Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Do today what you can not create tomorrow mentally waisted #WORK @SELF REMEMBER THYSELF LoveThySelf OneSelf RA RA RA

Do today what you can not create tomorrow mentally waisted

Consider what will happen tomorrow, sometimes with fear, sometimes with impatience. Reminiscing about the good times of the past with nostalgia. Thoughts for the future ... Thoughts about the past ... Thoughts .. Thoughts ...

Today is when we experience it?

The man on the basis of the potential of not being able to perceive time. Attempted to "conquer", creating units of time (hour, minute, second), with their respective devices (clock, calendar) but time was always a "step" ahead ..

The perception of humans to higher consciousness became unable to "separate" the time into three parts: past, present and future.

Based on the above trisection see, being people, that today we are moving from the present to the future with fear of the "unknown" recollecting the moments of the past that gave us emotional security. That 'daydream', thus lacking "solid foundation."

This situation makes us infinite to negative thoughts and emotions to become unhappy polluting the environment we live in Psychic Waste. In essence, what we are really present and not rejoice.
The secret to "conquer" the time is to live in the present, act in this, act with precision. The more accurate the time we do, the more we act in the now, so we become more efficient and happier because we fulfill our aspirations and our dreams. Wear watches, schedule your day, do not let you beat boredom!

It's easy enough to decide!

Happiness is not the fear of the unknown or the blurred memory of the past.

NOW we deserve happiness.

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