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Anon Street Medics demonstration 'Survival Guide - Stop ACTA via @AnonNewsMedics @AnonMedics

Anon Street Medics demonstration 'Survival Guide - Stop ACTA ((German Translated to English)
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How to behave at demonstrations?
Rule 1: Stay calm.

Rule 2: Stay cool, especially if you're attacked. While you will be individuals who will try to disrupt the demonstration, get on your nerves, you may under no circumstances lose your temper. To do so would harm the protest.

Rule 3: The first objective should be to follow the instructions on each case to the police. To do otherwise would hurt our cause.

Rule 4: Reporting on demonstrations (we did). Inform you think about the rules of your federal lands and you to them.

Rule 5: Stay away from private ownership.

Rule 6: Do not use force.

Rule 7: No weapons. The demonstration is a peaceful event. You will not need weapons.

Rule 8: No alcohol and no preheating. Act contrary to this rule, may break rules 1 and 2.

Rule 9: No graffiti, destruction or vandalism.

Rule 10: If you want to do something stupid, do it another day. Not to adhere to these rules, may harm the demonstration and will make you vulnerable to the police.

Rule 11: Never be alone. Isolation during the protest will make you a target for individuals who want to provoke you.

Rule 12: Know the dress code.

Rule 13: Wear good shoes.

Rule 14: Prepare banners, flyers and sayings before. Make sure that your banners big enough, they can be read. Also concern that relate to your lyrics and Proverbs on the aim of the protest. Prepare just as easy to read, simple and accurate flyer before, you can distribute to those who want to know more about your motivation.

Rule 15: Document the demonstration for future reference.

If you follow these simple rules, the success of your action is virtually assured already.
Keep in mind that the success of the action depends on the proper behavior of participants.

Weather and Clothing
Presumably there is in Germany on 11.02.2012 and again below freezing (sometimes up to -9 degrees). to prevent the consequences of cold, you should dress accordingly.

Depending on the length of a demonstration in freezing temperatures, you should maybe next T-shirt (undershirt), sweater or jacket and a 2nd Wear sweaters or making sure that the back is well covered (kidney damage/cold prevention). Example, a long johns under his jeans and keep warm.

Blue fingers must not be and it is not healthy. Take in any case a pair of gloves with (or even more to help out others). Who can dispense with gloves, get a pocket warmer in the pockets in order to put in between his hands warm.

Cold feet lead the cold by the whole body! In addition to a solid footwear, you should at least wear a pair of thick socks, those without thick socks, wear 2 pairs can also thinner socks.

Too cold head can cause headaches! A normal cap (cap) can work wonders and keep the head warm. Who has no cap should establish a woolen / knitted hat and wear, especially the cap strips then the ears. To protect the ears from the cold, you should prefer a wool cap.

Always drink enough
Bring water with you and makes sure to drink at certain intervals, some (eg every hour good mouthful).

If one wears a Guy Fawkes, one notices not only the condensation under the mask, you'll also notice that you start to sweat. Once a dry feeling can be felt in the mouth, please have a drink!

Take for example with plastic cups and offer your fellow water when you see that these are 'thirsty'.

If someone warm / hot drinks to bring in insulated containers, please enjoy such drinks on it eighth out of a crowd. It can occur quickly, as it is jostled and then other people can be scalded. For heavy and large insulated containers Please note the law on protection weapons demonstrations.

Calves and muscle cramps
Felt a cramp (the body begins to shiver to generate heat when it gets cold), you should try to sit somewhere just to relax as the cramped leg. For a calf cramp, the calf can be easily self-massage and wait until the pain subsides.

Should not diminish the trembling of the body and become more 'intense', maybe you should go only once in a warm environment.

Tear gas / pepper spray:
Should there be riots (which no one hopes!), Is often used by police pepper spray against protesters. If you have pepper spray in your eyes, please try the eyes and face with cold water (preferably as little carbon dioxide as possible) wash.

With a larger amount of pepper spray (it's Cheyenne pepper), it can cause vomiting and nausea. Please make sure to drink water and rest (sit down).

Where are the paramedics?:
Volunteer medic demo recognizes her as the red crosses on their clothes or even on a normal black or Guy Fawkes mask in combination with the red crosses on their clothes (AnonMedic).

Should you have a problem, do not be shy, according to "paramedic" to cry or just come to us.

Good luck and have fun on tomorrow's demonstrations

@AnonNewsMedics & @AnonMedics (Twitter)

Anonymous Message To The State of Israel



To the government of the state of Israel.

We are Anonymous.

For two long we have tolerated your crimes against humanity and allowed your sins to go unpunished.

Through the use of media deception and political bribery, you have amassed the sympothies of many. You claim to be democratic, yet in reality this is far from the truth, in fact your only goal is to better the lives of a select few while carelessly trampling the liberties of the masses. We see through the propaganda that you circulate through the main stream media and lobby through the political establishment.

Your Zionist bigotry has displaced and killed a great many. As the world weeps you laugh while planning your next attack. All of this is done under the veil of peace but so long as your regime exists peace shall be hindered.

You label all who refuse to comply with your superstitious demands as anti semetic. And have taken steps to ensure a nuclear holocaust. You are unworthy to exist in your current form. and will therefore face the wrath of anonymous. Your empire lacks legitimacy and because of this you must govern behind a curtain of deceit. We will not allow you to attack a sovereign country based upon a campaign of lies. Your grip over humanity will weaken and man will be closer to freedom.

But before this is accomplished the people of this world will rise against you and renounce you in all your worth. Our crusade against your reign of terror shall commence in 3 steps.

Step one will be initiated after the release of this video and will be comprised of systematically removing you from the internet.

Step two will be later disclosed and is already in initiation. And as for step 3, well think of this one as a present from Anonymous to you. We will not stop untill the police state becomes a free state.

We are anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Israeli government; Expect us.

We want to be FREE!


This short documentary is featuring prophetic voices from the past of the people of the world, for the people of the world… for all we want is to be free!

In 2011, people around the world took to the streets in protest. They want to be free of terror. They want to be free of war.

They want to be free from the enslavement of governments. They want to be free from the failing financial system. They want to be free of greed and corruption. They want to be free of media manipulation.

They want to be free to choose! They want to be free to live life to the fullest. They want to be free to love and to live in peace!

We Want To Be Free from Sonic Realm on Vimeo.

We want to be FREE!


This short documentary is featuring prophetic voices from the past of the people of the world, for the people of the world… for all we want is to be free!

In 2011, people around the world took to the streets in protest. They want to be free of terror. They want to be free of war.

They want to be free from the enslavement of governments. They want to be free from the failing financial system. They want to be free of greed and corruption. They want to be free of media manipulation.

They want to be free to choose! They want to be free to live life to the fullest. They want to be free to love and to live in peace!

We Want To Be Free from Sonic Realm on Vimeo.

Earth is Alive! Beautiful... Finite... Hurting... Worth Dying for!

