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How To Create Proxy Chaining #Example #Tools #Security

Proxy chaining. Everyone needs to stay safe, so here's how.STUFF YOU NEED:
SMAC 2.0: http://www.klcconsulting.net/smac/#Download
Tor and vidalia:
Be sure to download and install the entire bundle else tor button will not
Hotspot sheild:
http Proxies:
http://www.samair.ru/proxy/type-07.htm -- goes straight to the page where the proxies are Russian. Be sure to use only proxies that say anonymous or high-anonymous next to the ip and port number.
Web Proxies:
http://www.proxy4free.com/list/webproxy_country1.html -- Be sure to only use proxies in countries like the Netherlands or Eastern europe, or India. The more corrupt and remote the region, and the worse that international relations are with GB and USA, the better.
Socks 5:
Be sure to choose a remote country with high uptime. The higher the uptime the better.

Open firefox browser and at the top click on tools > options. Click on
advanced at the top right and then click on the Networks tab, shown below.
[Image: proxyoptions.th.jpg]

Click on Manual proxy configurations, and edit the HTTP Proxy and SSL proxy to the http proxy u have chosen from the list above. Or you can just go here:

Here is the http proxy i chose:

[Image: proxyiused.th.jpg]

Next edit the Socks Host to the socks 5 proxy you chose from the Socks 5 link. Remember to choose somewhere remote, not the USA, and if their government does not particularly get on with UK or US that is better. Or if it is in a country with a reputation for corruption that is also good. NOTE: Always check the uptime. If the uptime is like 1.5% or something like that choose another. The socks5 i chose is shown below:

[Image: socks5iused.jpg]Ok next download all of the above software and install. You must register SMAC before you can use it. Use one of the serials provided above. Run smac and click the dropdown menu highlighted in blue below:

[Image: spoofedmac.jpg]Choose a hardware vendor to spoof and then just make up the last three fields of the MAC and then press update mac above. It may take a minute but then it will show that your hardware address has been spoofed in the network adapter list. Close all open firefox browsers and right click on vidalia on the system tray. If tor is not already activated then start tor. If it is working you will be able to click on the Network Map and it will show you a big list of countries and flags and stuff. If you have installed the entire bundle there should be no problems whatsoever. Next rightclick the hotspot shield icon on the task bar and click Connect/ON. This should start firefox itself and bring up the Hotspot shield search page. Probably rather slowly. If it doesn't connect do not fret just refresh the page because with all of this bouncing around from proxy to proxy it can become unstable and most likely a tad slow. Click on the onion at the bottom right hand side of firefox to turn on the toor button. This will most likely be enough but you can go on and do even more.

Open the web proxy link above, and chose a proxy based on location and uptime. I chose one from the netherlands with 100% uptime! Click on the link for your proxy on the left and then input google.com into
the address bar. Then paste the link for the webproxy's back into the google bar and return to the site once again to choose another webproxy:

[Image: webproxy.jpg]This time instead of clicking on the web proxy copy the url back into the bar of the proxy filter which is above the webpage and is shown in the above image. then type google.co.uk or fr or whichever you use into the box of the second proxy. Shown below:

[Image: 2ndwebproxy.jpg]Once you arrive at google it will look something akin to this:

[Image: 2webproxiesammended.jpg]You are now surfing behind two web proxies, also using hotspot shield and tor. A http and SSL proxy, and a socks 5 server. With a spoofed MAC address. If you are doing anything illigal i still recommend using a public wifi zone in an area that has no cctv cameras operating. I hope this helps.

By Lazmania61

from hacking61.blogspot

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