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the law is a ASS by john lenard walson Counter Surveillance Covert #CCTV & Security

the law is a ASS.mov by john lenard walson Counter Surveillance Covert CCTV & Security 


 Dear Mi6 and SIS with great respect I stumbled on a discovery please read below, if I a simple member of the public like me can find this out what is stopping it being used for other means? Hope this helps? I don't mean to be a pain!

Any one can get a high tech scanner and stand 500 feet away or more
And scan for hidden cameras what I mean is what is stopping a person standing outside a gov building and start to scan for the CCTV units inside the gov building and some gov buildings have hidden CCTV cams to keep a secret eye on the government workers as they do sensitive work that is secret! There should be scramblers on the CCTV cams in buildings !

My discovery

Why is high tec gen night vision cams pointing to a empty field?

Why is high tec cams pointing down from the sky to a empty field yes I said down from the sky!

I was testing some new equipment and to my surprise found my scanner was picking up me from above my head I could see myself
Like I was looking from above down on me from the sky! On my scanner screen! A complete shock, I kept the frequency and film for evidence and then saw the image of myself disappear and move on across the field I was in!

How to find night vision hidden cams or any hidden cam or even when you have to do research on those that have CCTV,

Point 1. Night vision hidden cams, why would there be a gen night vision cam hidden? And why would there be a BIG infrared beam pointing away from a location into a open area were there is nothing of any importance? Like a public place or woods or field?

Well the next step is to find the location of the IR beam and then find the high tec camera near it, then when you have found a hidden IR cam use a good counter-surveillance Scanner to see what the hidden cam is looking at!

Then when you have the hidden cam signal on your Scanner hide it near the hidden IR hidden camera, then out put the signal from your Scanner to a SG550M or better then you have a live feed to receive up to date film of what the hidden IR camera is looking at!

When its night a tip you have to put your SG550M on time lap so it sends a feed all the time !
This is a cheap way to find if there hidden cams and what things are around the hidden night vision cams, there are much better ones I will explain later.

The strange thing is what you can see the hidden cam is trying to look at in the night! There hidden cam is the best money can be spent on and should have a scramble on it? Why has it not? And why can a cheap Wireless CCTV Camera Scanner pick up there IR cam? There IR cam is also a Very good wireless camera! Like the one below
But better!
SG550M monitors a remote location and keeps you informed thanks to its integrated cell phone/mobile phone. This wireless camera which is not limited by distance automatically takes photos or videos, then sends pictures or data by MMS, SMS and email via your GSM network anywhere in the worldhttp://www.maplin.co.uk/cctv-and-security/covert-and-mobile-surveillance/coun...

Wireless CCTV Camera Scanner
• A counter-surveillance device designed to readily locate any wireless hidden camera • Operates within a range of 152 metres (500 feet) • 2.5-inch TFT hi-res LCD screen shows the image of a nearby camera so that you see what the watcher sees • 1.25-inch LCM display shows battery level, receiver sensitivity, alarm audio on/off and frequency during scanning • Frequency range to be scanned: 900MHz~2.7GHz • Lightweight, portable, operated by 4 x AA 1.5V batteries (3~5 hours) or the included 5V pow

The end,

important if I a simple member of the public can find this out you have to come to the conclusion that the ones in control of this country can do much better I hope so?

and see and hear I am telling them this!

With great respect I am just trying to help!

I think with great respect I should inform the person I now know who owns these hidden night vision cams that his operation has been compromised !

Or you might just upgrade his hidden cams to scramble mode ?

So he can carry on spying in the field he likes to look in at night!

Will the sky cam and the night vision cams that got me on film keep my photo private? Did I have my privacy invaded ? Is there a law against this? Well I did ask a high authority but they said some people have wright to protect there property even if your in it! With out telling you!

Now that's a complete other subject, did you know a authority has a right to put in hidden cameras in homes they own?

And even bugs in there dustbins ! What is the world coming to if you can not even go to the lo

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