This is a non-commercial attempt to highlight the fact that world leaders, irresponsible corporates and mindless 'consumers' are combining to destroy life on earth. It is dedicated to all who died fighting for the planet and those whose lives are on the line today. The cut was put together by Vivek Chauhan, a young film maker, together with naturalists working with the Sanctuary Asia network (

Content credit: The principal source for the footage was Yann Arthus-Bertrand's incredible film HOME The music was by Armand Amar. Thank you too Greenpeace and


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Anonymous - THE VOICE OF A PEOPLE / LA VOZ DE UN PUEBLO [EN/ES] #Legion #Mexico #world

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# Entertainment # AnonMex
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"World order: 1% -99% Rich-poor"
| WE THE 99% |
Labor unions, environmentalists, activists, workers, HOUSEWIVES, STUDENTS, SELLERS, DRIVERS,
If you have access to government information (documents, pdf, pictures) "confidential" that want to filter right through our accounts. feel free to forward it to our entertainment station - - put in >>> Channels: OpMexico <<< and >> Nickname: (the nickname you want)
* To give honor to the truth only filtering for 100% real information. We will not disclose your identity

I also recommend: when you see pages of offense as "mistreatment of women" or some kind of inciting violence denounce OWN INITIATIVE (TO ALL DEPENDS ON YOU HAVE A ORDER AND BE IN A LESS HOSTILE TO OUR GENERATION :) )

We're just humble servants :)

| This message will not self-destruct in 5 minutes .. This message will remain in your mind throughout life |
VIVA MEXICO ::::: ::: :::: :::: CABRONES

------------ORIGINAL IN SPANISH-----------------------------------

# AnonMex entertainment #
"orden mundial : -99% pobres 1% Ricos-"
| SOMOS EL 99% |
| Para ser anonymous no es necesario ser hacker o estar en el anonimato.. |
| anonymous es una idea.. no un trabajo |
Si tienes acceso a informacion del gobierno ( documentos, pdf, fotos) "confidenciales", que deseen filtrar atravez de nuestras cuentas. sientanse libres de hacerla llegar a nuestra estacion de entretenimiento - - poner en >>> Channels: OpMexico <<< y en >> Nickname: (el nick que quieran)
*para hacerle honor a la verdad solo filtraremos informacion 100% real. No revelaremos tu identidad

tambien les recomendamos : cuando vean paginas de ofensa como el de "maltrato a la mujeres" o que inciten alguna clase de violencia POR INICIATIVA PROPIA denunciarlas ( DE USTEDES DEPENDE QUE TODO TENGA UN ORDEN Y ESTAR EN UN AMBIENTE MENOS HOSTIL PARA NUESTRA GENERACION :) )

Solo somos sus humildes servidores :)

| ese mensaje no se autodestruira en 5 minutos.. este mensaje permanecera en tu mente toda la vida |

Military Bank Accounts crt. Of Dell Pt.1 via @phantom4life & @AnonOpsSweden


___________ _____ _______ .__ _______
__ ___/___ _____ / ______ _ |__| __________
| |_/ __ \__ / / \____ / /_ | |/ ___/ _ / |
| | ___/ / __ _/ Y |_> > _/ |___ ( <_> ) |
|____| ___ >____ /____|__ / __/ _____ /__/____ >____/____|__ /
/ / /|__| / / /

_____ _________ .___
/ _ ____ ____ ____ / _____/_ _ __ ____ __| _/____ ____
/ /_ / / _ / _____ \ / / // __ / __ |/ __ /
/ | | ( <_> ) | / \ / ___// /_/ ___/| |
____|__ /___| /____/|___| /_______ / /_/ ___ >____ |___ >___| /
/ / / / / / / /

Leaked by Phantom and AnonymousSweden Twitters: @phantom4life & @AnonOpsSweden

Release: Military and Bank Accounts with courtesy of Dell
- Part 1 -

This release will come in parts just because its easier that way for me.
Last few days I was looking at whats happening in Syria,crimes,killing,
and its all done by Syrian government,we need YOU people to open your eyes,
and we need you to complain to your government about this,because,they,they
are not preventing this,thats why this release is coming out,we will have govts,
to look at what we,99% can do,nothing is secure anymore,theyr servers are
compromised,we are using theyr tactics against them,we made them fear us,
we made them notice shit that is done in theyr dark rooms,and all of their
choices made that are destructive for this world.

We will not stop untill each gov pays for their shit.
They will be on their knees while we rise up and take control.


Links :


SYRIA: CIA-MI6 Intel Ops and Sabotage #Techniques #Expose #MI6 #CIA


“In order to facilitate the action of liberative (sic) forces, ...a special effort should be made to eliminate certain key individuals. ...[to] be accomplished early in the course of the uprising and intervention, ...

Once a political decision has been reached to proceed with internal disturbances in Syria, CIA is prepared, and SIS (MI6) will attempt to mount minor sabotage and coup de main (sic) incidents within Syria, working through contacts with individuals. ...Incidents should not be concentrated in Damascus …

Further : a “necessary degree of fear .. frontier incidents and (staged) border clashes”, would “provide a pretext for intervention... the CIA and SIS [MI6 should use … capabilitites in both psychological and action fields to augment tension.” (Joint US-UK leaked Intelligence Document, London and Washington, 1957)

“'The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history." 
(George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair, 1903-1950.)

For anyone in two minds about what is really going on in Syria, and whether President Assad, hailed a decade ago as “A Modern Day Attaturk”, has become the latest megalomaniacal despot, to whose people a US-led posse of nations, must deliver “freedom”, with weapons of mass, home, people, nation and livelihood destruction, here is a salutary tale from modern history.

Have the more recent sabre rattlings against Syria* been based on US-UK government papers, only discovered in 2003 - and since air brushed (or erroneously omitted) from even BBC timelines, on that country?(i)

In late 2003, the year of the Iraq invasion, Matthew Jones, a Reader in International History, at London’s Royal Holloway College, discovered “frighteningly frank” documents:1957 plans between then UK Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, and then President, Dwight Eisenhower, endorsing: “a CIA-MI6 plan to stage fake border incidents as an excuse for an invasion (of Syria) by Syria’s pro-western neighbours.”(ii)

At the heart of the plan was the assassination of the perceived power behind then President Shukri al-Quwatli. Those targeted were: Abd al-Hamid Sarraj, Head of Military Intelligence; Afif al-Bizri, Chief of Syrian General Staff: and Khalid Bakdash, who headed the Syrian Communist Party.

The document was drawn up in Washington in the September of 1957:

“In order to facilitate the action of liberative (sic) forces, reduce the capabilities of the regime to organize and direct its military actions … to bring about the desired results in the shortest possible time, a special effort should be made to eliminate certain key individuals.

“Their removal should be accomplished early in the course of the uprising and intervention, and in the light of circumstances existing at the time.”

In the light of President Assad’s current allegations of foreign forces and interventions, cross border incursions (as Colonel Qadafi’s before him, so sneered at by Western governments and media – and, of course, ultimately proved so resoundingly correct.) there are some fascinating, salutary phrases:

“Once a political decision has been reached to proceed with internal disturbances in Syria, CIA is prepared, and SIS (MI6) will attempt to mount minor sabotage and coup de main (sic) incidents within Syria, working through contacts with individuals.
“Incidents should not be concentrated in Damascus … care should be taken to avoid causing key leaders of the Syrian regime to take additional personal protection measures.”

Further : a “necessary degree of fear .. frontier incidents and (staged) border clashes”, would “provide a pretext for intervention”, by Iraq and Jordan - then still under British mandate.

Syria was to be: “made to appear as sponsor of plots, sabotage and violence directed against neighbouring governments … the CIA and SIS [Her Majesty's Secret International Serivce, MI6] should use … capabilities in both psychological and action fields to augment tension.”

Incursions in to Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, would involve: “sabotage, national conspiracies, and various strong arms activities”, were, advised the document, to be blamed on Damascus.

In late December 2011 an opposition “Syria National Council” was announced, to “liberate the country”, representatives met with Hilary Clinton. There now seems to be a US – endorsed “Syrian Revolutionary Council.”

The Eisenhower-Macmillan plan was for funding of the: “Free Syria Committee” and “arming of political factions with paramilitary or other actionist capabilities”, within Syria.

CIA-MI6, planned fomenting internal uprisings and replacing the Ba’ath-Communist-leaning government, with a Western, user-friendly one. Expecting this to be met by public hostility, they planned to: “probably need to rely first on repressive measures and arbitrary exercise of power.”

The document was signed off in both London and Washington. It was, wrote Macmillan in his diary: “a most formidable report.” A Report which was: “withheld even from British Chiefs of Staff …”

Washington and Whitehall had become concerned at Syria’s increasingly pro-Soviet, rather than pro-Western sympathies - and the Ba’ath (Pan Arab) and Communist party alliance, also largely allied within the Syrian army.

However, even political concerns, were trumped by Syria then controlling a main pipeline from the Western bonanza of Iraq’s oil fields, in those pre-Saddam Hussein days.

Briefly put: in 1957, Syria allied with Moscow (which included an agreement for military and economic aid) also recognized China - and then as now, the then Soviet Union warned the West against intervening in Syria.

