Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Eat irradiated products #AWAKEN #FOOD

Eat irradiated products

Lately made ​​great fuss with codex alimentarius and circulated a photograph potatoes with the planting of the hybrid because it is consistent with the codex alimentarius, which prohibits replanting seeds. These seeds are genetically modified to prevent fruit production for the second year and of course responsible for carcinogenicity according to surveys.
What we have not understood is that the codex alimentarius here for years, but we did not want to see.
I have one in my kitchen shelf filled with spices and try to find purest products as I can. Of course I could not find that necessarily buy from shops and some few of supermarkets.
I discovered something I had coriander seeds long (I used grated lately) so I got a mill to use.
With surprise I realized that reading the label is irradiated product!
According to the codex alimentarius nutrients a product should be limited to 15% to be safe for our health! To achieve this you must either be from genetically modified seeds suitable, or irradiated!
Let us not believe everything around us pure, even if it coriander seeds. We should be most suspicious of anything more and read better "fine print" because they hide truths. Can not write "consistent with the standards of codex alimentarius" like other products but implies.
Having photographed the packaging, I threw in the trash, I thought to put in compost but regretted it because it is dangerous!
At the first opportunity I will go to this supermarket to talk with the manager and complain about the junk foisted on us in the guise of pure products. I have no illusions that this will happen only one must "hear them."

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