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NANCY S. SIDEBOTHAM - Oakland - #OccupyOakland #OO via @DoxCak3 @VizFoSho #CabinCr3w

After looking in to your background, it has come to Our attention that you are involved in a self-aggrandizing political game you should not have involved yourself in, as now you have drawn Our attention. You are currently attempting to use the negative attention that Occupy Oakland is receiving in the media to further your own failed political career. You claim that you have founded a "Grass Roots Movement" to counter Occupy Oakland, when the reality is that this is just a power-crazed attempt to keep your seat on the CPAB. What We have discovered is that you are a power hungry megalomaniac. There are also serious conflicts of interest with you claiming to be a concerned citizen, yet you work hand in hand with the Oakland Police Department as part of their Advisory Board. Did you really think that these facts would slip past us?

Let us look at some of the people who showed up for this little self-important adventure, shall we?
Jean Quan - Mayor
Oakland Police Department
Paul Junge - Oakland Chamber of Commerce  (President)
Oakland's Neighborhood   Crime Prevention Council
Community   Policing Advisory Board
Angela Haller, a Neighborhood Watch leader
Desley Brooks - City Council Member
Libby Schaaf - City Council Member
Greg McConnel  - The rich guy who fought against Oakland's Just Cause eviction
Phil Tagami - wealthy developer
Bruce Stoffmacher  - City Council Staff
Jill Broadhurst - District 4 Neighborhood Crime  Prevention Council  (she even stated that most of  the people who came out against Occupy Oakland  on Feb. 6, were from other crime prevention groups in Oakland)

What We would like to know, is how many others of the 30 or so that showed up for your "Grass Roots Movement" are on the City of Oakland's Payroll? While what you claimed in the media was all nice and peachy, you apparently have forgotten that We will fact check you. You have been caught in a lie, and you have lost face. Would you like to make a statement to the media now about what you have done? You may want to, as We are sending this to all of the media outlets who covered your "Counter Protest" which turns out, was being paid for by the taxpayers of the City of Oakland. Knock your silly games off.

You also seem to have forgotten a certain email from Howard Jordan to Jean Quan about how to spin the 19% crime rate drop as a result of the Occupy Oakland encampment which you can read about here -

You pretend to be outraged, yet where is your outrage at the City Council (you know, the one you lost your election bid for), the Mayor, and the Police Department for the amount of money they have spent CAUSING the conflict with Occupy Oakland?

You are clearly against the protests,and have political motivations. Because of your Interest in politics, We suggest picking up a copy of the U.S. Constitution, and perhaps a copy of the Bill of Rights as well. We do admire your stance against Quan, but We will protest. You cannot stop Us.
You are a hypocrite, Nancy. Plain and simple. Nice try.



(510) 635-2678

6375 Hillmont Dr
Oakland, CA 94605-2240
Po Box 9373, Oakland, CA 94613

Merrit College-Grove Street - AA
History Cal State Hayward - BA

Employment History:
Foothill Merchants Association
Nancy S. Sidebotham Tax Preparation

Board Memberships and Affiliations:
Oakland Emergency Task Force  -  Member
Millsmont Home Association  - Co-Founder
Recall and Restore - Co-Chair

Groups and Associations:
California Tax Education Council
Campaigns & Elections
National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP)
Tax Business Owners of America - Your source for tax questions and answers.
U.S. Income Taxes
U.S. Tax Planning Professionals

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Other #FUNFACTS: <-- her ror role with OPD

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Sidebotham, Nancy
care of Network Solutions
PO Box 459
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Sidebotham, Nancy
care of Network Solutions
PO Box 459
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Additional Information:
Oakland City Council, District 6
Desley Brooks?Jose Dorado,Nancy Sidebotham

Recall and Restore Continues Mayoral Recall Campaign after Removal of Occupy Camp
Recall   and Restore, the committee heading the campaign to recall  Oakland   Mayor Jean Quan, will proceed with its petition after the  removal of   the Occupy Oakland camp in Frank Ogawa Plaza.
"We hope the second removal of the camp on Ogawa Plaza is the last  one," said Charles Porter, co-chair of Recall and Restore. "Oakland residents regard Mayor Quan's botched handling as another example of  her  lack of  qualification to be the mayor of a large city."Papers to begin circulation of recall petitions were filed October 24, before the first time that Mayor Quan authorized removal of the tent city on the Plaza. The mayor then allowed the tent city to return."The pace and seriousness of Mayor Quan's failures in office are unparalleled in civic history," said Nancy Sidebotham, co-chair of Recall and Restore. "She drove out popular police chief Anthony Batts as well as the city attorney. She pretended to balance the city budget with an accounting trick. She needed months to find someone who  agreed   to work as city administrator, and now the mayor's mishandling of the tent city has opened a breach with her. With this mayor, it's all disaster, no progress."The legal processes that qualify a recall petition for circulation are proceeding between the proponents and the office of the City Clerk.  In the near future Recall and Restore expects to announce a firm date when  petitions will be available for signing. "Thousands of Oaklanders have told us they want to sign the petition," said co-chair Porter. "The recall movement is a reality. Oakland voters will sign, will vote to recall, and will hold all officials at City Hall accountable. We are entering a new era to restore peace and prosperity in our great city."
Board Nominations May 5, 2010

The MGO Nominating Committee has considered its nominations for club officers and executive board members for the program year July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011. PresidentJudy Cox, who served  as an ex-officio member of the committee,
appointed former club  president Wayne Nishioka as chair. Dan Kalb, Nancy Sidebotham and GarySirbu were also appointed.

The MGO Constitution requires the Nominating Committee to nominate candidates for club president, vice-president, treasurer, and  secretary   and also requires that it nominate at least seven at-large  candidates. The Committee has not yet selected a candidate for the position of secretary; however, our bylaws provide that the committee may during the year nominate additional persons to serve on the executive board subject to ratification by the membership, and the Committee will follow  that procedure.
The Committee nominates the following persons:

Joe Trapp, President
Ralph Kanz, Vice President
Steve Statler, Treasurer
Judy Cox, Immediate Past President

Executive Board Members:
Guy Bryant
Greg Chan
Christopher Dobbins
Howard Eggerman
Dan Kalb
Wayne Nishioka
Nancy Sidebotham

All of the nominees are E-Board incumbents who indicated a desire to  continue their service on the Board. Additional nominations, if any, will be accepted from the floor at the general meeting. The names of all nominees will be published in the June issue of the club newsletter. The election of club officers and executive board members will then occur at the June meeting

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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