Syria, is unchanged as an independent minded country, and the loyalties remain. It broadly remains the cradle of the Pan Arab ideal of Ba’athism, standing alone, since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

In 1957, this independent mindedness caused Loy Henderson, a Senior State Department official, to say that:“the present regime in Syria had to go …”

Ultimately, the plan was not used, since, British mandate or not, neighbouring countries refused to play. However, the project, overtly, bears striking similarity to the reality of events over the last decade, in Syria – and the region.

In a near 1957 re-run, Britain’s Foreign Minister, William Hague has said President Assad “will feel emboldened” by the UN Russia-China vote in Syria’s favour.

Hilary (“We came, we saw, he died”) Clinton, has called for: “friends of a democratic Syria”, to unite and rally against the Assad government:

“We need to work together to send them a clear message: you cannot hold back the future at the point of a gun”, said the women filmed purportedly watching the extrajudicial, illegal assassination of may be, or may be not, Osma Bin Laden and others – but certainly people were murdered - by US illegal invaders – at the point of lots of guns.

Supremely ironically, she was speaking in Munich (5th February) historically: “The birth place of the Nazi party.”

The Russia-China veto at the UN on actions against Syria, has been condemned by the US, varyingly, as: “Disgusting”, ‘shameful”, “deplorable”, “a travesty.”

Eye opening, is the list of US vetoes to be found at (iii). Jaw dropping double standards can only be wondered at (again.).

Perhaps the bottom line is: in 1957, Iraq’s oil was at the top of the agenda, of which Syria held an important key. Today, it is Iran’s - and as Michel Chossudovsky notes so succinctly: “The road to Tehran is through Damascus.”(iv)






Felicity Arbuthnot is a frequent contributor to Global Research.  Global Research Articles by Felicity Arbuthnot

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Internet Publication of Administrative Seizure and Forfeiture #CRYPTOME #Gov #ICE #DHS #CBP

Internet Publication of Administrative Seizure and Forfeiture [CRYPTOME]

[Federal Register Volume 77, Number 26 (Wednesday, February 8, 2012)]
[Proposed Rules]
[Pages 6527-6529]
From the Federal Register Online via the Government Printing Office []
[FR Doc No: 2012-2842]



U.S. Customs and Border Protection

19 CFR Part 162

[Docket No. USCBP-2011-0022]
RIN 1651-AA94

Internet Publication of Administrative Seizure and Forfeiture

AGENCIES: U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland

ACTION: Notice of proposed rulemaking.


SUMMARY: This rule proposes to amend the U.S. Customs and Border
Protection (CBP) regulations to allow for publication of notices of
seizure and intent to forfeit on an official Government forfeiture Web
site. CBP anticipates that the changes proposed in this rule would
reduce administrative costs and improve the effectiveness of CBP's
notice procedures as Internet publication would reach a broader range
of the public and provide access to more parties who may have an
interest in the seized property.

DATES: Written comments must be received on or before April 9, 2012.

ADDRESSES: You may submit comments, identified by Docket Number USCBP-
2011-0022, by one of the following methods:
Federal eRulemaking Portal:
Follow the instructions for submitting comments via docket number
Mail: Trade and Commercial Regulations Branch, Regulations
and Rulings, Office of International Trade, U.S. Customs and Border
Protection, 799 9th Street NW. (Mint Annex), Washington, DC 20229-1179.
Instructions: All submissions received must include the agency name
and docket number for this rulemaking. All comments received will be
posted without change to, including any
personal information provided. For detailed instructions on submitting
comments and additional information on the rulemaking process, see the
``Public Participation'' heading of the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION
section of this document.
Docket: For access to the docket to read background documents or
comments received, go to Submitted comments
may also be inspected during regular business days between the hours of
9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at the Trade and Commercial Regulations Branch,
Regulations and Rulings, Office of International Trade, U.S. Customs
and Border Protection, 799 9th Street NW., 5th Floor, Washington, DC.
Arrangements to inspect submitted comments should be made in advance by
calling Mr. Joseph Clark at (202) 325-0118.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Dennis McKenzie, Director, Fines,
Penalties and Forfeitures Division, Office of Field Operations, U.S.
Customs and Border Protection, (202) 344-1808.




U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has authority to seize
property violating certain laws enforced or administered by CBP or U.S.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Such seized property may be
forfeited and disposed of in a manner specified by applicable
provisions of law. Generally, these forfeiture statutes authorize the
government to take possession of and legally acquire title to the
seized property. Under the CBP forfeiture procedure, a party may assert
a claim to the seized property through judicial or administrative

Applicable Law and Regulations

Section 607 of the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended, authorizes CBP
to implement administrative forfeiture procedures under prescribed
circumstances. 19 U.S.C. 1607. The statute requires CBP to publish
notice of seizure and intent to forfeit for at least three successive
weeks, in such manner as the Secretary of the Treasury directs.1 CBP
is also required to issue written notice of the seizure and forfeiture
to each party who appears to have an interest in the seized property.
The written notice must contain information on the applicable

1 The Secretary of the Treasury has delegated this authority
to the Secretary of Homeland Security pursuant to Treasury
Department Order 100-16.

CBP regulations set forth the current procedure that CBP must
follow when it seizes and gives notice of intent to forfeit property
under administrative forfeiture proceedings, as required under 19
U.S.C. 1607. 19 CFR 162.45. These procedures apply when CBP seizes: (1)
A prohibited importation; (2) a transporting conveyance if used to
import, export, transport or store a controlled substance or listed
chemical; (3) any monetary instrument within the meaning of 31 U.S.C.
5312(a)(3); or (4) any conveyance, merchandise, or baggage, the value
of which does not exceed $500,000 (19 CFR 162.45(a)).
CBP regulations provide two different methods to notify the public
of seized property based on the appraised value of the property. First,
for seized property appraised at more than $5,000, CBP must publish
administrative seizure and forfeiture notices for at least three
successive weeks in a newspaper circulated at the customs port and in
the judicial district where CBP seized the property. 19 CFR
162.45(b)(1). CBP also notifies all known parties-in-interest in
advance of the pending newspaper publication and the expected dates of
publication of the notice. For seized property appraised at $5,000 or
less, CBP accomplishes publication by posting a notice in a conspicuous
place accessible to the public at the customhouse nearest the place of
seizure. 19 CFR 162.45(b)(2). The notice shows the date of posting and
remains posted for at least three successive weeks.

Proposed Amendments

This notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) proposes to revise the
manner by which CBP provides notice of intent to forfeit seized
property appraised at more than $5,000 and seized property appraised at
$5,000 or less. First, this rule proposes that CBP (including the U.S.
Border Patrol where appropriate) would utilize the Department of
Justice (DOJ) forfeiture Web site, located at,
to post seizure and forfeiture notices for property
appraised in excess of $5,000 in value for 30 consecutive days. This
DOJ Web site currently contains a comprehensive list of pending notices

[[Page 6528]]

civil and criminal forfeiture actions in various district courts and
Federal Government agencies. Under this NPRM, CBP would no longer need
to publish administrative seizure and forfeiture notices for three
successive weeks in a newspaper circulated at the customs port and in
the judicial district where CBP seized the property. CBP would notify
all known parties-in-interest of the Web site posting and the expected
date of publication.
This NPRM also proposes that CBP will publish seizure and
forfeiture notices for seized property appraised at $5,000 or less on
the DOJ forfeiture Web site for 30 consecutive days. This additional
notice would not replace the current procedure of CBP posting notice at
the customhouse nearest the place of seizure. However, this rule
proposes to specify that in situations where U.S. Border Patrol agents
make the seizure, the posting will be at the appropriate U.S. Border
Patrol sector office.
CBP believes that the use of Internet publication for CBP seizure
and forfeiture notices would provide notice to a broader range of the
public without the geographical limitations that exist under the
current procedure's reliance solely on local print publications or
customhouse postings. In addition, the Internet posting would be
available for a longer period of time (30 days), compared to the
minimum statutory requirement of three weeks.
This NPRM proposes that CBP may publish, at its sole discretion and
as circumstances warrant, additional notice in a print medium for at
least three successive weeks. For example, CBP may publish a notice of
seizure and forfeiture in a newspaper in general circulation at the
port and the judicial district nearest the seizure, or with wider or
national circulation, when recommended by the pertinent U.S. Attorney's
office or court of jurisdiction. Additionally, CBP may decide to
publish notice of seizure and forfeiture in a non-English language or
other community newspaper to ensure reaching a particular community
that may have a particular interest in or connection to the seizure.
Similarly, CBP may elect to publish notice of seizure and forfeiture in
a trade or industry publication that serves a particular commercial
community to ensure reaching a party when it is difficult to identify a
vessel or other conveyance owner.

