Saturday, September 12, 2015

Anonymous opNestle will hit Nestle on the 5th of September

he Anonymous collective has intiated a new operation which they have titled “opNestle”. The ‘opNestle’ operation will target the Nestle company globally, but from the information which we have seen, we can claim that the Anonymous collective in The Netherlands will target the Nestle company which is located in Amstelveen.

The Anonymous opNestle collective is active on the Anonymous Operation Nestle Facebook group. The group currently holds 2523 members.


The Dark Side Of Chocolate – The Documentary Nestle Refused To Watch

When Nestle refused to watch this documentary (original title: “Shady Chocolate“) about the exploitation of African children in the cocoa industry, the documentary’s director, Miki Mistrati, set up a giant screen next to Nestle’s headquarters in Switzerland and played it there.


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