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#CCIAS: The Greek "top secret" military superiority is in the basement of ... Pentagon! #US #EXPOSE #LEGION

CCIAS: The Greek "top secret" military superiority is in the basement of ... Pentagon!

To system did not manage to implement General write!
The press revelations about the unacceptable - filibuster in case of manufacturing innovative system of passive defense CCIAS, which developed from the Greek scientists Aristotle, caused no surprise to those familiar with the history of similar issues.

(Flying: "This system, if you ever manufactured by our country will be the certificate of the sudden death of the opposite, if we attack) Since even the interest of foreign powers have no doubt that as things are in Greece, it is possible once you buy from foreign manufacturers, since as we have been "taught" the story, then people would have known it at all, incentive ...

According to a report in the «Real News» program in which for five years, five scientists working to Aristotle, is described as 'top secret'. After five years of mockery, one of the scientists decided to "break" the silence ...

The story is incredible
2006: After studies and designs of six years, the team applied the Greek Army to participate in a research project for the construction and development of a system CCIAS. To put it simply it was a network of "passive" radar.

What would be the potential of these radars had planned?
• «sees" without emitting - and hence undetected in-range 400 km!
• Identify helicopters and aircraft even "under universal electronic mute", ie without their radar to emit.
• Identify aircraft stealth technology and real-time takeoffs from enemy fighter bases.
• They monitor passively islets
• Cost? 25 to 30 such stations, from Evros to Crete's would cost as much as a station similar system, purchased from abroad!

Excesses will tell all. But the evaluation of the discovery of five scientists from the military leadership other shows. And we're not talking about one single assessment. 15 trips to Athens and did the scientists in all received enthusiastic comments about their discovery!
First presentation enopion 60 Staff Officers

In 2006 the MoD is Meimarakis B., A / Defence Admiral Panagiotis Hinofotis and A / GES General Dimitris Grapsas. The team AUTH makes first presentation of the system before 60 last. Immediately after the presentation without any doubt and hesitation, political and military leadership declares excited and invites scientists to move quickly.

Following presentations to all the branches and even persuaded always skeptical Airmen. On 13/02/2009 the Council meets Defence Planning Planning (SASP) and consulted with 7-0 in favor of the operational necessity of the system and suggests the urgent consideration of the matter by the Council of Chiefs.

Chief of Staff Gen. longer Dimitrios Grapsas, who was a great proponent of the development of the Greek system. Paradoxically until his retirement, in August 2009, the Chief failed to put on the agenda Saguès, this issue!

The team from the University of Thessaloniki, was not intimidated by the retired record and continued its investigations. The last technical problems are solved. Everything looks ready to build the prototype system. But here is Greece. Almost a year later, with A / CHOD longer Lieutenant John Young and amazed scientists advised that the matter would be reconsidered ...!

On 19/01/2010, send a letter to Lieutenant General A / I. Defence Giagkos expressing their logical question to delay if not regression program. After this letter as SASP meet again and decide again 7-0 in favor of the operational necessity of the Greek system! The General Staff, assures that "the matter will proceed."

We arrived on 15/04/2010, with Defense Minister E. Venizelos anymore. The Council meets with Chiefs 4-0 adopt the proposed system as "very necessary and urgent." On 29/05/2010, the then and now ANYETHA Panos Beglitis MoD has in his hands and a full feasibility study.

The folder with top secret program includes 1050 pages. Until today would normally have had to read two or three times. The time elapsed is great. But paradoxically, the team of five scientists has received no answer! Last June sent letters to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, to be aware. No response!

Meanwhile three foreign countries are interested to fund the program! The group of five does not want to sell it, but can not and does not remember what he said one honest - as characterize themselves - colonel in one of the many presentations made at the Pentagon:

"This system, if you ever manufactured by our country will be the certificate of the sudden death of the opposite, if we attack first. But do not think that will ever materialize. It is very inexpensive. He was wrong group. Someone should tell them that we live in Greece ...! "

In conclusion, the relevant councils have advocated for the construction and development of this system. For the obstructionism of the implementation, we are led to associations of interests, starter and related ...

It would be our answer to the Defence what "thinking" before the system CCIAS found abroad ... and buy from others ... To get the starters and some who were born out of wedlock to dominate this one rock on the edge of Earth

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