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The provocative role of Golden Dawn in WWIII

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nazis in 1930-1945 and todays neonazi Golden Dawn London+Greece, are a puppet - instrument of Dragonian China..hyperlodge HONG left hand path, and of subordinate Black Brotherhood of mongolian Tibet (Tamil Forces).
That is why Karl Haushoffer geopolitical brain of Nazism and teacher of Hitler, was initiated as a Golden Dawn Berlin mason - magician invocating draconian demonic 4D spirits and also initiated in Tamil Buddism in Tibet (ZEN) and ZEN of Japan. (Green Dragons)
That is why hebrew Lincoln Von Trebits who saved Hitler's life in 1920, Trebits was initiated as a mandarin in the highest Masonic Chinese overlodge HONG (See book: Nazism Secret Society)
That is why one security garrison of Berlin had Tibetan ZEN Monks as their members. They were executed as "enemy spies" by the Soviets in 1945. (See Green Dragon ZEN hyperlodge obedient to HONG)
Dragonian initiated Nazi mason Geopolitik Haushoffer and todays Golden Dawn Greece doctrine was and is: DRAG NACH OSTEN = Push to the East.
That is why Golden Dawn claims Constantinople as the next capital of the Greek NeoByzantine "Empire 666" order through NATO to entrap Greece into a new minor asia campaign push to the East-Anatolia (See historical repetition of minor asia destruction in 1922) now against the Shangai Pact and against China.
That is, China 888 is using Nazi Golden Dawn DRAG NACH OSTEN 666 as its provocative in collusion western instrument - push to the East, against China(!!!) in order for China to find the alibi to masively counterattack and devastate the West in Armageddon or WWIII 2012-2013.
See Doctrine of Tiger(West) and Dragon(China). Dragon waits and enorchestrates the provocation attack of Tiger. Then Dragon counterattacks and win.

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12 steps to accept all people the chip under the skin

Get Mind Smart / RED SKY

12 steps to accept all people the chip under the ski


We are the last generation to have a voice and free will and we can change the course of history. Today everyone connected everywhere - the 'smart phones' (smart phones) will become the tools of Smart World Order, abolishing cash, the keys, driving license, etc. The purpose is also to be used daily as the new identity' reliable 'online community.
Then the phone or the chip associated with the ID of the user of the phone, an object is very valuable to be lost and the only safe place now is under the skin ...
See the video of Master Card for the "revolution" of payment via mobile phones around the world! As shown in the video, all over the world have abolished money and people "happy and liberated" pay now, with cell phones, and even folk. "What's the next step?" He asks at the end, the narrator of the video. "Stay Connected why only now begun ...".

The thing goes like this: 
1. Create a climate of fear.  
2. Make them all to be online.  
3. Do so and every poor have more of a mobile phone.  
4. Ask everyone to talk about RFID and biometrics: the first stage for the acceptance of something is the expectation.  
5. Put chip in so many more things and people as you can (phones, pets, clothes, etc.) to indicate that something is "normal". 
6. Promote a system of global identity, but do it slowly.  
7. Forward implants for health and safety, so that everyone thinks that is a good thing.  
8. Make so that they can use their phone for everything, especially as a means of payment and proof of identity. 9. How do we know you're really? Biometric your items please!  
10. Cyber-attack! Revolution! Please, protect us!  
11. The economy collapses ... the cash money is gone and all payments are now digital.  
12. The phones are lost and stolen. Biometrics falsified. To carry around a cell phone is big trouble - and Verichips is simply the easiest solution ...  
But ... 'Psst!  
Time to rewind! »Time to rise up. Time to change our way of thinking. No need to work together. Awakened and determined, refuse to enroll in an identity provider, and refuse to pay for something by phone. The plan takes a strange turn: Be part of the movement were not expecting. We are warriors, we are writing history: By 2020, in an effort to be free, resisting epicheirimatokratia (corporatocracy) and win.

