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First real stratfor mail from #antisec #stratfor

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__| || |_______ _____/ |_|__| ______ ____ ____
\ __ /\__ \ / \ __\ |/ ___// __ \_/ ___\
| || | / __ \| | \ | | |\___ \\ ___/\ \___
/_ ~~ _\(____ /___| /__| |__/____ >\___ >\___ >
|_||_| \/ \/ \/ \/ \/


.____ .__ ____ ___
| | __ __| | ________\ \/ / _____ _____ ______
| | | | \ | \___ / \ / / \\__ \ / ___/
| |___| | / |__/ / / \| Y Y \/ __ \_\___ \
|_______ \____/|____/_____ \/___/\ \__|_| (____ /____ >
\/ \/ \_/ \/ \/ \/
.___.__ __ .__
____ __| _/|__|/ |_|__| ____ ____
_/ __ \ / __ | | \ __\ |/ _ \ / \
\ ___// /_/ | | || | | ( <_> ) | \
\___ >____ | |__||__| |__|\____/|___| /
\/ \/ \/
Episode #...something. Stratford eats Cocks: lurking emails.

1. An unmeasurable amount of awesomenimity something can produce.


What people are thinking right now about Stratfor hack:

':'( I want my mommy...'
-George Friedman, Stratfor CEO

'1,2,...3,....what was the next?'
-Ashton Kutcher

'I'm the One, I'm the messiah, I'm the new Sai Baba, bwahhhahhahh, I'll dominate the world!!!' <--- coocoo
-Rupert Murdoch

'hmm...the new rhetoric of the lulz, a machiavellian pandemonium full of strong sexual references and intensive recalls to Jung's archetypes. fuck, it's cold in montreal, I'll go shopping...'
-Biella Coleman

'oh shit, I need to think quickly about something to keep the media attention on me...I need attention...I truly need it..'
-Barrett Brown

'hmmm...I'll fap to those AntiSec guise whilst Barrett is not looking'

'SOPA, no SOPA, SOPA, no SOPA...oh! sweet! coins!'
-President Obama

'hmm...same trolling shit as usual, I'll go back to WoW'
-Quinn Norton

':3 i want icecream'

Hi guise. Well, we know all of you are waiting for those Stratfor emails. they ll be online soon, in a fucking lulzy awesome way. meanwhile enjoy this lulzy teaser with us.




Subject: Re: Gray if you ever so much as criticize me again I will hurt you intentionally.

Date: 2011-05-07 23:09:14


Thanks, Derek. Keep me posted.

-- Mike

On 5/7/2011 4:04 PM, Derek Kerl wrote:

Mike, wanted you to know I just read these after we spoke by telephone.
I will check with Will and Dr. Bach to get more info, including his
follow up RN appointment. Will be in touch.

On May 7, 2011, at 12:05 PM, Mike McCullar

Just when I had my hopes up about the new med. Gray Fuller copied me
this morning on this email exchange with David....

-------- Original Message --------

Subject: Re: Gray if you ever so much as criticize me again I will
hurt you intentionally.
Date: Sat, 7 May 2011 11:25:44 -0400
From: Gray Fuller
To: David McCullar
CC: Mike McCullar

I called you earlier today to talk and catch up. I hope you're having
a good day.
We have talked about the fact that inappropriate emails will not be
tolerated. I am copying your dad because we're friends and I want to
be completely transparent about my communications regarding this
email. This is an example of an email that I will not tolerate. Do
not send another one like it, I'm sorry if this truly represents the
way you feel.
Since you have not respected my requests and continue to use
outrageous emails as a means for attention, I want you to know that
the only action I will take upon getting another email like this is to
forward it on to Mike. Making outrageous threats and berating me is
not the right way to get my attention-I cannot be more clear.
Please know that I'm not doing this to get you in trouble and that I
don't expect Mike to punish you - thats not the point. These are
serious threats and my goal in adding Mike to the conversation is to
create an accountable mediator in the form of someone we both love and
David, you and I are best friends, we always have been and always will
be - I expect that you will not talk to me this way and I will extend
the same courtesy to you. I think we should try to designate a weekly
time to talk for 30 minutes or so, that way we can keep in touch
better. Does that work for you? If so, I was thinking about 6pm
Texas time on Tuesdays.
Let me know and I'll call you then.

Gray Fuller
On May 7, 2011, at 5:39 AM, David McCullar

Gray I hate you. Your ugly ass mother thinks she can boss your dad
and my dad around concurrently and criticize everyone including your
pathetic soulless faggot ass while she has no heart and tried to
offer us sanctimony for losing my mother. Then you told me I
couldn't go to Austin High after I met Jenna Bush there. I have half
a mind to murder you because while you were hiding me in the twins
shadows because I am richer than you Barbara got raped, but your
homoerotic pederast perverted faggot self will throw stones in a
glass house like a son of a bitch when you receive this message
because I am on a pr tyrrade to sabotage your unholy career as the
worst motherfucking operative the White House ever saw while Bush
was in office as governor and president. I will never talk to you
again you stupid motherfucking pussy. Eat shit you faggot. You new
money slave motherfucker die young and see how your kids feel about
it so I can turn the tables on your white trash poor ass and torment
them just like your whore of a mother lawyer bitch did to me because
you owe it to me to be my slave you fucking slave. Don't even cry. I
want to fight you. Don't rationalize shit. I am coming for your
white trash ass and you better run.