Economic Analysis

Executive Orders 12866 and 13563

Executive Orders 12866 and 13563 direct agencies to assess the
costs and benefits of available regulatory alternatives and, if
regulation is necessary, to select regulatory approaches that maximize
net benefits (including potential economic, environmental, public
health and safety effects, distributive impacts, and equity). Executive
Order 13563 emphasizes the importance of quantifying both costs and
benefits, of reducing costs, of harmonizing rules, and of promoting
flexibility. This rule has not been designated a ``significant
regulatory action,'' under section 3(f) of Executive Order 12866.
Accordingly, the rule has not been reviewed by the Office of Management
and Budget. However, CBP has prepared the following analysis to help
inform stakeholders of the potential impacts of this proposed rule.
This proposed rule would provide a less costly alternative for
publishing notices of seizure and forfeiture for seized property
appraised at more than $5,000 in value. The current regulation requires
CBP to publish such notices in a local newspaper for at least three
successive weeks. Historically, there have been some instances where
the cost of advertising exceeds the value of the seized property, and
these occurrences have increased as the cost of newspaper advertising
has increased.
Under this proposed rule, CBP would publish the great majority of
seizure and forfeiture notices for property valued at more than $5,000
(estimated at 90 percent) for 30 consecutive days solely by posting on
an existing government Web site. In some cases, either at CBP's sole
discretion based on the particular circumstances involved or where a
court or a U.S. Attorney instructs or recommends, CBP would publish
notice via both print (newspaper or other publication) and Internet
methods. CBP will use an existing DOJ Web site that lists government
forfeiture actions by various agencies. In 2010, CBP spent over $1
million advertising more than 6,000 lines of property. Under this rule,
CBP would advertise the vast majority of items using the DOJ Web site,
which would be virtually cost-free. CBP would advertise only a small
number of items both on the Internet and in a traditional newspaper or
other publication. Because these items will be the highest profile
items, CBP will likely advertise these items in large circulations or
national newspapers. Such advertising will make up a disproportionate
amount of the costs. We estimate that it will cost $300,000 to continue
to advertise these items in print. Therefore, we estimate that
advertising on the Internet instead of in print for most items will
save the government approximately $700,000 per year.
This NPRM also proposes that CBP will publish seizure and
forfeiture notices for seized property appraised at $5,000 or less on
the DOJ forfeiture Web site for 30 consecutive days. This proposed
change would simply add low-cost Internet publication to the current
requirement that CBP post notice at the customhouse (or U.S. Border
Patrol sector office, as proposed in this rule) for seized property
appraised at $5,000 or less. This change would be virtually costless to
the government and would expand the reach of the seizure and forfeiture
notice to the benefit of unknown parties-in-interest and the public.

Regulatory Flexibility Act

This section examines the impact of the rule on small entities as
required by the Regulatory Flexibility Act (5 U.S.C. 603), as amended
by the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement and Fairness Act of 1996.
A small entity may be a small business (defined as any independently
owned and operated business not dominant in its field that qualifies as
a small business per the Small Business Act); a small not-for-profit
organization; or a small governmental jurisdiction (locality with fewer
than 50,000 people).
This rule would move most notices of seizure and forfeiture valued
at more than $5,000 from local print media to a national Web site. It
would also allow CBP to post notices of seizures and forfeitures valued
at $5,000 or less on the Web in addition to posting at the customhouse
nearest the place of seizure or the appropriate sector office of the
U.S. Border Patrol. This rule would not impose any requirements on the
general public or small businesses. As provided under the current
procedure, CBP would continue to contact any small business that is a
known party-in-interest. Because this rule imposes no direct costs on
small entities, we believe that this rule will not have a significant
economic impact on a substantial number of small entities.
Consequently, DHS certifies this rule will not have a significant
economic impact on a substantial number of small entities within the
meaning of the Regulatory Flexibility Act.

Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995

This notice of proposed rulemaking will not impose an unfunded
mandate under the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995. It will not
result in costs of $100 million or more, in the

[[Page 6529]]

aggregate, to any of the following: State, local, or Native American
Tribal governments, or the private sector.

Executive Order 13132

In accordance with the principles and criteria contained in
Executive Order 13132 (Federalism), this notice of proposed rulemaking
will have no substantial effect on the States, the current Federal-
State relationship, or on the current distribution of power and
responsibilities among local officials.

Signing Authority

This document is being issued in accordance with 19 CFR 0.1(b)(1).

List of Subjects in 19 CFR Part 162

Administrative practice and procedure, Law enforcement, Seizures
and forfeitures.

Proposed Amendment to CBP Regulations

For the reasons set forth above, Part 162 of title 19 of the Code
of Federal Regulations (19 CFR part 162), is proposed to be amended as
set forth below:


1. The general authority citation for part 162 and the specific
authority citation for Sec. 162.45 continue to read as follows:

Authority: 5 U.S.C. 301; 19 U.S.C. 66, 1592, 1593a, 1624; 6
U.S.C. 101; 8 U.S.C. 1324(b).
* * * * *
Section 162.45 also issued under 19 U.S.C. 1607, 1608;
* * * * *
2. In Sec. 162.45, paragraphs (b)(1) and (2) are revised to read
as follows:

Sec. 162.45 Summary forfeiture; Property other than Schedule I and
Schedule II controlled substances; Notice of seizure and sale.

* * * * *
(b) Publication. (1) If the appraised value of any property in one
seizure from one person, other than Schedule I and Schedule II
controlled substances (as defined in 21 U.S.C. 802(6) and 812), exceeds
$5,000, the notice will be published by its posting on an official
Government forfeiture Web site for at least 30 consecutive days. In
CBP's sole discretion, and as circumstances warrant, additional
publication for at least three successive weeks in a print medium may
be provided. All known parties-in-interest will be notified of the
pending location and date of publication.
(2) In all other cases, except for Schedule I and Schedule II
controlled substances (see Sec. 162.45a), the notice will be published
by its posting on an official Government forfeiture Web site for at
least 30 consecutive days and by its posting for at least three
successive weeks in a conspicuous place that is accessible to the
public at the customhouse located nearest the place of seizure or the
appropriate sector office of the U.S. Border Patrol. All known parties-
in-interest will be notified of the pending location and date of
publication. The posting at the customhouse or sector office will
contain the date of posting. Articles of small value of the same class
or kind included in two or more seizures will be advertised as one
* * * * *

Dated: February 2, 2012.
Janet Napolitano,
[FR Doc. 2012-2842 Filed 2-7-12; 8:45 am]

NANCY S. SIDEBOTHAM - Oakland - #OccupyOakland #OO via @DoxCak3 @VizFoSho #CabinCr3w

After looking in to your background, it has come to Our attention that you are involved in a self-aggrandizing political game you should not have involved yourself in, as now you have drawn Our attention. You are currently attempting to use the negative attention that Occupy Oakland is receiving in the media to further your own failed political career. You claim that you have founded a "Grass Roots Movement" to counter Occupy Oakland, when the reality is that this is just a power-crazed attempt to keep your seat on the CPAB. What We have discovered is that you are a power hungry megalomaniac. There are also serious conflicts of interest with you claiming to be a concerned citizen, yet you work hand in hand with the Oakland Police Department as part of their Advisory Board. Did you really think that these facts would slip past us?