The deadly secret of the Vatican and the Holy Mountain .. A'-B '

The evidence we present is enough to reject both in letter and in spirit, the views column Artistic Views trying to "pass" some opponents of the ancient Greek spirit. The arguments of the papists and their sister, the Orthodox

is ryparotera, apaisiotera, and anithikotera egklimatikotera that have been used until now.
For 2000 years Christians reviled column Artistic Views Alexander the Greek rulers Philip. With the consent of some modern Gentiles, they are given the opportunity to present him as a butcher peoples.

Namely, there are today a National "dodekatheists" who claim that since Philip II defeated the Athenians at Chaeronea, lost and Greek culture. But remember that the Greek culture spread and the great contribution of his son Philip II, Alexander the Great, across the universe ...!

This unfavorable propaganda began in 1960, when some salaried-from-Brooklyn dodekatheists here in Greece helped the aspiring draft of papal and orthodox.

As we know from history, the Roman pseftostoikos philosopher Seneca was a bad imitator of Greek philosophy and a close friend of Saul and Saul, who later became Paul, while Areianistes CHRISTIANS, like the Orthodox, he was named "The Apostle "...

Seneca spoke good Greek and used the phrases and meanings of the Attic dialect, adding nuggets of Stoic philosophy. The Latin he knew about the Eleusinian Mysteries, where the cadets initiates wore animal skins. Beyond this, he studied the parsismo because they wore in their rituals skins. It is understood that the parsistes priests, "who imitated the Greeks at Eleusis" wore the skins of animals to get their power.

The imitator of the Greeks Seneca wrote:

"Clothe the spirit of a great man."
And Saul-Saul-Paul copied:

"Endysasthe the Lord Jesus Christ." Romans 13.4.
The Seneca was "where the wind was blowing," because while he was a friend and advisor to the emperor Nero, though he took part in the assassination. Apart from this, the Seneca had ignorance about the history of Macedonia, as well as the struggles of Isocrates to unite all Greeks.

That Seneca had no knowledge of the history of Macedonia and in particular for the benefaction of Alexander throughout world, mentions himself pseftofilosofos, which is evidenced by a letter to Paul:

"The Seneca to Paul. Rejoice. To greet my dear friend Paul. Trust me .... until it is time for happiness and put a stop to all these people suffer from strong ..... Take the example of the Ancients, who both suffered from Macedon the son of Philip ... "

From his correspondence with Paul Seneca, Lipsius: Acta Apostolum Apocrypha, Volume I.
Paul had himself ignorant of the glorious history of Philip and Alexander the Great, apparently had not "touched" yet .... HOLY SPIRIT ...!
He even ignorant about the struggles for the freedom of Greece of Philip V, and for the sacrifice of Perseus, the last king of Macedonia.

If Saul-Paul had basic knowledge about the glorious history of Macedonia, then it is certain that they will complain, even loosely. But that does not protested and disagreed with his friend Seneca means it was a diplomat and politicians, while the inspiration had gone walking in Tarsus.

The deadly secret 'burns' the Vatican and the Orthodox Church, is located in the manuscripts of the Dead Sea.
Specifically, in 1947 found the manuscripts of the people of Qumran the Dead Sea.'s Scrolls at Qumran have life 2000 years. Specified in law Master Warrior who will return one day to life and will punish the wicked "Marios Verettas: The manuscripts of the Dead Sea."

But ..........!!!!!!

After 1947 revealed the Qumran scrolls or manuscripts of the Dead Sea, some manuscripts disappeared mysteriously. Because every problem has its solution will penetrate the inner sanctum of the Vatican or the Holy .... Mafia, as called by the French writer Sarlie Jean, who wrote the book, VATICAN CITY, St MAFIA.

Supervisor there is Gkarofano Giuseppe, who overturned the controversial pieces. The Vatican has this hobby to disappear, be-pays and buys it can demolish the structure-called Christianity. Whatever we may arouse suspicion in the general public, as it did with French writer - Researchers Robert Ampelen *** * for another case.

Purchased from the Vatican manuscripts wrote that the righteous man or teacher-righteous Warrior was Alexander Philip!
Some have expressed the opinion that the manuscripts meant Jesus, but Galileo did not live at the time in question.

However, in Europe there are thousands of university professors, who happens to be Hellenists. Some, therefore, of those who took the deciphering of manuscripts, took some copies and once they got four canonical manuscripts of Qumran, decided to come in GREECE.

