Friday, November 9, 2012

12 steps to accept all people the chip under the skin

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12 steps to accept all people the chip under the ski


We are the last generation to have a voice and free will and we can change the course of history. Today everyone connected everywhere - the 'smart phones' (smart phones) will become the tools of Smart World Order, abolishing cash, the keys, driving license, etc. The purpose is also to be used daily as the new identity' reliable 'online community.
Then the phone or the chip associated with the ID of the user of the phone, an object is very valuable to be lost and the only safe place now is under the skin ...
See the video of Master Card for the "revolution" of payment via mobile phones around the world! As shown in the video, all over the world have abolished money and people "happy and liberated" pay now, with cell phones, and even folk. "What's the next step?" He asks at the end, the narrator of the video. "Stay Connected why only now begun ...".

The thing goes like this: 
1. Create a climate of fear.  
2. Make them all to be online.  
3. Do so and every poor have more of a mobile phone.  
4. Ask everyone to talk about RFID and biometrics: the first stage for the acceptance of something is the expectation.  
5. Put chip in so many more things and people as you can (phones, pets, clothes, etc.) to indicate that something is "normal". 
6. Promote a system of global identity, but do it slowly.  
7. Forward implants for health and safety, so that everyone thinks that is a good thing.  
8. Make so that they can use their phone for everything, especially as a means of payment and proof of identity. 9. How do we know you're really? Biometric your items please!  
10. Cyber-attack! Revolution! Please, protect us!  
11. The economy collapses ... the cash money is gone and all payments are now digital.  
12. The phones are lost and stolen. Biometrics falsified. To carry around a cell phone is big trouble - and Verichips is simply the easiest solution ...  
But ... 'Psst!  
Time to rewind! »Time to rise up. Time to change our way of thinking. No need to work together. Awakened and determined, refuse to enroll in an identity provider, and refuse to pay for something by phone. The plan takes a strange turn: Be part of the movement were not expecting. We are warriors, we are writing history: By 2020, in an effort to be free, resisting epicheirimatokratia (corporatocracy) and win.

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