Friday, September 14, 2012

government_subnets__-_hex00010 [REPOST] #hex00010 #LGNSEC

@pastebin government_subnets__-_hex00010.txt

I usually type long ass messages and shit but 0frankly i just dont give a shit anymore

Obviously trying to  tell the gov   where there wrong  just wont work

But this is not a attack upon the gov and there fucked up intentions  on running this piece of shit  country they call the USA

This is an attack  upon the USA Government  From me -


They thought they could control my life , Do what  they wanted me to do etc etc

Well Its gonna be  kinda fucking hard for you morons to communicate now  - * Depending*

Everyone always talks about  how pathetic  Anonymous is and  how they always DDOS 

and thats all they know how to do -  Well lets face it   they suck BUT  there minions and with a quick  Human manipulation u can have them  swarming at your feet.

With that said  this is  also a message to Anonymous  to  show the Government  your true Potential

You see  i figured  since there watching me now and ive probably already pissed them off  to the point of no return  there just waiting for me  to physically attack them  - But what they fail to realize is is that

Information Gathering my friend is  not  ILLEGAL  and me posting  such information out to the public IS NOT illegal SO with that said  this message is to BOAST to anonymous and  give them  something that can   make the world think of them differently  by 2morrow or whenever

You guys DDOS  lame ass websites on port 80 - Okay BUT  STOP DOING THAT  , You  have to think bigger

Im like  your  Merchant  i give you the stuff you need to get your  job done so anonymous

You all hate  every Government agency in the USA

Well here is below   IP address +  SUBNET  ranges  to   Various Government agencies around the USA  that  is  off  HIGH IMPORTANCE  to there Day to Day operations

The hell with ddosing some website on port 80

Have Fun with this :)

By the way  To give an example at  how  highly important this is

USA - TSA  - Airports - Shipping & management  Handling System  =  Can you think of that being knocked offline?  that would effect all 50 states in the USA  and forcing the TSA  to stop or find some other way to do there day to day operations -  But They know how to communicatez? oooo noez Welll

Imagine   Hitting there Intranet/ Email Systems + the  Shipping System all in one?   .............  Think outside the box

And  This is to you fucking dumbass  Government agents that have been following me my whole life

You created this -    Im altering it -  Dont like it - Come get me

                *********   Intranet  DDOS  ***********


1. FBI

FBI  IP  Ranges - .255  -> Maltego Scan - -   -

FBI USA  Email System ->

/ Round Robbin IP's
Or  Lame ass Honeypot

FBI System Information ->

DHS -  DoD / Homeland Security

DoD Homeland Security E-mail System  ->     ----->  *** DDOS***

Department of Justice  IP Range -> ->  Dept of Justice Ft. McClellan

DoD  homeland Security  -  Email  Microsoft ForeFront Security Gateway ->

DoD Homeland Security  Cisco Router  Device ->

DoD  E-Filing  Application  Homeland Security ->

DoD Hostname Bruteforcing  Servername Ip subnets
All DOD  Server  uses  where  ## represent a number like    next system would be etc etc

All DOD  System Servers

DoD  Electronic  Advance Passenger Information System - Customs and Border Protection - USA  Homeland Security

Register  Link ->

TSA  Extranet  IP  ->

Federal Access  Territory -  Non * Green* -> Biosurvillance
National Biosurveillance Integration Center - Sempar Vigilans
Ip address =

DoD  Homeland Security - Geospatial Information Infrastructure

This is a geospatial visualization tool designed for the use of homeland security partners in protecting the nation's critical infrastructure and key resources. This tool may NOT be used to overlay and/or visualize datasets containing personally identifiable information.

DoD  TSA  - Email System ->

TSA  Known Shipper Management System ( KSMS )

State - Local - Tribal - Territorial Access ->


Central Intelligence Agency - CIA  - Document Declassification Support System ->
CIA  Subnet Ranges .255

By Hex00010

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