-----Original Message-----
From: David McCullar
To: katrinapeterson33
Sent: Sat, May 7, 2011 12:15 am
Subject: Barbara please don't ignore me lady.

Why don't you tell me who you have been with that makes you feel
so much more preternatural of a celebrity because of natural
selection and... of course, because your celebrity which is
obviously preternatural because of natural selection was engineered
by democratic arbitration. You can't rob me of my genetic composite.
You're not going to smoke my pineal gland. Did you know that I am
fucking smart and smarter than Robert Pattinson or whoever you have
been trying to be contemporaries with the white trash hoe Angelina
Jolie making porn with, and easily more charming because I am not a
tween automaton? Did you know that the alkaloid of DMT is actually a
neurotransmitter like LSD 25 and 5-MEODMT, psylocin A + B and all
psychadelic drugs because the definition of psychadelia is a
neurotransmitter that the metabolite itself thereof creates a
kaleidoscopic vision of geometric proportions in the pea and pea or
whatever attachment to the pineal gland there is with light cones OR
rods also depending on genetics, and depending on genetics the
chromosomal filtration of certain neurotransmitters within these
rods or cones which also illustrate in the visual cortex apparently?
Have you been fucking any celebrity studs? You shouldn't have been
because they don't understand you like I do and I am the Powhatan of
the Royal American Family, you said I was cute or whatever, I am
losing weight and I love you more than anyone else in the whole
world but we are both desensitized by rape and jihad and porn so
that we don't lust for eachother as much as we do feel bipolar
sexually for other individuals we can abuse or submit ourselves to?
I am really uncomfortable with you submitting to other men and
uncomfortable with how you abused me. I was so nice to you and you
shouldn't be scared that I want to crucify your rapist because I
killed Osama Bin Ladin as the scapegoat from your dad's childhood
for his and mine bombing the Pentagon and WTC's, believe me... I'm
sure he has mentioned it to you and laughed. I went to treatment
after hiding in your shadows, stalking Ben Curtis because I didn't
like him during love at first site, and demonstrating respect to the
Stewards (Martha's family) while at Casis and living in Pemberton. I
didn't get into Yale from treatment because my dad is not as wealthy
as you are, but I would have gone to Yale if my mom hadn't died or I
had stayed at St. Stephens or god forbid my dad's first boss' bratty
oldest son had "let" me go to Austin High. Gray is such a faggot. I
am going to use him from now on like the son of a bitch he is to
sing and play guitar because that is the only motherfucking thing he
is good at including being a best friend, getting married, being a
family man, and being consoling to me after my mother died. Nancy
Fuller is a ridiculous ugly fat bitch who withdrew from our family
when my mom died and thought she was more important because my
family who is richer than theirs lost our Matriarch who was only a
landowner with a college education at the University of Texas and
not some land shark Byron Fullerton bitch lawyer thus distancing my
best friend from me for life and giving him the impression that he
is in charge. I hate the Fullers. I am in love with you and they
offered me sanctimony for grieving the loss of my mother when I
should have been girding my loins for you like Walker and Jenna at
Austin High. Gray wanted to show me all the punk people at your
school who I could not be friends with because my drummer from St.
Stephens thought he was a faggot too and Gray aspires to be more
fascist like Branden Lee Allen wishes he was more Indian when he
takes mushrooms but doesn't know that they were from India who did
that. Just, stupid motherfucking confused dead people. I would kick
Gray's ass too. I know this is personal and close to home, and I
want you to admire your feminine side and let me sweep you off your
feet without all the intrigue that we got started at so young. I
promise you a happy life with me at Stanford and Johns Hopkins or
MIT if you will just be patient with me and plead OUR case to your
relatives. We were going to get married if we could have been the
judge of that? That was so immature when we decided that because we
knew we couldn't... decide, that. We sure can, but its going to take
a lot of work and I just wonder if you are as eager and willing to
get them ready for us as I am? Barb, I am sorry for all the rude and
funny things I said to you in poor taste. I wanted to tease you for
all the ignorance your camp had displayed to me throughout my
adolescence. I know its tough this mutual exclusion manic depressive
bipolar disorder dom and sub self aggrandizement we all want for
ourselves but I feel even keeled with you finally, and just hope and
pray that you will save me from my libido which is so distracting
and you are far prettier than that nasty cock sucker Gianna Michaels
who I wanted to fucking marry for two days because she offered
herself to me for money after talking all sweet and shit, hypnotized
by you though... and not because you are just famous just because
you are my high school lover. I know you didn't have a boyfriend in
high school and I didn't have a girlfriend either. I was meek and
you were not in bloom but at 17 I was more gorgeous than you until
you started straightening your hair which is no big deal, I adore
you. I love your family. I just fear you will continue lying to me
or ignore me like Gray and Walker when I write to you. Please be my
wife Barbara. I could get married in a year to you I think, in holy
matrimony if you would lend your fellow man some compassion and make
me your charity so that I can support a family with you after my MD
is attained in Neuroscience and if you would contact me immediately.
Those guys you like are gross. Stop fooling around, let's get
David Frederick McCullar

Michael McCullar
Senior Editor, Special Projects
Tel: 512.744.4307
Cell: 512.970.5425
Fax: 512.744.4334


yeah, don't worry, wet pants for us too laughing at that...
Stratfor's mails are full of Lulz.
Stay tunned folks, more is coming!!!
some shits they wrote will be ugly tho...we'll try to keep the lulz up anyway

2012.All rights and All your base are belong to us.

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