Let us look at some of the people who showed up for this little self-important adventure, shall we?
Jean Quan - Mayor
Oakland Police Department
Paul Junge - Oakland Chamber of Commerce  (President)
Oakland's Neighborhood   Crime Prevention Council
Community   Policing Advisory Board
Angela Haller, a Neighborhood Watch leader
Desley Brooks - City Council Member
Libby Schaaf - City Council Member
Greg McConnel  - The rich guy who fought against Oakland's Just Cause eviction
Phil Tagami - wealthy developer
Bruce Stoffmacher  - City Council Staff
Jill Broadhurst - District 4 Neighborhood Crime  Prevention Council  (she even stated that most of  the people who came out against Occupy Oakland  on Feb. 6, were from other crime prevention groups in Oakland)

What We would like to know, is how many others of the 30 or so that showed up for your "Grass Roots Movement" are on the City of Oakland's Payroll? While what you claimed in the media was all nice and peachy, you apparently have forgotten that We will fact check you. You have been caught in a lie, and you have lost face. Would you like to make a statement to the media now about what you have done? You may want to, as We are sending this to all of the media outlets who covered your "Counter Protest" which turns out, was being paid for by the taxpayers of the City of Oakland. Knock your silly games off.

You also seem to have forgotten a certain email from Howard Jordan to Jean Quan about how to spin the 19% crime rate drop as a result of the Occupy Oakland encampment which you can read about here -

You pretend to be outraged, yet where is your outrage at the City Council (you know, the one you lost your election bid for), the Mayor, and the Police Department for the amount of money they have spent CAUSING the conflict with Occupy Oakland?

You are clearly against the protests,and have political motivations. Because of your Interest in politics, We suggest picking up a copy of the U.S. Constitution, and perhaps a copy of the Bill of Rights as well. We do admire your stance against Quan, but We will protest. You cannot stop Us.
You are a hypocrite, Nancy. Plain and simple. Nice try.



(510) 635-2678

6375 Hillmont Dr
Oakland, CA 94605-2240
Po Box 9373, Oakland, CA 94613

Merrit College-Grove Street - AA
History Cal State Hayward - BA

Employment History:
Foothill Merchants Association
Nancy S. Sidebotham Tax Preparation

Board Memberships and Affiliations:
Oakland Emergency Task Force  -  Member
Millsmont Home Association  - Co-Founder
Recall and Restore - Co-Chair

Groups and Associations:
California Tax Education Council
Campaigns & Elections
National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP)
Tax Business Owners of America - Your source for tax questions and answers.
U.S. Income Taxes
U.S. Tax Planning Professionals

Social Media:

Other #FUNFACTS: <-- her ror role with OPD

Website Registration:
Sidebotham, Nancy
care of Network Solutions
PO Box 459
Drums, PA.  US  18222
Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Sidebotham, Nancy
care of Network Solutions
PO Box 459
Drums, PA 18222 US
Record expires on 27-Jan-2013.
Record created on 27-Jan-2006.
Domain servers in listed order:
You may want to talk to your webhost. He is shit.

Domain name:
Registrant Contact:
Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
Whois Agent ()
PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
Bellevue, WA 98007 US
Administrative Contact:
Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
Whois Agent ()
Fax: +1.4259744730
PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
Bellevue, WA 98007 US
Technical Contact:
Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
Whois Agent ()
Fax: +1.4259744730
PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
Bellevue, WA 98007 US
Status: Active
Name Servers:
Creation date: 12 Dec 2011 18:39:00
Expiration date: 12 Dec 2012 10:39:00

Additional Information:
Oakland City Council, District 6
Desley Brooks?Jose Dorado,Nancy Sidebotham

Recall and Restore Continues Mayoral Recall Campaign after Removal of Occupy Camp
Recall   and Restore, the committee heading the campaign to recall  Oakland   Mayor Jean Quan, will proceed with its petition after the  removal of   the Occupy Oakland camp in Frank Ogawa Plaza.
"We hope the second removal of the camp on Ogawa Plaza is the last  one," said Charles Porter, co-chair of Recall and Restore. "Oakland residents regard Mayor Quan's botched handling as another example of  her  lack of  qualification to be the mayor of a large city."Papers to begin circulation of recall petitions were filed October 24, before the first time that Mayor Quan authorized removal of the tent city on the Plaza. The mayor then allowed the tent city to return."The pace and seriousness of Mayor Quan's failures in office are unparalleled in civic history," said Nancy Sidebotham, co-chair of Recall and Restore. "She drove out popular police chief Anthony Batts as well as the city attorney. She pretended to balance the city budget with an accounting trick. She needed months to find someone who  agreed   to work as city administrator, and now the mayor's mishandling of the tent city has opened a breach with her. With this mayor, it's all disaster, no progress."The legal processes that qualify a recall petition for circulation are proceeding between the proponents and the office of the City Clerk.  In the near future Recall and Restore expects to announce a firm date when  petitions will be available for signing. "Thousands of Oaklanders have told us they want to sign the petition," said co-chair Porter. "The recall movement is a reality. Oakland voters will sign, will vote to recall, and will hold all officials at City Hall accountable. We are entering a new era to restore peace and prosperity in our great city."
Board Nominations May 5, 2010

The MGO Nominating Committee has considered its nominations for club officers and executive board members for the program year July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011. PresidentJudy Cox, who served  as an ex-officio member of the committee,
appointed former club  president Wayne Nishioka as chair. Dan Kalb, Nancy Sidebotham and GarySirbu were also appointed.

The MGO Constitution requires the Nominating Committee to nominate candidates for club president, vice-president, treasurer, and  secretary   and also requires that it nominate at least seven at-large  candidates. The Committee has not yet selected a candidate for the position of secretary; however, our bylaws provide that the committee may during the year nominate additional persons to serve on the executive board subject to ratification by the membership, and the Committee will follow  that procedure.
The Committee nominates the following persons:

Joe Trapp, President
Ralph Kanz, Vice President
Steve Statler, Treasurer
Judy Cox, Immediate Past President

Executive Board Members:
Guy Bryant
Greg Chan
Christopher Dobbins
Howard Eggerman
Dan Kalb
Wayne Nishioka
Nancy Sidebotham

All of the nominees are E-Board incumbents who indicated a desire to  continue their service on the Board. Additional nominations, if any, will be accepted from the floor at the general meeting. The names of all nominees will be published in the June issue of the club newsletter. The election of club officers and executive board members will then occur at the June meeting

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

DoX by:


krc torrent hacked FUCK ANONYMOUS. @hoornhardcore

again a insecured box :D or leakers box or whatever.... i like to fuck torrent trackers you all know :D

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okay here we go

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[17:58 12/01/2012] [FileZilla Server.exe] ( << PASS krcteam69
[17:58 12/01/2012] [FileZilla Server.exe] ( << USER kRc-R
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[18:00 13/01/2012] [FileZilla Server.exe] ( << PASS krcteam69

IP Location: Spain Valencia Telefonica De Espana
ASN: AS3352
Resolve Host:
IP Address:

[+] 1304 C:Program FilesFileZilla ServerFileZilla Server.exe TCP 6970
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[+] 1304 C:Program FilesFileZilla ServerFileZilla Server.exe TCP 990
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[+] 3696 C:Program FilesuTorrentuTorrent.exe UDP 1900
[+] 3696 C:Program FilesuTorrentuTorrent.exe UDP 3615

sniffed loggins and information:

[21:51 07/01/2012] [Dom: NS363BLAAT] [User: root] [Pass: GAATJEGEENKLOTEKUTFUCKAANOKE]
[21:52 07/01/2012] [filezilla.exe] ( >> USER
[21:52 07/01/2012] [filezilla.exe] ( >> PASS i3bD[7nl+,#R

[21:55 07/01/2012] [filezilla.exe] ( >> USER kRc-R
[21:55 07/01/2012] [filezilla.exe] ( >> PASS krcteam69

