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Anonymous - #OpPaperStorm2012 #OpSinde #OpGoya #SindeGate

(original in spanish see link@end)

Greetings citizens of the World

In the first operation involving tens of thousands Paperstorm (LOL) of people in over 40 countries worldwide, and the whole Spanish State was filled with posters. Because of these actions began a series of street protests by Anonymous in Spain. Now is the time for re-papering Anonymous every corner of this country. The reason: the government goes ahead with the already well-known law-Wert Sinde without listening to citizens and continuing its attempts to censor the net and undermine such fundamental rights as freedom of information and expression. It's time to leave our post fixed in the walls of our cities, we will use the paper but also the spray. Our cities can not continue to show as if it were not cleaning anything happening. Our cities have to talk to every citizen and show that the sociopolitical reality of our moment is detestable, and every tourist who comes to this country must know the ruinous state in which indeed we are.

Thanks to the OpBlackout a few days ago we saw that we can stop laws like soup, but the activist role on the streets is essential. So Anonymous calls to the Spanish people to re-do a Paperstorm.

Next February 19 is the show of the Goya, we invite you to participate and spread the message, so to demonstrate, as we have said in the networks, we are Legion and we are not going to give our arm twisted ( Papered every corner of your city, paints each blank space you see, and get the message across to more people.
Therefore, we appeal to each and every one of you to go out of the comfortable warmth of your home and raise toméis responsibility to those who do not yet understand how their freedoms are being curtailed. This February 12, make another effort to spread our unique invitation to the Gala of Goya.

Censorship, remember, does not forgive ... FIGHT!

- Material for paperstorm:

* Governments that obey corporations are not democratic. NO Sinde Law

* If your government shuts down internet, it's time your government closures. P. eg

* "If the law closes Sinde webs, closed mouths anon>>> Like a Boss" P. eg

* They want to learn what they want, at the expense of repressive laws. NO TO INTERNET CENSORSHIP! SIND NOT A LAW!

* At the end everything will be fine, if it does not work then it is not the end. The war has just begun censorship - JOIN!

"They shut us megaupload, we will close [number of websites run] official websites" (fuck yeah image)

What to put on posters?
In the flickr set for this action, you can see some examples of posters for use in paperstorm ( Do not forget to use twitter hashtags used for broadcasting.
These are:

Some Twitter users who are spreading these actions:



And sites on:


- It is best to spray adhesive. 3M is a good brand (link: ) Choose the Photo Mount fixed. Go in small groups, at least 3, one with the glue, another pasting posters and other controlling. This spray, such as color, has a metal ball inside to remove the contents. Go with care when agitéis.

- If instead of spray we recommend you choose to use glue, you can take a boat filled with this Fairy, you do not get the tail with syringe, you can remove the cap. This way you do not have to carry a bucket and a broom, and the Fairy boat slips easily into a purse or suitcase. White glue diluted in water and this system can do wonders. The tail will find at any hardware store or shop dedicated to selling fine art material.

- You can use heat, but is very durable, not serious, slow and easy to remove, but it's better than nothing:)

- The double-sided duct tape is also a good option, hit behind the poster at home and when you reach the street you just have to remove the protector to stick the poster. Faster and more efficient than heat means less weight than other media, but more work at home.

- In addition to putting up posters directly using a spray can to paint the message you want to convey. It is important you do not damage historic buildings and shops that do not have self-blame. It is best used as an advertising canvas panels. We are free to transmit information, but we are not irresponsible culture that threaten or harm the innocent.

- If suddenly the police are hot on the heels, trying to enter Aguna place. A bar is ideal as a portal will not find anyone open. In a private place can not stop.

- It never hurts to use a password to warn that the police come. "Police" or "water" is today a very cantoso: put imagination.

- In the city the best color for camouflage is black, and the best times to go unnoticed are the night. It is always best to go with clothes arranged to left, it seems that the police decide who is criminal or not their clothes.

- If you print a lot of posters, we recommend that you first pass by copy shops that usually have close to universities, usually the black and white photocopies will be cheaper there (about 3 cents / copy) printing directly onto home.

- If you want to make your own designs not forget to put links to websites where the receiver of the message can get more information.

- On this site you have at your disposal many designs, if any domináis thirst graphic design tool free change what you want to better tailor your message.

- We recommend using the black and white, use white as well, to spend as little ink as possible, if you judge that printing at home.

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