It was a first class opportunity to disclose the fact that the manuscripts of the Dead Sea praises of Alexander the Great, while given the opportunity to become known that the APOSTLE PAUL was ignorant about the history of Macedonia.
On July 24, 1971, started for Greece the Hellenists European teachers to inform the content of the manuscripts, the Greek ferry "ELEANNA" but it was not meant to arrive alive, because the Vatican, Orthodox officials PRIESTS, the Monks of Mount Athos and Tito had spread to orthodox circles that Europeans came to Greece with the ultimate aim to discredit the Orthodox Church and to make young to turn its attention to other, more fundamental issues. They feared that they would lose the flock, the animals stavlisei, and would lose billions in 2000 to gather thousands of years ....

The dirty trick worked. The PAPADES convince the gullible that come to Greece the forerunners of the Antichrist ...
That's it! The "Eleanna" caught fire. But let's see what the European newspapers wrote:

"For several days, the Orthodox priests and monks of Mount Athos say that you should not bring the Europeans in Greece because it will lead youth astray. And indeed they were not allowed to come. Because the ferry "Eleanna 'caught fire while Lifeguard boats do not budge from their homeland. The captain and officers showed an inexplicable indifference, and fled secretly with one boat, while tourists found pitiful death ..... »Le Mond, 25 Ιουλίου 1971 ..

Note: **** Robert Ampelen: wrote three books.
1) Jesus or the Deadly Secret of the Templar
2) Calvary and heavy Secrets
3) The three Pope and The Sons of David
but the Vatican has paid for two books by Robert Ampelen with an estate of many acres and a multi-room tower, eki in Belgium, as well as several million dollars.
These two books never saw the light of day ...

Continued ....

Provencal du Dimanche: 25/7/1971

"Europeans came to Philhellenes proskinisoun the Greek Earth and especially Macedonia. But suddenly the ship "Eleanna" that transported them, caught fire. Follow pandemonium. Tourists were burned alive, like young children, because it wanted the priests of Orthodoxy. The captain with the officers disappeared with one boat, while the other life boats remained unused ..... The Greek monks are now satisfied. "
There is nothing in them of officials of Christian doctrines to be true, free and legal.
Within their hearts are rotten very bad instincts. All thoughts Catholic and Orthodox are a deliberate fraud. They taught him the Jewish religion of the Jew Jesus, they do ....
For two thousand years, GREECE betrayed them countless times. Exchanged, ravaged, excavated foundations, mortgaged, but unfortunately for them, GREECE is 'doomed' to redo the lighthouse of the world ...!
So here was though. From now on, life will be like a dream, which would look nice, but once you wake up, what they will face will be unbearably vivid and real.
  • (This confusion exists among powerful. Afraid another, fear and humanity, humanity fears the above ..! America fears the Vatican, the Vatican fears the Americas, and Europe fears, Europe fears America. These three they fear each other, fear and humanity, humanity fears and three. A vicious cycle ....
  • The Amerikanosionistis not know the future plans of the faithful Russian military, the Pope does not know what he thinks, Russian, Russian knows the thoughts of Amerikanosionisti, history does not know if it will remain unchanged. The four they fear each other, afraid of the future and Greece, Greece's future, but is not afraid of anyone .....!) ...
So when Seneca and his friend Paul unaware that Alexander the Great respected all religions and all nations, felt and came to the conclusion that Alexander was the tormentor of Greece and the rest of the world population. So we come to the first decades of the 20th century, where Tito Mark Vafiades said:
"Since the Orthodox Church of Greece not pulled everything Miles said Seneca and St. Paul, then those surplus to the south of Serbia will call them Macedonians and will present them as descendants TOT Alexander" ...!! Giaitse, December 1943.
In general, all "anemomazomata" of southern Yugoslavia e'ichan no national consciousness, especially those who lived in Skopje. So, we had to find a nation to adopt them.
That is why Tito gave them one nation, Macedonia, while in reality Macedonia Bulgarian, Macedonian-Serbian, Macedonian-Croatian and Macedonian-Albanians never existed. Thus, in December 1943, Tito proclaimed the "Republic of Macedonia" in Conference Giaitse.
But could the officials of Orthodoxy to prevent the late 1960's to early 1970's. But how did such a reversal, the time it weighs a heinous crime with "Eleanna"?