[21:56 07/01/2012] [filezilla.exe] ( >> USER
[21:56 07/01/2012] [filezilla.exe] ( >> PASS emfls1982

Domain & PC
NS363985 2K3 No No No No
ROOT-Y1JACG6K21 2K3 No No No No


other notices


message to Anonymous Soldiers : (oh nee mietjes was het)
FUCK A DUCK ;) op een dag worden jullie allemaal opgepakt :) ddossen is kinderspel jullie verpesten alles voor ons..
jaaaaren zijn we underground gebleven tot de dag dat jullie zo dom gingen doen en de wereld even wakker schudde en dan ook nog
eens laten zien wat wij hackers kunnen !!! domme pubers !!! massaal moeten we onze tools en scripts en bots opnieuw coden vanwege jullie
achterlijk gezwets iedereen controleert massaal hun systemen. respectloze kaffers ! gaat er 1 download site neer komen er gewoon 3 terug
of snappen jullie dat nou nog niet piraterij is niet te bestrijden 1 plat 3 terug !!! kap met jullie onzin tegen de wereld en laat ons
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wat als alle hackers nou tegen jullie keren ? ik zit in 7 hack teams ;) en niemand van ons mag jullie :)
en wat als WIJ onze botjes maar even gaan richten op torrent sites? gewoon voor onze lol af en toe een paar slopen ? alle ips en namen online zetten ?
!!! TE WAPEN !!!
ik kan ook heel goed DDossen maar nog VEEL beter hacken en dan heb ik het ook over: ECHT HACKEN en niet zo triest als jullie..
en dan de sites zoals megaupload ook effe plat waussen ? enzovoooooooort
lekker jointje erbij en biertje en toekijken hoe de download scene vergaat ? nee he niet leuk he ? en de strijd tegen ons opnemen heb ook
geen zin pak ons dan als je kan je kan ons toch niet krijgen lekker puuuh. dus vriendelijk gevraagd om jullie operaties nu te stoppen :)
hijs de witte vlag maar geef jullie niet over denk ook om andere hackers gasten!! of is ddossen het enige wat jullie kunnen hahahahahaaha nep nerds
laat sony playstation toch met rust en al die andere dingen.. ze hebben hun straf nu wel gehad vind ik :)

het begint me nu wel een beetje te vervelen en kan niet wachten tot interpol jullie pakt dat zal ik zeker weten even opnemen en dagelijks blijven afspelen :D
kunnen mijn teams eindelijk weer rustig verder gaan zonder dat stom gelul van jullie

respect behandel je met respect en aangezien er veel werk wordt vernietigd van ons gaan wij ervan uit dat jullie die niet hebben en zullen jullie
dit respect van ons zeker ook niet krijgen mits jullie stoppen!

en anders jammer maar weer en ga gerust verder dan zullen wij ook beginnen de download wereld zoals torrent en p2p en al die share sites te vernietigen
VOOR ONZE LOL en om jullie boos te maken.. want geloof ons wij geven geen moer om wat jullie doen gooi van mij part de hele planeet plat !!
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HoornHardcore hacker @ blacksharks corporation


UPDATE 1 ...



UPDATE 2 .....





Operating System: Microsoft Windows ??? [version 5.2.3790] Service Pack 2
Memory:           2052MB/2052MB
Machine:          \BLAATFUCKYOU running at 3013 Mhz
Has been up for:  166 day(s), 10 hour(s), 11 minutes
C:(FIXED)        25.2 GB free on 48.8 GB total space
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H:(FIXED)        95.3 GB free on 2696.9 GB total space
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Input stream:     115260 KBytes/sec

ALLES VERWIJDERD !!!!!!!! FUCK IT hahahaha










Hacked by Anonymous #AntiSecRO

Hacked by Anonymous #AntiSecRO



Luna Amara, noi va sustinem! #romania


Anonymous Germany - Bundestag #LEAK #DE

__      ___     ___     ___   __  __    ___ ___     ___   __  __    ____
/'__`  /' _ `  / __` /' _ `/ / /' __` __`  / __`/ /   /',__
/ L._/ / / L / / _ / / / / L _ /__, `
__/._ _ _ ____/ _ _/`____ _ _ _ ____/ ____//____/
/__//_//_//_//___/  /_//_/`/___/> /_//_//_//___/  /___/  /___/
### Don't mess with the Internet ###

Wenn der deutsche Bundestag schon so mit eigenen Daten und Dokumenten umgeht, was passiert mit den Daten der Bürger? [irone]ACTA wird uns davor sicher schützen, oh wait ... geistiges Eigentum?[/ironie]

Vuln Search:
Hint: .htaccess oder gar nicht online lagern :]

LEAKS / (PUBLIC DOCS): (mirror - Afghanistan VS Dokument)

We are Anonymous - Expect us!

NSA Email Addresses, Nyms and Names #exposed

NSA Email Addresses, Nyms and Names

from 5 February 2012


A sends:

Below is unverified information posted 9 days ago on this .onion site:


(thread: "where to get confidential info")

It may simply be the INSA list, but I lack the time to compare.
(Director of NSA)
RFTYGAR@NSA.GOV (Major General David B. Lacquement, Cybercom) or
--Korruptor posted 9 days 22 hours ago:


Lorenzo Mccormick
Angelina Mcclure
Timothy Gibbs
Joshua Foredyce
Nicole Morrison
Sally Smith
Todd Black
Todd Black
Viola Williams
Yesenia Martinez
Teresa Straniero
Taj Holmes
Joseph Johnson
Hyon-chu karen Cho KAREN0120
Nathan Nysether
Everett Browning
Sean Williamson
Kevin Standifer
Maria Johnson

