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The deadly secret of the Vatican and the Holy Mountain .. A'-B '

The evidence we present is enough to reject both in letter and in spirit, the views column Artistic Views trying to "pass" some opponents of the ancient Greek spirit. The arguments of the papists and their sister, the Orthodox

is ryparotera, apaisiotera, and anithikotera egklimatikotera that have been used until now.
For 2000 years Christians reviled column Artistic Views Alexander the Greek rulers Philip. With the consent of some modern Gentiles, they are given the opportunity to present him as a butcher peoples.

Namely, there are today a National "dodekatheists" who claim that since Philip II defeated the Athenians at Chaeronea, lost and Greek culture. But remember that the Greek culture spread and the great contribution of his son Philip II, Alexander the Great, across the universe ...!

This unfavorable propaganda began in 1960, when some salaried-from-Brooklyn dodekatheists here in Greece helped the aspiring draft of papal and orthodox.

As we know from history, the Roman pseftostoikos philosopher Seneca was a bad imitator of Greek philosophy and a close friend of Saul and Saul, who later became Paul, while Areianistes CHRISTIANS, like the Orthodox, he was named "The Apostle "...

Seneca spoke good Greek and used the phrases and meanings of the Attic dialect, adding nuggets of Stoic philosophy. The Latin he knew about the Eleusinian Mysteries, where the cadets initiates wore animal skins. Beyond this, he studied the parsismo because they wore in their rituals skins. It is understood that the parsistes priests, "who imitated the Greeks at Eleusis" wore the skins of animals to get their power.

The imitator of the Greeks Seneca wrote:

"Clothe the spirit of a great man."
And Saul-Saul-Paul copied:

"Endysasthe the Lord Jesus Christ." Romans 13.4.
The Seneca was "where the wind was blowing," because while he was a friend and advisor to the emperor Nero, though he took part in the assassination. Apart from this, the Seneca had ignorance about the history of Macedonia, as well as the struggles of Isocrates to unite all Greeks.

That Seneca had no knowledge of the history of Macedonia and in particular for the benefaction of Alexander throughout world, mentions himself pseftofilosofos, which is evidenced by a letter to Paul:

"The Seneca to Paul. Rejoice. To greet my dear friend Paul. Trust me .... until it is time for happiness and put a stop to all these people suffer from strong ..... Take the example of the Ancients, who both suffered from Macedon the son of Philip ... "

From his correspondence with Paul Seneca, Lipsius: Acta Apostolum Apocrypha, Volume I.
Paul had himself ignorant of the glorious history of Philip and Alexander the Great, apparently had not "touched" yet .... HOLY SPIRIT ...!
He even ignorant about the struggles for the freedom of Greece of Philip V, and for the sacrifice of Perseus, the last king of Macedonia.

If Saul-Paul had basic knowledge about the glorious history of Macedonia, then it is certain that they will complain, even loosely. But that does not protested and disagreed with his friend Seneca means it was a diplomat and politicians, while the inspiration had gone walking in Tarsus.

The deadly secret 'burns' the Vatican and the Orthodox Church, is located in the manuscripts of the Dead Sea.
Specifically, in 1947 found the manuscripts of the people of Qumran the Dead Sea.'s Scrolls at Qumran have life 2000 years. Specified in law Master Warrior who will return one day to life and will punish the wicked "Marios Verettas: The manuscripts of the Dead Sea."

But ..........!!!!!!

After 1947 revealed the Qumran scrolls or manuscripts of the Dead Sea, some manuscripts disappeared mysteriously. Because every problem has its solution will penetrate the inner sanctum of the Vatican or the Holy .... Mafia, as called by the French writer Sarlie Jean, who wrote the book, VATICAN CITY, St MAFIA.

Supervisor there is Gkarofano Giuseppe, who overturned the controversial pieces. The Vatican has this hobby to disappear, be-pays and buys it can demolish the structure-called Christianity. Whatever we may arouse suspicion in the general public, as it did with French writer - Researchers Robert Ampelen *** * for another case.

Purchased from the Vatican manuscripts wrote that the righteous man or teacher-righteous Warrior was Alexander Philip!
Some have expressed the opinion that the manuscripts meant Jesus, but Galileo did not live at the time in question.

However, in Europe there are thousands of university professors, who happens to be Hellenists. Some, therefore, of those who took the deciphering of manuscripts, took some copies and once they got four canonical manuscripts of Qumran, decided to come in GREECE.

It was a first class opportunity to disclose the fact that the manuscripts of the Dead Sea praises of Alexander the Great, while given the opportunity to become known that the APOSTLE PAUL was ignorant about the history of Macedonia.
On July 24, 1971, started for Greece the Hellenists European teachers to inform the content of the manuscripts, the Greek ferry "ELEANNA" but it was not meant to arrive alive, because the Vatican, Orthodox officials PRIESTS, the Monks of Mount Athos and Tito had spread to orthodox circles that Europeans came to Greece with the ultimate aim to discredit the Orthodox Church and to make young to turn its attention to other, more fundamental issues. They feared that they would lose the flock, the animals stavlisei, and would lose billions in 2000 to gather thousands of years ....

The dirty trick worked. The PAPADES convince the gullible that come to Greece the forerunners of the Antichrist ...
That's it! The "Eleanna" caught fire. But let's see what the European newspapers wrote:

"For several days, the Orthodox priests and monks of Mount Athos say that you should not bring the Europeans in Greece because it will lead youth astray. And indeed they were not allowed to come. Because the ferry "Eleanna 'caught fire while Lifeguard boats do not budge from their homeland. The captain and officers showed an inexplicable indifference, and fled secretly with one boat, while tourists found pitiful death ..... »Le Mond, 25 Ιουλίου 1971 ..