That was the role of ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN RELIGION-IOUDAIKIS-to eliminate the Greeks from the Aegean GENUS .....

Purposely ignore the modern critics of Alexander that all countries that found in other peoples having suffered badly. ' As for 2000 years, suffer from the Greeks IOYDAIOChRISTIANISMO.

The Romans for example, when felt was boredom, to spend their time. But those who make it, eventually lose themselves. The same happened with Tzegkins Khan, Napoleon, KEMAL ATTAOYRK and Hitler.

With Alexander, but none of the people I marched in the Avenue of despair, nor in the path of deprivation, but even at the gate of the suspense. On the contrary, they lived much better than lived. None of the people of the East does not accept malicious criticism for the Greek Commander, except one, of Jews ....!

Αγνοούν σκοπίμως οι σύγχρονοι επικριτές του Μεγάλου Αλεξάνδρου ότι όλες οι χώρες που βρέθηκαν υπό την κατοχή άλλων λαών υπέφεραν τα πάνδεινα. 'Όπως εδώ και 2000 έτη, υποφέρουν οι Έλληνες από τον ΙΟΥΔΑΙΟΧΡΙΣΤΙΑΝΙΣΜΟ..

Οι Ρωμαίοι για παράδειγμα, όταν ένιωθαν ανία, ΈΣΦΑΖΑΝ για να περάσουν την ώρα τους. Αλλά όσοι το κάνουν αυτό, χάνουν τελικά τον εαυτό τους. Το ίδιο έγινε και με το Τζέγκινς Χαν, τον Ναπολέοντα , τον ΚΕΜΑΛ ΑΤΤΑΟΥΡΚ και τον ΧΙΤΛΕΡ.

Με τον Αλέξανδρο, όμως κανένας λαός δεν βάδισε στη λεωφόρο της απόγνωσης, ούτε στην ατραπό της στέρησης, μα ούτε στην πύλη της αγωνίας. Αντιθέτως, έζησαν πολύ καλύτερα απ' ότι ζούσαν. Κανένας λαός της Ανατολής δεν δέχεται κακόπιστη κριτική για τον Έλληνα στρατηλάτη, εκτός από έναν, του Ιουδαίους….!

NAMES OF 153 Sold Tomar and traitors. To hold for the folk COURT OF THE FUTURE ... # GREECE #LEGION #AWAKEN

NAMES OF 153 Sold Tomar and traitors. To hold for the folk COURT OF THE FUTURE ...

Original in Greek....