id=1607452 lastname=DEBOSE firstname=JULIUS email=JDDEBOS@NSA.GOV
id=1838179 lastname=MEADOWS firstname=ALLEN email=ALMEADO@NSA.GOV
id=1836143 lastname=FUNCHES firstname=DAVID email=DLFUNCH@NSA.GOV
id=1812268 lastname=PUFFENBARGER firstname=JAMES email=JGPUFFE@NSA.GOV
id=1840655 lastname=LOWRY firstname=CLINT email=CMLOWRY@NSA.GOV
id=1844703 lastname=SENYARD firstname=KRISTEN email=KSSENYA@NSA.GOV
id=1822902 lastname=DEEDS firstname=JENNIFER email=JLDEEDS@NSA.GOV
id=1424394 lastname=HEDRICK firstname=EVERETT email=EGHEDRI@NSA.GOV
id=1847023 lastname=MILO firstname=JOANNE email=JOANNE.M.MILO@USACE.ARMY.MIL
id=1319638 lastname=CLARK firstname=SARA email=SJDEBOE@NSA.GOV
id=1852085 lastname=GRANGER firstname=MELFORDE email=MAGRANG@NSA.GOV
id=1639154 lastname=WHITE firstname=ARLENE email=AFWHITE@NSA.GOV
id=1843795 lastname=RAWLINS firstname=BRITTANI email=BRITTANI.RAWLINS@TMA.OSD.MIL
id=1850937 lastname=CRISP firstname=KENNETH email=KCCRISP@NSA.GOV
id=1846228 lastname=WEEKS firstname=JEFFREY email=JSWEEK2@NSA.GOV
id=1847105 lastname=PATRICK firstname=MARY email=MJPATRI@NSA.GOV
id=972021 lastname=BROWN firstname=KIMBERLY email=KCBROWN@NSA.GOV
id=1843790 lastname=HOFFECKER firstname=FRANK email=FSHOFFE@NSA.GOV
id=1568245 lastname=ZUBACK firstname=KATHERINE email=KCZUBAC@NSA.GOV
id=1702604 lastname=MILLS firstname=HAROLYN email=HWMILL2@NSA.GOV
id=1706716 lastname=ANDERSON firstname=JARED email=JLAND11@NSA.GOV
id=1773809 lastname=FERTITTA-ZEPP firstname=MARY ROSE email=MTFERTI@NSA.GOV
id=1801498 lastname=MATTHEWS firstname=JACQUELINE email=JGMATT4@NSA.GOV
id=1827983 lastname=KELLY firstname=SHERI email=SRKELLY@NSA.GOV
id=881503 lastname=ROAKER firstname=AUDREY email=ADROAKE@NSA.GOV
id=1758757 lastname=HORGER firstname=ROBYN email=RHORGER@NSA.GOV
id=62230 lastname=SCOURTIS firstname=THEODORE email=TRSCOUR@NSA.GOV
id=1725805 lastname=JAROSINSKI firstname=JAMES email=JMJAROS@NSA.GOV
id=63369 lastname=PHILLIPS firstname=SUSAN email=SEPHIL3@NSA.GOV
id=1841784 lastname=BYAM firstname=NICOLE email=NABYAM@NSA.GOV
id=1837316 lastname=ACKERMANN firstname=SUSAN email=SACKERM@NSA.GOV
id=1838180 lastname=PALMER firstname=KEAVIONA email=KKPALM2@NSA.GOV
id=1620956 lastname=FINE firstname=CHET email=CBFINE@NSA.GOV
id=1193570 lastname=WHEELER firstname=DONALD email=DAWHEEL@NSA.GOV
id=1680358 lastname=FELTON firstname=SHARISSE email=SRFELTO@NSA.GOV
id=1299959 lastname=SCARDINA firstname=VONDA email=VRSCARD@NSA.GOV
id=952454 lastname=HOLMGREN firstname=CHRISTINE email=CMHOLMG@NSA.GOV
id=1836488 lastname=BARNES firstname=RAVEN email=RCBARN4@NSA.GOV
id=1809599 lastname=TOPIELEC firstname=DENNIS email=DRTOPI2@NSA.GOV
id=1544912 lastname=EICH firstname=ARTHUR email=ANEICH@NSA.GOV
id=1481136 lastname=WASSBERG firstname=MARK email=MCWASSB@NSA.GOV
id=1486369 lastname=SMITH firstname=ANTOINETTE email=ARSMITH@NSA.GOV
id=1809599 lastname=TOPIELEC firstname=DENNIS email=DRTOPI2@NSA.GOV
id=1261344 lastname=LAIRD firstname=JOHN email=JMLAIRD@NSA.GOV
id=1812529 lastname=KIMSEY firstname=JAYSON email=JEKIMSE@NSA.GOV
id=1744167 lastname=RAGER firstname=ZACHARY email=ZMRAGER@NSA.GOV
id=1839355 lastname=VIDMAR firstname=SAMUEL email=STVIDMA@NSA.GOV
id=1843789 lastname=LANGDON firstname=BRENDAN email=BMLANGD@NSA.GOV
id=1832260 lastname=PEREZ firstname=CADDIE email=CEPERE2@NSA.GOV
id=1831824 lastname=BROCATO firstname=ADAM email=ARBROCA@NSA.GOV
id=1567765 lastname=FLYNN firstname=JESSICA email=JRFLYNN@NSA.GOV
id=812143 lastname=WILLIAMS firstname=KIMBERLEE email=KVWILL2@NSA.GOV
id=55539 lastname=LEVINE firstname=DIANA email=DKLEVIN@NSA.GOV
id=1767656 lastname=COPELLO firstname=TRACY email=TKCOPEL@NSA.GOV
id=1809599 lastname=TOPIELEC firstname=DENNIS email=DRTOPI2@NSA.GOV
id=1699999 lastname=CRABTREE firstname=BRIAN email=BCCRABT@NSA.GOV
id=926230 lastname=MEJIA firstname=ADAM email=ADAM.MEJIA@NSA.NAPLES.NAVY.MIL
id=1699380 lastname=PARKER firstname=HELGA email=HSPARKE@NSA.GOV
id=92796 lastname=HATFIELD firstname=ELIZABETH email=ELHATFI@NSA.GOV
id=970496 lastname=BRIGHTWELL firstname=KALA email=KABRIG2@NSA.GOV
id=1619826 lastname=WONDERLY firstname=BRIAN email=BCWONDE@NSA.GOV
id=1599843 lastname=CONWAY-BRANCH firstname=CAROLYN email=CPCONWA@NSA.GOV
id=1613415 lastname=WHITTINGTON firstname=LISA email=LDWHITT2@NSA.GOV
id=1776880 lastname=COOPER firstname=DARYL email=DGCOOPE@NSA.GOV
id=1790953 lastname=DUNKER firstname=THOMAS email=TJDUNKE@NSA.GOV
id=1630878 lastname=BEELER firstname=RYAN email=RWBEELE@NSA.GOV
id=1726927 lastname=HESTER firstname=CARLA email=CJHESTE@NSA.GOV
id=1717359 lastname=TEDESCHI firstname=STEPHEN email=SPTEDES@NSA.GOV
id=1822638 lastname=WARD firstname=ELIZABETH email=ECWARD1@NSA.GOV
id=1587185 lastname=COOK firstname=TASHA email=TACOOK2@NSA.GOV
id=1740730 lastname=BROCKMEYER firstname=PETER email=PCBROCK@NSA.GOV
id=1219490 lastname=ZULLO firstname=KECIA email=KKZULLO@NSA.GOV
id=986360 lastname=ACKIES firstname=HENRY email=HLACKIE@NSA.GOV
id=1205401 lastname=HARVEY firstname=TRISTAN email=TDHARVE@NSA.GOV
id=1445825 lastname=HILD firstname=LAURA email=LLHILD@NSA.GOV
id=1618446 lastname=MARTINEAU firstname=NICHOLAS email=NDMART2@NSA.GOV
id=801833 lastname=BLAIS firstname=DAVID email=DMBLAIS@NSA.GOV
id=1744167 lastname=RAGER firstname=ZACHARY email=ZMRAGER@NSA.GOV
id=1727564 lastname=CROUSE firstname=JAMI email=JLCROU2@NSA.GOV
id=1848401 lastname=CORLEY firstname=SHANNON email=SMCORLE@NSA.GOV
id=1842936 lastname=MARQUARDT firstname=HOLLY email=HLMARQU@NSA.GOV
id=1568495 lastname=ELKINS firstname=GREGORY email=GSELKIN@NSA.GOV
id=1806965 lastname=TRELOAR firstname=BARRY email=BFTRELO@NSA.GOV
id=1729197 lastname=ELLWOOD firstname=PAULA email=PGELLWO@NSA.GOV
id=1262990 lastname=MYERS firstname=KENNETH email=KEMYERS@NSA.GOV
id=1836712 lastname=TROISI firstname=MARK email=MJTROIS@NSA.GOV
id=1616516 lastname=LOWE firstname=TRINA email=TMLOWE@NSA.GOV
id=1828431 lastname=HENSLEY firstname=MELISSA email=MCHENSL@NSA.GOV
id=1613083 lastname=RAMIREZ firstname=SHEILA email=STRAMIR@NSA.GOV
id=910975 lastname=JOHNSON firstname=TARA email=TRJOHN5@NSA.GOV
id=1572257 lastname=STALLINGS firstname=LACY email=LJSTAL2@NSA.GOV
id=1600853 lastname=DAVIS firstname=SARAH email=SEDAVI3@NSA.GOV
id=1608061 lastname=EVANS firstname=ERIC email=EDEVANS@NSA.GOV
id=1779020 lastname=LOOK firstname=KAREN email=KLLOOK@NSA.GOV
id=1809640 lastname=ARSENAULT firstname=ROBERT email=REARSEN@NSA.GOV
id=1520035 lastname=BURDETTE firstname=ROBERT email=RJBURD3@NSA.GOV
id=883230 lastname=LAKE firstname=BARRY email=BALAKE@NSA.GOV
id=1516236 lastname=HILTON firstname=ROBERT email=RJHILTO@NSA.GOV
id=86769 lastname=MAHER firstname=WENDY email=WAMAHER@NSA.GOV
id=1764117 lastname=GEIGER-ALSTON firstname=STACIA email=SLGEIGE@NSA.GOV
id=1746685 lastname=KINGERY firstname=JILL email=JAKINGE@NSA.GOV
id=1478578 lastname=MIKLUSAK firstname=GREGORY email=GVMIKLU@NSA.GOV
id=15637 lastname=PHELPS firstname=AMANDA email=AAPHELP@NSA.GOV
id=819655 lastname=CARSON firstname=WILLIAM email=WSCARSO@NSA.GOV =