Note: **** Robert Ampelen: wrote three books.
1) Jesus or the Deadly Secret of the Templar
2) Calvary and heavy Secrets
3) The three Pope and The Sons of David
but the Vatican has paid for two books by Robert Ampelen with an estate of many acres and a multi-room tower, eki in Belgium, as well as several million dollars.
These two books never saw the light of day ...

Continued ....

Provencal du Dimanche: 25/7/1971

"Europeans came to Philhellenes proskinisoun the Greek Earth and especially Macedonia. But suddenly the ship "Eleanna" that transported them, caught fire. Follow pandemonium. Tourists were burned alive, like young children, because it wanted the priests of Orthodoxy. The captain with the officers disappeared with one boat, while the other life boats remained unused ..... The Greek monks are now satisfied. "
There is nothing in them of officials of Christian doctrines to be true, free and legal.
Within their hearts are rotten very bad instincts. All thoughts Catholic and Orthodox are a deliberate fraud. They taught him the Jewish religion of the Jew Jesus, they do ....
For two thousand years, GREECE betrayed them countless times. Exchanged, ravaged, excavated foundations, mortgaged, but unfortunately for them, GREECE is 'doomed' to redo the lighthouse of the world ...!
So here was though. From now on, life will be like a dream, which would look nice, but once you wake up, what they will face will be unbearably vivid and real.
  • (This confusion exists among powerful. Afraid another, fear and humanity, humanity fears the above ..! America fears the Vatican, the Vatican fears the Americas, and Europe fears, Europe fears America. These three they fear each other, fear and humanity, humanity fears and three. A vicious cycle ....
  • The Amerikanosionistis not know the future plans of the faithful Russian military, the Pope does not know what he thinks, Russian, Russian knows the thoughts of Amerikanosionisti, history does not know if it will remain unchanged. The four they fear each other, afraid of the future and Greece, Greece's future, but is not afraid of anyone .....!) ...
So when Seneca and his friend Paul unaware that Alexander the Great respected all religions and all nations, felt and came to the conclusion that Alexander was the tormentor of Greece and the rest of the world population. So we come to the first decades of the 20th century, where Tito Mark Vafiades said:
"Since the Orthodox Church of Greece not pulled everything Miles said Seneca and St. Paul, then those surplus to the south of Serbia will call them Macedonians and will present them as descendants TOT Alexander" ...!! Giaitse, December 1943.
In general, all "anemomazomata" of southern Yugoslavia e'ichan no national consciousness, especially those who lived in Skopje. So, we had to find a nation to adopt them.
That is why Tito gave them one nation, Macedonia, while in reality Macedonia Bulgarian, Macedonian-Serbian, Macedonian-Croatian and Macedonian-Albanians never existed. Thus, in December 1943, Tito proclaimed the "Republic of Macedonia" in Conference Giaitse.
But could the officials of Orthodoxy to prevent the late 1960's to early 1970's. But how did such a reversal, the time it weighs a heinous crime with "Eleanna"?

That was the role of ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN RELIGION-IOUDAIKIS-to eliminate the Greeks from the Aegean GENUS .....

Purposely ignore the modern critics of Alexander that all countries that found in other peoples having suffered badly. ' As for 2000 years, suffer from the Greeks IOYDAIOChRISTIANISMO.

The Romans for example, when felt was boredom, to spend their time. But those who make it, eventually lose themselves. The same happened with Tzegkins Khan, Napoleon, KEMAL ATTAOYRK and Hitler.

With Alexander, but none of the people I marched in the Avenue of despair, nor in the path of deprivation, but even at the gate of the suspense. On the contrary, they lived much better than lived. None of the people of the East does not accept malicious criticism for the Greek Commander, except one, of Jews ....!

Αγνοούν σκοπίμως οι σύγχρονοι επικριτές του Μεγάλου Αλεξάνδρου ότι όλες οι χώρες που βρέθηκαν υπό την κατοχή άλλων λαών υπέφεραν τα πάνδεινα. 'Όπως εδώ και 2000 έτη, υποφέρουν οι Έλληνες από τον ΙΟΥΔΑΙΟΧΡΙΣΤΙΑΝΙΣΜΟ..

Οι Ρωμαίοι για παράδειγμα, όταν ένιωθαν ανία, ΈΣΦΑΖΑΝ για να περάσουν την ώρα τους. Αλλά όσοι το κάνουν αυτό, χάνουν τελικά τον εαυτό τους. Το ίδιο έγινε και με το Τζέγκινς Χαν, τον Ναπολέοντα , τον ΚΕΜΑΛ ΑΤΤΑΟΥΡΚ και τον ΧΙΤΛΕΡ.

Με τον Αλέξανδρο, όμως κανένας λαός δεν βάδισε στη λεωφόρο της απόγνωσης, ούτε στην ατραπό της στέρησης, μα ούτε στην πύλη της αγωνίας. Αντιθέτως, έζησαν πολύ καλύτερα απ' ότι ζούσαν. Κανένας λαός της Ανατολής δεν δέχεται κακόπιστη κριτική για τον Έλληνα στρατηλάτη, εκτός από έναν, του Ιουδαίους….!

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