Friday, February 10, 2012

Anon Street Medics demonstration 'Survival Guide - Stop ACTA via @AnonNewsMedics @AnonMedics

Anon Street Medics demonstration 'Survival Guide - Stop ACTA ((German Translated to English)
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How to behave at demonstrations?
Rule 1: Stay calm.

Rule 2: Stay cool, especially if you're attacked. While you will be individuals who will try to disrupt the demonstration, get on your nerves, you may under no circumstances lose your temper. To do so would harm the protest.

Rule 3: The first objective should be to follow the instructions on each case to the police. To do otherwise would hurt our cause.

Rule 4: Reporting on demonstrations (we did). Inform you think about the rules of your federal lands and you to them.

Rule 5: Stay away from private ownership.

Rule 6: Do not use force.

Rule 7: No weapons. The demonstration is a peaceful event. You will not need weapons.

Rule 8: No alcohol and no preheating. Act contrary to this rule, may break rules 1 and 2.

Rule 9: No graffiti, destruction or vandalism.

Rule 10: If you want to do something stupid, do it another day. Not to adhere to these rules, may harm the demonstration and will make you vulnerable to the police.

Rule 11: Never be alone. Isolation during the protest will make you a target for individuals who want to provoke you.

Rule 12: Know the dress code.

Rule 13: Wear good shoes.

Rule 14: Prepare banners, flyers and sayings before. Make sure that your banners big enough, they can be read. Also concern that relate to your lyrics and Proverbs on the aim of the protest. Prepare just as easy to read, simple and accurate flyer before, you can distribute to those who want to know more about your motivation.

Rule 15: Document the demonstration for future reference.

If you follow these simple rules, the success of your action is virtually assured already.
Keep in mind that the success of the action depends on the proper behavior of participants.

Weather and Clothing
Presumably there is in Germany on 11.02.2012 and again below freezing (sometimes up to -9 degrees). to prevent the consequences of cold, you should dress accordingly.

Depending on the length of a demonstration in freezing temperatures, you should maybe next T-shirt (undershirt), sweater or jacket and a 2nd Wear sweaters or making sure that the back is well covered (kidney damage/cold prevention). Example, a long johns under his jeans and keep warm.

Blue fingers must not be and it is not healthy. Take in any case a pair of gloves with (or even more to help out others). Who can dispense with gloves, get a pocket warmer in the pockets in order to put in between his hands warm.

Cold feet lead the cold by the whole body! In addition to a solid footwear, you should at least wear a pair of thick socks, those without thick socks, wear 2 pairs can also thinner socks.

Too cold head can cause headaches! A normal cap (cap) can work wonders and keep the head warm. Who has no cap should establish a woolen / knitted hat and wear, especially the cap strips then the ears. To protect the ears from the cold, you should prefer a wool cap.

Always drink enough
Bring water with you and makes sure to drink at certain intervals, some (eg every hour good mouthful).

If one wears a Guy Fawkes, one notices not only the condensation under the mask, you'll also notice that you start to sweat. Once a dry feeling can be felt in the mouth, please have a drink!

Take for example with plastic cups and offer your fellow water when you see that these are 'thirsty'.

If someone warm / hot drinks to bring in insulated containers, please enjoy such drinks on it eighth out of a crowd. It can occur quickly, as it is jostled and then other people can be scalded. For heavy and large insulated containers Please note the law on protection weapons demonstrations.

Calves and muscle cramps
Felt a cramp (the body begins to shiver to generate heat when it gets cold), you should try to sit somewhere just to relax as the cramped leg. For a calf cramp, the calf can be easily self-massage and wait until the pain subsides.

Should not diminish the trembling of the body and become more 'intense', maybe you should go only once in a warm environment.

Tear gas / pepper spray:
Should there be riots (which no one hopes!), Is often used by police pepper spray against protesters. If you have pepper spray in your eyes, please try the eyes and face with cold water (preferably as little carbon dioxide as possible) wash.

With a larger amount of pepper spray (it's Cheyenne pepper), it can cause vomiting and nausea. Please make sure to drink water and rest (sit down).

Where are the paramedics?:
Volunteer medic demo recognizes her as the red crosses on their clothes or even on a normal black or Guy Fawkes mask in combination with the red crosses on their clothes (AnonMedic).

Should you have a problem, do not be shy, according to "paramedic" to cry or just come to us.

Good luck and have fun on tomorrow's demonstrations

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