Theodora Bakoyannis Constantine (Dora) NAI
Charalambos Athanassiou Hristov NAI
Lazaridis Alexander Chrysanthos NAI
Michelakis NAI John Spyridon
John Kefalogianni Olga YES
Dimitrios Avramopoulos Lambrou YES
Nikitas Kaklamanis Michael YES
Fotini Pipili Andrea YES
Kikilias Panagiotis Basil YES
Mitarakis Antoniou Panagiotis (Notis) YES
Prokopios Pavlopoulos Kingdom YES
Psycharis Andreas Stavrou YES
Constantine Mitsotakis Kyriakos YES
John Constantine Hatzidakis (Kostis) YES
Vooltepsis John Wisdom YES
Argyris Dinopoulos Kingdom YES
John Miltiadis Varvitsiotis YES
Athanassios Spyridon Georgiadis - Adonis YES
Meimarakis gospel - Basil YES
Spiliotopoulos Eleftheriou Aristobulus (Mars) YES
Giakoumatos Charalambous Gerasimos YES
George Byron Polydoras YES
Karamanlis Arkadi Anna YES
Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos Panagiotis (Panos) YES
Papakostas - Sidiropoulou Angel Catherine YES
Nicholas Andreas Loverdos YES
Chrysochoidis Kingdom Michael YES
Gregory Androulakis Dimitris (Mimis) YES
Christos Kaklamanis Apostolos YES
George Marios Salmas YES
Karagounis Andrew Constantine YES
Christos Moraitis Athanasios (Thanos) YES
John Sotiriou Andrianos YES
Ioannis Anastasiou Maniatis YES
Lykourentzos Theophanes Andreas YES
Konstantinopoulos Odysseas Constantine YES
Stylios George Demosthenes YES
Gokas Napoleon Chris YES
Voridis Chris Mavroudis (Makis) YES
Martin Athanasiou Georgia YES
George Theodore Vlachos YES
Christophilopoulou wife. Paraskevas (Evi) YES
Ntavlouros Pericles Athanasios
Andrew George Papandreou YES
Basiakos Evangelos Athanassiou YES
Karambelas Ioannis Dimitriou YES
Koutsoubas Kingdom Andreas YES
Kopsacheili Athanasius Timoleon YES
Kyriazidi Dimitrios Triantafyllou YES
Chris Evangelou Aidonis YES
Ypsilanti Basil Anastassiou - Nicholas YES
Nikias console Emmanuel YES
Demetrius Thomas Kremastinos YES
erontopoulos Kyriakos Christodoulou YES
Dermentzopoulos Chris Alexander YES
Ntolios George Paschalis YES
Kedikoglou Kingdom Symeon (Simos) YES
Kedikoglou Angel Simeon YES
Konstantinos Athanasiou Kontogeorgos YES
George Constantine Tzavaras YES
Avgerinopoulou Zisimos Dionysia - Theodora YES
Demetrios George Kontogiannis YES
Spyridon Andreas Marinos YES
Tsavdaridis George Lazarus YES
St. Photios Vesyropoulos YES
Georgia cops station Nicholas YES
Kefaloyiannis Constantine Emmanuel YES
Avgenakis Constantine Eleftherios YES
Senetakis George Maximus YES
Basil Alexander Kegkeroglou YES
Bezas Emmanuel Anthony YES
Alexander Constantine Karamanlis YES
Gioulekas Peter Constantine YES
Stavros Kalafatis Athanasius YES
Dimitrios Raptis Helen YES
Ioannis Ioannidis Dimitrios YES
Dimitrios Orfanos Georgios YES
Evangelos Venizelos Kingdom YES
Karaoglou George Theodore YES
John Anastasiadis Savvas YES
Tasoulas Anastasios Konstantinos YES
Kalogiannis free cross YES
Panagiotis Asimakopoulos Anne-Michelle YES
Ioannis Panagiotopoulos Nikolaos YES
Constantine George Kalantzis YES
John Adam Paschalides YES
Constantinos Christou Kleitsiotis YES
Constantine Alexander Tsiaras YES
Shkodra Constantine Asimina YES
Taliadouros Athanassios Spyridon YES
Sioufas Kingdom Paul YES
Maria Antoniou Kingdom YES
Dendias Spyridon Nicholas - George YES
Georgantas Paul George YES
George Michael Papadopoulos YES
Koukoulopoulos Paraskevas (Paris) YES
Tagaras Nicholas Christou YES
Christos Dimas Stavros YES
Brigadier Constantine Kollias YES
YES John Vroutsis Kingdom
Panagiotis Rigas Theophanes YES
Davakis Panagiotis Athanasios YES
Patrianakou Peter Fevronia YES
Leonidas Georgiou Grigorakos YES
Charakopoulos Pantelis Maximus YES
Kelli YES Chris Achilles
Sachinidis Philip Demetriou YES
John Joseph Plakiotakis YES
Paul George Vogiatzis YES
Sifounakis Ulysses Nicholas YES
Theodoros Soldatos Fotiou YES
Athanasios Nakos Stavrou YES
Constantine Samaras Anthony YES
Demetriou John Lambropoulos YES
Dimitris Athanasiou Sampaziotis YES
Petrakos Constantine Athanasius NO
Alexandros Kontos Efstratiou YES
Saltouros Panagiotis Dimitrios YES
Arvanitopoulos Panayiotis Constantine YES
Katsafados John Constantine YES
Panagiotis Ioannis Tragakis YES
Nerantzis Demetriou Anastasios YES
George Athanasiou Karasmanis YES
Stamenitis Evangelou Dennis YES
Tzamtzis Simon Jordan (Danis) YES
Tzakri Emmanuel Theodora YES
Koukodimos George Constantine YES
George Constantopoulos Leonidas YES
Christoyiannis Demetrios Dennis YES
Mani-Papadimitriou Evangelou Anna YES
Tsoumanis Achilles Dimitrios YES
John Kefaloyiannis Achilles YES
Euripides Stylianidis Stylianou YES
Hajji Ahmed Osman Raif YES
Chris Vlachveis Menelaus YES
Athanassios Arabatzis Luminous YES
Leontaridis Chris Theophilus YES
Vlachogiannis George Elias YES
Skrekas Theodore Constantine YES
Michael Constantine Tamilos YES
Christos Constantinou Staikouras YES
Koutsogiannakopoulos John Constantine YES
Makris, Evangelos Theodorou Helen YES
George Constantinides Eustatius YES
Mandreka Panagiotis Aspasia YES
Karanasios Kingdom Timmy YES
John Constantine Drivelegkas YES
Chris Emmanuel Markogiannakis YES
Voloudakis George Manousos - Constantine YES
Epaminondas Virvidakis Kyriakos YES
Constantinos Demetriou Mousouroulis YES
Triantafyllos Demosthenes Constantine YES
  No third memorandum will not be implemented in practice with 15 3 votes one trikommatikis government hides and collaborators which today does not make either 10% overall rate .... I would not dare these animals were to emerge from the burrow by tomorrow. The next poll will be found with the euro and Europe in the ass. Finished and will soon pay for his betrayal.