#Anonymous - We want #FreeAmazon OPAMAZONASAVE 3.0 - OpGreenRights Iberoamerica

We want #FreeAmazon



XSS - HACK Message ! on  

XSS - HACK Message ! on


codigo`, `telefone`, `email`, `cliente`, `usuario`, `senha`codigo`, `nome`, `endereco` etc... from Government :


OPAMAZONASAVE 3.0 - OperationGreenRights Iberoamerica
*RANDOM LOGIN GOV.BR********************************
-- Extraindo dados da tabela `clientes`

INSERT INTO `clientes` (`codigo`, `nome`, `endereco`, `telefone`, `email`, `contrato`, `status`) VALUES (66, 'Procuradoria da República - PI', 'Praça Marechal Deodoro, S/N - Centro', '86 21075939', '', '0000-00-00', 'ativo');
INSERT INTO `clientes` (`codigo`, `nome`, `endereco`, `telefone`, `email`, `contrato`, `status`) VALUES (67, 'Ceará Terminal Operador - CTO', 'Rua Sdo, n° 27 - Pecem - São Gonçalo do Amarante', '33151515', '', '2010-09-21', 'ativo');
INSERT INTO `clientes` (`codigo`, `nome`, `endereco`, `telefone`, `email`, `contrato`, `status`) VALUES (183, 'Durametal', 'Av. Parque Norte 2, n° 170', '85 40080400', '', '2009-12-01', 'ativo');
INSERT INTO `clientes` (`codigo`, `nome`, `endereco`, `telefone`, `email`, `contrato`, `status`) VALUES (65, 'Petra Construções Ltda', 'Av. Frei Serafim, n° 2748 - Centro Sul - Teresina', '32223444', '', '0000-00-00', 'ativo');
INSERT INTO `clientes` (`codigo`, `nome`, `endereco`, `telefone`, `email`, `contrato`, `status`) VALUES (59, 'DMI', 'Rua Alvaro Mendes, 2256 - Centro - Teresina', '86 32210099', '', '0000-00-00', 'ativo');

rest here  pastebin: OPAMAZONASAVE 3.0 - OpGreenRights Iberoamerica login

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Symantec's pcAnywhere Leaked Source Code #AntiSec #Anonymous

Symantec's pcAnywhere Leaked Source Code

Type: Other > Other
Files:  1
Size: 1.27 GiB (1368783787 Bytes)
Tag(s): antisec anonymous leak source
Quality: +1 / -0 (+1)
Uploaded:  2012-02-07 05:40:04 GMT
By: stun Helper

"Symantec has been lying to its customers. 
We exposed this point thus spreading the world that ppl need" -
#AntiSec #Anonymous

Spread and share!

OpPiggyBank3 - Hack By w0rmer #OpPiggyBank #CabinCr3w


_________         ___.    .__         _________        ________
_   ___ _____  _ |__  |__|  ____  _   ___ ____________  __  _  __
/      / __    | __ |  | /    /      /_  __ _(__  < / / /
     ____ / __ _| _ |  ||   |  \     ____|  | //       \     /
______  /(____  /|___  /|__||___|  / ______  /|__|  /______  / /_/
/      /     /          /         /              /
Hack By w0rmer #OpPiggyBank  #CabinCr3w
The police claim there are here to enforce the laws, to protect the people while hypocritically violating them on a daily basis themselves. They feel this authoritive position will allow them to do so without repercussion. That somehow maybe they will get away with these violations of the laws they are paid to enforce. The police departments continuously fail in their duties to select officers whom will fulfill their duties in a manner that is in accordance with the law and the wishes of the people. They are as much to blame as those officers they misguidedly choose.

Officer Andrew Maldonad, driving intoxicated and crashing your car is the exact opposite of protecting the people you are paid to serve. You put the lives of innocents at risk, and your department did as well by choosing to employ you. This failure to uphold the responsibilities you are chosen to do was not to go without reaction.

Maybe next time Dallas Police Department will look more closely into those they choose to enforce the laws, and select officers who will not


Vulnerable URL:

DB Type: SQLServer    aw_dpd-CAN
UserID      /      Email      /      PW
16    pade1learner
17    GAN_91%AWE
18    vic25_$%Ht
36    fus@*MC_yn
39    vic_$PWL34
41    dal_75%@Fr
61    6679
57    sou_95Zy24
62    8486
63    8143
64    6884
65    5705
67    6734
66    2134
69    7666
68    8077
72    8446
71    8947
74    dal_75%@Fr
76    dal_75%@Fr
73    dal_75%@Fr
70    7192
75    dal_75%@Fr
userlog_ID    user_ID    ip
105263    62
105262    39
105265    75
105264    73
105266    39
105267    39
105268    39
105269    39
105270    73
105271    62
105273    39
105274    75
105275    62
105272    73
105276    67
105279    62
105280    39
105281    39
105278    39
105277    75
attribute_name    attribute_id    attribute_value
COLUMN_LENGTH    15    128
COLLATION_SEQ    18    charset=iso_1    sort_order=nocase_iso    charset_num=1    sort_order_num=52
DBMS_NAME    1    Microsoft    SQL    Server
DBMS_VER    2    Microsoft    SQL    Server        2000    -0    8.00.2039    (Intel    X86)
May        3    2005    23:18:38
Copyright    (c)    1988-2003    Microsoft    Corporation
Standard    Edition    on    Windows    NT    5.2    (Build    3790:    Service
MAX_INDEX_COLS    105    16
MAX_QUAL_LENGTH    14    128
QUALIFIER_TERM    101    database
REMOTE_SPROC    113    Y
DROP_COLUMN    108    Y
SP_RENAME    112    Y
TABLE_TERM    11    table
TABLE_LENGTH    13    128
SYS_SPROC_VERSION    500    8.00.2020
USERID_LENGTH    100    128
OWNER_TERM    10    owner
RENAME_TABLE    106    Y
TX_ISOLATION    17    2
fname    emp_id    lname    hire_date
Martin    MFS52347M    Sommer    Apr    13    1990    12:00AM
Maria    M-L67958F    Larsson    Mar    27    1992    12:00AM
Martine    M-R38834F    Rance    Feb        5    1992    12:00AM
Mary    MMS49649F    Saveley    Jun    29    1993    12:00AM
Matti    MGK44605M    Karttunen    May        1    1994    12:00AM
Miguel    MAP77183M    Paolino    Dec        7    1992    12:00AM
Paolo    PMA42628M    Accorti    Aug    27    1992    12:00AM
Paula    PSP68661F    Parente    Jan    19    1994    12:00AM
Paul    PXH22250M    Henriot    Aug    19    1993    12:00AM
Peter    PHF38899M    Franken    May    17    1992    12:00AM
Philip    PTC11962M    Cramer    Nov    11    1989    12:00AM
Pirkko    POK93028M    Koskitalo    Nov    29    1993    12:00AM
Roland    R-M53550M    Mendel    Sep        5    1991    12:00AM
Rita    RBM23061F    Muller    Oct        9    1993    12:00AM
Timothy    TPO55093M    O'Rourke    Jun    19    1988    12:00AM
Yoshi    Y-L77953M    Latimer    Jun    11    1989    12:00AM
Victoria    VPA30890F    Ashworth    Sep    13    1990    12:00AM
Sven    SKO22412M    Ottlieb    Apr        5    1991    12:00AM
Palle    PDI47470M    Ibsen    May        9    1993    12:00AM
Pedro    PSA89086M    Afonso    Dec    24    1990    12:00AM
Patricia    PCM98509F    McKenna    Aug        1    1989    12:00AM

Anonymous Scotland's n00b guide(Working Progress) via @AnonOp_Scotland

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