Sunday, February 5, 2012

#IBEROAMERICA @Anonymous Latin America - New server & version of Anonymous Script / Cambio de servidor y nueva versión del Anonymous Script

AVISO IMPORTANTE: Cambio de servidor y nueva versión del Anonymous Script

Community members of Anonymous Latin America:

Inside 'and our continuous improvement processes, we believe that one of the areas critical to the proper performance of our  is the IRC, ie the  , since it acts as a meeting and  binding and preferred choice due to its suppleness, versatility, range and  . In order to meet the expectations placed on us, the of various countries and subcolectivos who are part of this great community we have decided to make a change of  from IRC today and return to our original home, AnonOps . It was not an easy decision. In iranserv got much support and help, and it's hard to leave the place that for so long was our home, "however, the community has grown so that the characteristics of the server we are inadequate and we have seen the need to be in an atmosphere more  and secure, especially with regard to the aspect  . Our new server is located port 6667 (6697 SSL) channel # port 6667 (6697 SSL) channel # Iberoamerica Within AnonOps infrastructure, are kept exactly the same channels as in Iranserv, ie the specialized channels of support (# newblood) of  (# media) and those relating to different countries and teams subcolectivos we integrate. To accomplish this have been implemented and new servers within our own infrastructure is possible and accessible. To enter the chat via web links you can use the usual on the blog and associated pages and has implemented a new webchat for convenience. The same address is:

Similarly, we recommend upgrading your IRC client to point directly to that server, and if Script Anonymous users, we have introduced a modified version: Version 4, to enter the new server, we recommend you  . the link and its the respective mirrors can be found in this blog in the "Anonymous Script" or enter here:

We hope that this weekend is realized throughout the moving process server, so tentatively IranServ will continue providing assistance but we encourage everyone to use AnonOps network as soon as possible because these channels will be discontinued soon. Any comments or questions are at your service or contact their regional managers. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. not forgive. not forget. Tarry.

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