"Yes to all" by the House Hellenized tourist grabbing 8 grand a month to kaaaathetai and vote against the people who once made ​​him a god because of the crap that beats this one people ... real Greek would never have voted for the extermination of the Greek people. There are 153 Greeks these hides. It only hides.


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George Carlin: The Illusion Of Choice  


Derek Laud: Outed, Notorious Predatory Paedophile & Good Friend Of The Camerons #OpPedoChat #EXPOSE #ALL

Derek Laud: Outed, Notorious Predatory Paedophile & Good Friend Of The Camerons

Derek Laud allegedly caused an accident while driving on the wrong side of the road in East Hampton in 1996. Laud a London lobbyist and fund-raiser for Prime Minister John Major was charged with driving while intoxicated, failure to keep right and driving without a license. Ex-Thatcher Aide Sued – New York Daily News


Derek Laud (born in Chelsea in London) is a former British political adviser…

(Derek Laud – Wikipedia..)

Laud is a long standing family friend of Samantha Cameron’s family and a personal friend of David Cameron and attended their wedding at Ginge, in Oxfordshire.

The list of Tory friends with whom he is known to go on holiday and socialise with includes Lord McAlpine, Peter Lilley and Michael Portillo.

In 2001, he provided an alibi[1] for his friends Neil and Christine Hamilton when they were accused by Nadine Milroy-Sloan of sexual assault.[2]
Derek Laud, who is gay, became the first and only black master of foxhounds when he took that role with New Forest Foxhounds in 1999. (New Forest, MI6)

Derek is an acquaintance of Camilla Parker Bowles.

Derek with Anne (left) and Cicely Meehan, the spinster sisters who gave Derek a home.

“He’s a friend of royalty, advises Ministers and was the most cultured contestant on Big Brother – but those are the least surprising things about Derek Laud.

“With a feckless father and a mother who had little time for him, Derek seemed certain to be a failure – until two quintessentially English sisters took in the lost little boy and transformed his life…”–saved-life-Big-Brothers-Derek-Laud.html#ixzz2AKwrRUMM

Derek Laud’s parents, Lyn and Samuel Laud, came to England from Jamaica in the late 1950s.

Derek’s mother Lyn, from whom he was estranged for more than 20 years

Derek’s mother was a nurse.

Derek’s father left home when Derek was still very young.

Anne and Cicely Meehan became Derek’s minders.
Anne was the deputy headmistress of Falconbrook House School in Clapham which Derek attended as a child.

Derek began to visit the Meehan sisters.

When Derek was eight, Anne became headmistress of a school in Brixton, but Derek’s friendship with her continued.

