Sony from Anonymous" . In the description of the video there was the Anonymous IRC Server info so i connected to the IRC . I downloaded an Anonymous care package which told me about how to keep your self Anonymous and it told me about many good VPN's .

I started Denial Of Service (DOS) websites but i heard from a guy that Distributed Denial Of Service and Denial of Service dont harm the website's servers . So i got bored of Putting down website . I wanted to do something better like hack into there database and leak there information .

I really wanted to learn Vulnerablity Testing and Exploiting the Vulnerablities . I saw many tutorials on the Internet i was following the steps on small websites just to start and when i got good i moved on to secure and bigger websites . I learn XSS Exploiting , LFI & RFI , SQL Injection , Rooting Web servers and a lot more .

One day i was cruising through Twitter and Dana White was challenging Anonymous to hack his websites . So at first Joshthegod spoofed and redirected to But then Dana White Challenged Anonymous again and i knew there were XSS Vulnerablities they Vulnerablities were on and . had the XSS on there Secure Online Shop which had Credit Card Info , Names , Phone Numbers , Address and a lot more information which is gold for a Balck Hat Hacker to do an Identity Theft but i stole cookies for an Hour and then decryted them . Dana White was owned really bad .

Then OperationBrazil got my attention so me and Havittaja defaced 80 Brazilian Websites and also leaked the Government's Private Details but sad news looks like Haittaja got arrested in Brazil because he has not been online on MSN for a month and no response on his twitter either :( . We both used a Mass Defacer to deface the Brazillian Government Websites .
One time i got access to Sony Picture Admim Panel and once again there security was breached . I also did this little trick on there Facebook page . I made a page called Sony Picture and i got the same Profile Picture as Sony's page and i left heaps of message but it was not the real Sony Page and Sony was tricked and they reported my page .

One for the fun operation was #OperationMeagupload because Anonymous managed to hit down and . I helped in and only what i did was setted up a DDOS Botnet and i setted up the botnet on my VPS and i was hitting all night with about 3-4K Botnet and my good friend AnonymousPoland was hitting with 150-200K Botnet and next day in the news Bingo! was down . I also helped in it was awsome because the Channel was full of people who were willing to DDOS so Anonymous Targetted and they broke there DNS Servers so every time you go on you would get a DNS Error so i had noted the IP Before when it was up . When you whois the website it was an unknown websites and after 6 Hours it came back online because they changed servers .

This is just to let you guys who are reading know that i am not in Anonymous because i am quiting it But its not like i dont like Anonymous!~ They are doing a good job and i hope ACTA will be dropped everyone in Anonymous who is helping should be proud of themself .

I really hate snitches . Adrian Lamo and Anonymous Sabu were really big snitches . Bradley Manning told Adrian Lamo about him leaking the files from the Military Database to Wikileaks and Adrian Lamo told them that Bradley Manning is leaking the files . Anonymous Sabu was providing Information to the F.B.I he was hoping that he will not end up in Jail becuase he is helping the F.B.I but he ended up in Jail anyways . I have talked to him on Skype one time but after this happend he has not logged in on his Skype .

In the Internet World you can not trust anyone because they can always backstab you . Your VPN can screw you over like Hidemyass VPN did to topiary . They Sent the logs to the F.B.I and from the lgos they fround Topiary . I think he knew thqat he was going to get arrested soon so they decided to close LulzSec because it went too far and they all tried to Lay down low but Topiary , Sabu and Ryan Cleary were arrested I dont think that Ryan was in LulzSec but i thuink that Sabu helped the F.B.I catch Topiary! .

One time i got Admin Access to admin panel . What me and my Brother did was we got a VPS and a PHP Bruteforcer and left it on all night on 2 Computers and after 5-6 Hours we found the password and then we had to decrypt it . So we were in and it was really good i was trying to shell it but there was no option of uploading or any other way to shell the website and i also recorded that we were inside the admin panel .

My brother was caught in the Phone Hacking Scandal because he helped his friend setup his gear and do the Phone Hacking they just asked him questions and gave him a warning he was scared like hell! and we encrypted all our drives so they dont take our box . We encrypted 3 TB of Drives and thats why my Brother does not have Twitter he is not older than me but he will make a new twitter soon .

Once i targetted Iran Websites for Operation Iran and Iran Cyber Army (ICA) thought that i got the Vulnerablities from a forum and no! it was a target in Operation Iran and people were requesting to hack that website so i hacked it! and then i hacked and rooted Iran's Best Cyber Shop and data was leaked and i defaced the website too .

You people should buy Wi-Fi Pineapple or make a similar thing like it because it is really awsome! i have it i will take some pictures too . What i do is i go to a Coffe Shop and i put on Wi-Fi Pineapple and name the WI-Fi to the Shop Name Wifi so people connect to the Wi-Fi .

I also hacked the Chinese Government Police Websites because they were supporting the Syrian Government and Syria was killing Citizens and i had exposed there vulnerablities and had exploited them . It was on the Chinese News Paper Website too .
One time i hacked a website which killed 150K Dogs in Ukraine for making the soccer Stadium neat and clean and then i targetted the Ukraine Stadium Website and then i hacked them too and put a nice message on there websites . A dox was released for the dog killers and they were burning the dogs . They Could have shifted the dogs somewhere burning and killing them is not! how its done motherfuckers .

I really Like botnets because they are fun and you can make the bots do anything you want i started with 25 bots and now i have around 3-4K Botnet and i also make a w0rm called "s3rver.exe" it spreaded well around the world and i had a lot of bots from that but then it was dedicted by Antiviruses after 1 Month but that w0rm was the best! i really loved it . I mainly used the botnet for DDOS not for stealing money .

My Brother is good at hardware hacking like Phone Phreaking and other cool stuff he can call free from Australian Phones and do a lot of tricks with phones and he will teach me hardware hacking and i will teach him software hacking so i am excited for that . My current Age is 13 years old . I wrote this on my holidays i use to write this at night time just for fun lol! :)