Friday, February 3, 2012

26,000+ IsraHelli Credit Cards Leaked - #OpFreePalestine #TeaMp0isoN

26,000+ IsraHelli Credit Cards Leaked - #OpFreePalestine

IsraHell has been committing genocide, infanticide, and every day homicide since 1948 and the world and her citizens have been aiding and abetting and financing this! We are all complicit in the murder of the innocent! It's time to make a stand! The tables have turned, We are no longer silent - Digital Intifada: #OpFreePalestine - The war has begun-
- 26,000+ IsraHelli Credit Cards Leaked
- TeaMp0isoN

- Open The leak using Microsoft Access or any other Database Package Software
- Download, Spread and Mirror the leak please, Dont allow the zionist scum to take the download links down.
- If the Links get removed, il re-upload them and post them on my twitter
Twitter: @_TeaMp0isoN

- TeaMp0isoN: Knowledge Is Power. . . .

- Peace



Viva Palestine! - Existance is Resistance!


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