Carol Myers, who may have been brainwashed at the Tavistock clinic, and who claimed that a UK government minister raped her with a claw hammer in Conservative Central Office. (The mystery of Carole Myers)

Cicely Meehan was a child psychologist.

The Meehan sisters helped to look after two godchildren, Charles and Dorothy, black children with family problems.The Meehan sister’s mother was a fan of Margaret Thatcher.

One Saturday, Anne drove Dorothy and Derek to the house of ‘a very grand lady called Mrs Maybe, who bore a striking resemblance to Mrs Thatcher’.

Cicely Meehan, the child psychologist, began to exert more of an influence on Derek’s life.

Derek on the Big Brother programme – allegedly linked to brainwashing by the spooks.

Derek’s mother began travelling to Jamaica.

Derek spent more time with Anne and Cicely in Clapham.Derek says that he realised he was ‘homosexual’ from about the age of eight.
He would always rather play with the girls.
Derek left his mother’s house and went to live with the Meehan sisters.

Derek went on to have a successful career in finance.
Read more:–saved-life-Big-Brothers-Derek-Laud.html#ixzz2AKxviKCe


“Scallywag magazine alleged that Laud was a sadist, who was particularly violent and without mercy in his treatment of boys.

“The magazine alleged that on regular occasions his victims would end up in casualty wards.

“He was a leading political fixer and adviser to Margaret Thatcher”

Possible elite British paedophile ring

“Michael Colvin died at a fire in his magnificent Hampshire home. He had been speaking to Derek Laud days, if not hours, previously.” Website for this image

“Derek Laud… ran a Pimlico PR agency called Ludgate Communications for a number of years which supplied young boys for selected parliamentarians from children’s homes now being investigated in North Wales.

“He sometimes did this in cahoots with Ian Greer Associates which has since been scandalised because of the Neil Hamilton Affair and payment for questions on behalf of Al Fayed.“Ludgate Communications was at the very hub of our investigation into the ‘boys for questions’ allegations.

“At his Pimlico flat, and selected addresses in Dolphin Square nearby, Laud threw paedophile parties and we have one sworn affidavit from a former boy (presently giving evidence in Wales) who claims he was seriously molested (among many others) by Lord M…. who was at the time the Tory party’s …..

“It was alleged by this boy and others that Messrs Portillo and Lilley were also guests of Derek Laud….”

Also see:


New nightmare: Ready experiments spraying the atmosphere #Chemmies #GEO-ENGiNEERING

New nightmare: Ready experiments spraying the atmosphere

Experiment with thousands of tons of sulfur particles are prepared to make in New Mexico as part of a study geoengineering.

"The David Keith, one of the researchers, said the solar geoengineering may be a low cost solution for reducing the rate of growth of global warming, but scientists warn that hetero This action can have unexpected and disastrous consequences for weather systems and food supplies of the earth, "according to a report in the Guardian.

"This experiment, which will be held in collaboration with James Anderson in America will start in about a year and will include the release of tens or hundreds of kilos of sulfur particles into the atmosphere to measure the effect on the chemical composition of ozone. Since it is impossible to simulate the complexity of the stratosphere in the lab, Keith says that this experiment will provide an opportunity to improve models of the ozone layer and how it can be manipulated through an extensive spraying sulfur. "

The effects of bombarding the atmosphere with sulfur dioxide health raises very important questions and objections about whether such programs should proceed.

Here are the major health effects from exposure to sulfur:
- Neurological effects and behavioral changes
- Disruption of blood circulation
- Damage to the heart
- Effects on eyes and eyesight
- Failure player
- Damage to immune systems - Stomach and gastrointestinal disorder
- Damage to liver and kidney functions
- Hearing impaired
- Metabolism of hormones
- Dermatological effects
- Suffocation and lung embolism

H Bank for International Settlements (BIS). The "nest Beast» Video #BEAST #BIS #EU

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H Bank for International Settlements (BIS). The "nest Beast» Video

Photo of the extraordinary meeting of the ECOFIN Council on 02.05.2012 at

Brussels where it was decided that the Bank for International Settlements will be the "heart" of the European financial market through start / program implementation "Basel III" to / from 01.01.2013.