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Documentary "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" by Alex Gibney (2015 HBO)

Documentary "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" by Alex Gibney subtitled in Castilian (2015 HBO)

By Petete "Argie" Anon Anonymous Argentina

Documentary "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" by Alex Gibney subtitled in Castilian (2015 HBO)
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We are pleased to see someone beat us to present this documentary online brand produced by HBO with subtitles in Castilian. Anyway we are working on our own version, should disappear from Youtube.

This is the documentary about the cult "Church of Scientology" (Scientology) the talented Alex Gibney (responsible inter alia documentary about Wikileaks and its founder Armand Assange, child abuse in the Catholic Church and the collapse of the Enron Corporation) . It premiered in a select number of theaters on March 13, 2015 and aired on HBO on March 29, 2015. It was an absolute success rating by mid April and had seen half people 5 million, becoming the second most watched HBO documentary of the decade.

The documentary is based on the book by award-winning journalist Lawrence Wright as it covers from the beginnings of L. Ron Hubbard to present Scientology David Miscavige, with an excellent level of detail in the research, in addition to the testimonies many ex-cult members, journalists and specialists on the subject.

Consider in detail the beginnings of Hubbard in black magic, his psychiatric problems and family, and touch issues like dirty operations so characteristic of the sect as "Operation Freakout" -destinada going crazy and imprison the journalist Paulette Cooper in retaliation for written the book "The Scandal of Scientology" - concentration camps Scientology FBI infiltration, the victory of the sect against the IRS, current recruitment campaigns and fund-intensive funds, and we prefer to leave much appreciated instead of giving an innumerable list.

But it should be mentioned some things that they especially like us, like the story of the relationship between Sylvia "Spanky" Taylor and actor John Travolta Scientology member. "Spanky" Taylor was who attended Travolta within the sect after his acting success, and although it was the guide of the actor within the sect, someone Travolta came to depend more than his agent, from one day to another without explanation the sect wiped out "Spanky" Travolta's life by sending one of their camps. Later, they asked him to organize a special role in the cult of "Fever Saturday Night" (Saturday Night Fever) with the presence of Travolta, who never knew the reason for the disappearance of "Spanky" of his life, and when it was organized, they were not allowed to attend, sending it back to camp. Although Travolta came to know details of the suffering of "Spanky" in Scientology he never spoke about it and remains a member of the sect even after having lost a child due to lack of treatment because of their beliefs and practices; however Travolta's sister was a key figure that allowed "Spanky" after escaping from Scientology.

Another wonderful detail inédita- documentary is now up to the inclusion of an audio fragment obtained the filming of the documentary The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard "where the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology abuses within admits. This fragment was recorded off camera, while the cameras were rolling as the interview of the "World in Action" program was being prepared, and although it was not included in the original program, the director Alex Gibney won it after contact with journalist who interviewed Hubbard, who was the first and only journalist (outside the sect) to obtain an interview with the sectarian guru.

Also very interesting the part where it talks about how Scientology handled by decades the life of Tom Cruise, away from his then-wife Nicole Kidman, pulling the cult leader David Miscavige, getting girlfriends, etc.

Finally we highlight the performance in this documentary of a new audiovisual interpretation of the story of Xenu, the intergalactic emperor who believe in those who reach the highest levels of Scientology (OT3), which they deny this but too many tests by records obtained in trials of former members who leaked secrets and journalistic investigations levels.

It is by far one of the best documentaries about Scientology, undoubtedly. And as expected, even before its release, the sect "Iglesiia of Scientology" (Scientology) launched its so characteristic campaigns black propaganda and defamation against the director Alex Gibney, producers, former members and journalists who spoke in the documentary, the network that produced and issued (HBO), and to put pressure on critics who praised it.

The funny and pathetic, in addition to the campaign itself, it was that she used materials from previous campaigns attack on ex-cult members and journalists who had made media sites that allegedly did not belong to them, or so declared them, though everyone to see the obvious. It seems that in desperation to discredit all those involved in the making of this documentary Scientology did not realize he was bringing out using as their own material that had previously refused out by them or belonged to them.

They say that the lie has short legs, and there is no evil that lasts forever ...

In short, an excellent documentary that we strongly recommend.
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