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NAMES OF 153 Sold Tomar and traitors. To hold for the folk COURT OF THE FUTURE ... # GREECE #LEGION #AWAKEN

NAMES OF 153 Sold Tomar and traitors. To hold for the folk COURT OF THE FUTURE ...

Original in Greek....



Theodora Bakoyannis Constantine (Dora) NAI
Charalambos Athanassiou Hristov NAI
Lazaridis Alexander Chrysanthos NAI
Michelakis NAI John Spyridon
John Kefalogianni Olga YES
Dimitrios Avramopoulos Lambrou YES
Nikitas Kaklamanis Michael YES
Fotini Pipili Andrea YES
Kikilias Panagiotis Basil YES
Mitarakis Antoniou Panagiotis (Notis) YES
Prokopios Pavlopoulos Kingdom YES
Psycharis Andreas Stavrou YES
Constantine Mitsotakis Kyriakos YES
John Constantine Hatzidakis (Kostis) YES
Vooltepsis John Wisdom YES
Argyris Dinopoulos Kingdom YES
John Miltiadis Varvitsiotis YES
Athanassios Spyridon Georgiadis - Adonis YES
Meimarakis gospel - Basil YES
Spiliotopoulos Eleftheriou Aristobulus (Mars) YES
Giakoumatos Charalambous Gerasimos YES
George Byron Polydoras YES
Karamanlis Arkadi Anna YES
Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos Panagiotis (Panos) YES
Papakostas - Sidiropoulou Angel Catherine YES
Nicholas Andreas Loverdos YES
Chrysochoidis Kingdom Michael YES
Gregory Androulakis Dimitris (Mimis) YES
Christos Kaklamanis Apostolos YES
George Marios Salmas YES
Karagounis Andrew Constantine YES
Christos Moraitis Athanasios (Thanos) YES
John Sotiriou Andrianos YES
Ioannis Anastasiou Maniatis YES
Lykourentzos Theophanes Andreas YES
Konstantinopoulos Odysseas Constantine YES
Stylios George Demosthenes YES
Gokas Napoleon Chris YES
Voridis Chris Mavroudis (Makis) YES
Martin Athanasiou Georgia YES
George Theodore Vlachos YES
Christophilopoulou wife. Paraskevas (Evi) YES
Ntavlouros Pericles Athanasios
Andrew George Papandreou YES
Basiakos Evangelos Athanassiou YES
Karambelas Ioannis Dimitriou YES
Koutsoubas Kingdom Andreas YES
Kopsacheili Athanasius Timoleon YES
Kyriazidi Dimitrios Triantafyllou YES
Chris Evangelou Aidonis YES
Ypsilanti Basil Anastassiou - Nicholas YES
Nikias console Emmanuel YES
Demetrius Thomas Kremastinos YES
erontopoulos Kyriakos Christodoulou YES
Dermentzopoulos Chris Alexander YES
Ntolios George Paschalis YES
Kedikoglou Kingdom Symeon (Simos) YES
Kedikoglou Angel Simeon YES
Konstantinos Athanasiou Kontogeorgos YES
George Constantine Tzavaras YES
Avgerinopoulou Zisimos Dionysia - Theodora YES
Demetrios George Kontogiannis YES
Spyridon Andreas Marinos YES
Tsavdaridis George Lazarus YES
St. Photios Vesyropoulos YES
Georgia cops station Nicholas YES
Kefaloyiannis Constantine Emmanuel YES
Avgenakis Constantine Eleftherios YES
Senetakis George Maximus YES
Basil Alexander Kegkeroglou YES
Bezas Emmanuel Anthony YES
Alexander Constantine Karamanlis YES
Gioulekas Peter Constantine YES
Stavros Kalafatis Athanasius YES
Dimitrios Raptis Helen YES
Ioannis Ioannidis Dimitrios YES
Dimitrios Orfanos Georgios YES
Evangelos Venizelos Kingdom YES
Karaoglou George Theodore YES
John Anastasiadis Savvas YES
Tasoulas Anastasios Konstantinos YES
Kalogiannis free cross YES
Panagiotis Asimakopoulos Anne-Michelle YES
Ioannis Panagiotopoulos Nikolaos YES
Constantine George Kalantzis YES
John Adam Paschalides YES
Constantinos Christou Kleitsiotis YES
Constantine Alexander Tsiaras YES
Shkodra Constantine Asimina YES
Taliadouros Athanassios Spyridon YES
Sioufas Kingdom Paul YES
Maria Antoniou Kingdom YES
Dendias Spyridon Nicholas - George YES
Georgantas Paul George YES
George Michael Papadopoulos YES
Koukoulopoulos Paraskevas (Paris) YES
Tagaras Nicholas Christou YES
Christos Dimas Stavros YES
Brigadier Constantine Kollias YES
YES John Vroutsis Kingdom
Panagiotis Rigas Theophanes YES
Davakis Panagiotis Athanasios YES
Patrianakou Peter Fevronia YES
Leonidas Georgiou Grigorakos YES
Charakopoulos Pantelis Maximus YES
Kelli YES Chris Achilles
Sachinidis Philip Demetriou YES
John Joseph Plakiotakis YES
Paul George Vogiatzis YES
Sifounakis Ulysses Nicholas YES
Theodoros Soldatos Fotiou YES
Athanasios Nakos Stavrou YES
Constantine Samaras Anthony YES
Demetriou John Lambropoulos YES
Dimitris Athanasiou Sampaziotis YES
Petrakos Constantine Athanasius NO
Alexandros Kontos Efstratiou YES
Saltouros Panagiotis Dimitrios YES
Arvanitopoulos Panayiotis Constantine YES
Katsafados John Constantine YES
Panagiotis Ioannis Tragakis YES
Nerantzis Demetriou Anastasios YES
George Athanasiou Karasmanis YES
Stamenitis Evangelou Dennis YES
Tzamtzis Simon Jordan (Danis) YES
Tzakri Emmanuel Theodora YES
Koukodimos George Constantine YES
George Constantopoulos Leonidas YES
Christoyiannis Demetrios Dennis YES
Mani-Papadimitriou Evangelou Anna YES
Tsoumanis Achilles Dimitrios YES
John Kefaloyiannis Achilles YES
Euripides Stylianidis Stylianou YES
Hajji Ahmed Osman Raif YES
Chris Vlachveis Menelaus YES
Athanassios Arabatzis Luminous YES
Leontaridis Chris Theophilus YES
Vlachogiannis George Elias YES
Skrekas Theodore Constantine YES
Michael Constantine Tamilos YES
Christos Constantinou Staikouras YES
Koutsogiannakopoulos John Constantine YES
Makris, Evangelos Theodorou Helen YES
George Constantinides Eustatius YES
Mandreka Panagiotis Aspasia YES
Karanasios Kingdom Timmy YES
John Constantine Drivelegkas YES
Chris Emmanuel Markogiannakis YES
Voloudakis George Manousos - Constantine YES
Epaminondas Virvidakis Kyriakos YES
Constantinos Demetriou Mousouroulis YES
Triantafyllos Demosthenes Constantine YES
  No third memorandum will not be implemented in practice with 15 3 votes one trikommatikis government hides and collaborators which today does not make either 10% overall rate .... I would not dare these animals were to emerge from the burrow by tomorrow. The next poll will be found with the euro and Europe in the ass. Finished and will soon pay for his betrayal.

"Yes to all" by the House Hellenized tourist grabbing 8 grand a month to kaaaathetai and vote against the people who once made ​​him a god because of the crap that beats this one people ... real Greek would never have voted for the extermination of the Greek people. There are 153 Greeks these hides. It only hides.


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